Wednesday, August 24, 2016

German Islamic Apocalypse - Stock Up On Bullets Not Bratwurst

It speaks volumes about the modern political class in Europe when they are facing a catastrophic event that 'could threaten their very existence', the German people will be obliged to stockpile a ten day supply of food, water and medical supplies.
(See here and here)

One would have thought that in the face of such an apocalyptic event and it's aftermath a stock of readily available guns and ammunition would be as just as essential as food and water; but as we all know to our cost, individuals taking responsibility for their own defence, and that of their families, goes against the global 'progressive' philosophy that only governments and their agents have the right to bear arms.

Incidentally, disarming civilians has been the goal of the United Nations and 'progressive' governments around the world for decades with particular success in the EU including Germany.

Official justification for mobilizing the entire country is very thin indeed leading to speculation that the government is manufacturing a panic for nefarious reasons bearing in mind elections are due in Germany and Chancellor Merkel's iron grip on power is slipping away.

It must be noted that Mrs. Merkel's closest EU collaborator, the far-left President of France, Francois Hollande, has used the Paris Islamist attacks to strip his citizens of their civil liberties ahead of the Presidential elections that he is predicted to lose.
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The tightly controlled German press are reporting that the country is on high alert partly because of two recent Islamist attacks and a rampage by an 'unstable teenager' who just happened to shouting the Muslim battle cry 'Allahu Akbar' has he murderously attacked innocent civilians.

If it's murderous rampages by radical Muslims or unstable teenagers shouting Allahu Akbar then guns and ammunition would make much more sense than sauerkraut, bratwurst or Doppelbock alone.

Throwing a sausage or a bowl of sauerkraut at a Muslim terrorist with murder and martyrdom on his mind is lot less effective than hitting him multiple times with a bullet travelling at seventeen hundred miles per hour.

Without a more credible reason for stockpiling food and water this is mere scaremongering which leads to wild speculation that will only serve to further panic an already jittery populace.

If the government knows of a plot by Islamists to use weapons of mass destruction in their jihad against the west they are duty bound to say so in order for the people to prepare more thoroughly; it doesn't take a genius to work out that only a nuclear, chemical or biological attack and the post apocalypse chaos that would follow could possibly 'threaten the very existence' of Germany and its people?

If intelligence reports are accurate and ISIS is losing on the battlefields then taking the fight to Europe would make much more sense, and a better guarantee of seventy-two virgins, than an ignominious death by drone strike in some stinking desert hell hole without killing any infidels.

The weapons of mass destruction scenario is given credence by the fact that ISIS has already announced that they will infiltrate their fighters into Germany using Mrs. Merkel's totally insane open border immigration policy. These worshipers of death also have access to weapons of mass destruction from Iran and Pakistan, two of the worlds biggest sponsors and supporters of Islamic terrorism.

Sources estimate that there are some forty-three thousand Islamic extremists walking freely on the streets of Germany, eleven hundred of whom are actually identified as Islamic terrorists.
(See here and here)

As Chancellor Merkel well knows, and with malice aforethought, the other European Union countries are also infected with this terrorist plague due the free movement of people policy that EU leaders consider to be sacrosanct.

Whether this latest onset of fear and panic by the German government is in response to a real threat or being manufactured for political reasons only time will tell but there is no better time to abolish the gun laws and allow the people the means to defend themselves and their families against the declared intentions of Merkel's malign Muslim invaders.

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