Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hillary Reverts To Type And Descends Into Smear and The Race Card

It took a while but we all knew it was coming as sure as night follows day. To his credit it was Great Britain's Brexit hero, Nigel Farage, that provoked Hillary Clinton into scraping the bottom of the 'progressive' barrel by resorting to smear and the race card during her presidential campaign.

Despite the mainstream media censoring the truth about Mrs. Clinton's past, the Trump campaign's exposure of her lifetime of lying, corruption and criminal behavior is beginning to resonate with the people.

Trump is putting the fear of God into Clinton's campaign managers by moving his tanks into traditional Democrat territory and talking to the black and other ethnic minority communities directly.

The Trump campaign is questioning the basis of black and ethnic minority loyalty to the Democratic Party when they have been so ill served by them over decades. The evidence of Democratic Party neglect of the black and ethnic minority communities is there for all to see and the message is slowly getting through.

Despite the media bias and the deluge of negative Trump propaganda his message is beginning to resonate while Mrs. Clinton's billion dollar election machine begins to lose the argument, and when they lose the argument they resort to insult and smear.

As the British people experienced first hand during the recent EU referendum, the Europhiles and their supporters in the liberal/socialist/'progressive' community lost the argument so they resorted to smear and the race card. It's the strategy they always revert to not only when they lose the argument but also when the spin fails to work and the voting public see through their lies and deceit.

'Racist' is the favourite smear and consequently the most used;  'far-right' and 'right-wing' are being used as supplementary backup insults to reinforce the smear. In their desperation, during this presidential campaign they've added 'Alt-right' in order to link Trump with white supremacists etc.

The American electorate should take note and not despair. As Nigel Farage set about systematically dismantling the pro-EU argument -  a tissue of lies known as 'Project Fear' - he and his supporters were subjected to a smear campaign unprecedented in British electoral history.

Not only did they have the kitchen sink thrown at them, they were subjected to the usual smears mentioned above but with Fascist, Nazi, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamophobe, Misogynist thrown into the mix along with every other vile insult from the 'progressives' lexicon of smear.

The modus operandi of these so called 'progressives' is as predictable as their love of taxes and Mrs. Clinton didn't disappoint. What was also predictable was that the mainstream media gutter whores would earn their ill-gotten gains by giving her insults and smears credibility by nonstop coverage supplemented by dawn to dusk anti-Trump propaganda.

In the case of Nigel Farage and the Brexit campaigners the Racist/Fascist/Nazi slurs were so outrageous and obviously false they were counter productive. The electorate saw through it all and voted for Brexit.

Just as Donald Trump has done throughout his campaign, Nigel Farage departed from the usual establishment controlled PR by doing away with political correctness and speaking directly to the people using spin free language.

Like Trump is doing now, Farage spoke about the real issues that were important to the majority which were formally taboo; issues such as open border mass immigration and the social, cultural and economic disaster it has engendered.

Previously unmentionable due to rigidly enforced political correctness and the threat of prosecution for one-way 'hate crimes', Farage treated the electorate like the mature adults they are and tackled the issues head on. By dispensing with spin he was able to demonstrate that he understood the people's hopes, fears and aspirations and offered practical solutions.

Farage made the people understand that the solutions to all the problems befalling the country could only be achieved by leaving the undemocratic, authoritarian EU and returning sovereignty to the democratically elected British Parliament.

Likewise Donald Trump has abandoned spin and deceit and is speaking directly to the people, articulating their hope and fears then proposing common sense, practical solutions. These are solutions that the establishment could have implemented but failed to do so because they didn't progress their fundamental transformation agenda.

Donald Trump's campaign to reverse the descent of America into third world mediocrity and make it great again, along with his solutions to the long term neglect by the Democratic Party of minority communities, is beginning to resonate and coupled with Mrs. Clinton's reputation as an untrustworthy, congenital liar and career criminal is beginning to turn the election campaign in Trump's favour.

If the British experience is anything to go by this change of fortune will provoke a campaign of smear, demonisation and a use of the race card unprecedented in American political history. The British people have proved that no matter what they throw at you the establishment can be beaten.


  1. -- 'Racist' is the favourite smear and consequently the most used; 'far-right' and 'right-wing' are being used as supplementary backup insults to reinforce the smear. In their desperation, during this presidential campaign they've added 'Alt-right' in order to link Trump with white supremacists etc. --

    This is why I consider the election critical -- and quite probably rigged. You cannot criminalize the survival instinct without provoking the backlash of the millennium. The Democrats can only win it through vote suppression techniques, of which the "racist" smear is top of the heap.

    1. Amen, you nailed it Francis. Great read over at Liberty's Torch