Monday, August 15, 2016

Australia Joins The Great Muslim Crusade To Subjugate The West

When one listens to the utterances emanating forth from leaders of the developed nations, one cannot come to any other conclusion that there is indeed a global agenda to promote medieval Islam and give it moral and religious equivalence with the civilised Judeo-Christian world.

It is no coincidence that these same leaders use almost identical slogans and soundbites, therefore one also cannot fail to come to the conclusion that there is a single organizing authority behind this agenda which uses its own sophisticated media machine to disseminate its propaganda.

When Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull usurped power from rebel Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, he didn't waste any time bringing Australia back into the 'progressive' global alliance that is fundamentally transforming the post-war world. This transformation is being achieved by downgrading western civilisation using open border mass immigration from the undeveloped, uncivilised world.

As the people of the developed world are witnessing to their cost, the adherents of Islam are being used by this 'progressive' alliance as the vanguard in this modern day crusade to subjugate, then ultimately eradicate, Judeo-Christian culture from its dominant global position.

One of Prime Minister Turnbull's first statements after his usurpation was that Australia is the most successful multi-cultural country on the planet. That makes two since Great Britain's disgraced Prime Minister, David Cameron, intimated before Parliament that Great Britain was the most successful, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural country on the planet.

As evidence of Cameron's mendacity and capacity for lying in pursuit of the Islamification agenda, his statement comes after his ascertion that imposed state multi-culturalism has failed; a statement identical to one made by none other than Germany's mentally unstable Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
(See here)

Despite bloody atrocities committed against Australian citizens both on home soil and abroad, Turnbull fully subscribes to the "it's nothing to do with Islam" school of propaganda along with "the great global religion of peace" soundbite which is so beloved of western leaders.

Like the modern politician that he is Turnbull makes full use of the army of PR consultants, advertising executives and image consultants at his disposal to create the image of a peaceful, tolerant country where Muslims and non Muslims live in harmony with mutual respect for each other and their beliefs.

Images of the anti-Muslim riots and his citizen's opposition to imposed Islamification, along with preachers of hate and advocates for sharia law, were absent from the official photographs when Turnbull hosted his choreographed Iftar dinner to celebrate Ramadan.

These images were deliberately confined by the PR professionals and image consultants to photogenic high society, western dressed luvvies and not the pyjama-like traditional dress as worn by those Muslims who advocate sharia law and who demand Australians change their values, culture and way of life in order to accommodate their sensitivities.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has dutifully fallen into line behind the other practitioners of imposed Islamification led by the President of the USA and supposed leader of the free world, Barack Hussein Obama.

The list includes the megalomaniac who masquerades as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who has advised the German people that neither the mass rape or the mass murder of their women and children will alter her policy of open border mass immigration from the middle east or any other uncivilised Muslim country.

It also includes Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, a weapons grade dhimmi if ever there was one; he is keeping busy making Canada and its citizens a global laughing stock. Prime Minister Trudeau's flirtation with radical Islam, his defence of the niqab and his claim that calling so called honour killings 'barbaric' is racist leads one to wonder if he is as mad, if not madder, than Angela Merkel.

Also on the list is new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, a dedicated advocate of Islamification only bettered by her predecessor David Cameron. Mrs. May is of the opinion that many Britons 'benefit greatly' from sharia law and who's response to the mass murders committed by Muslims in the name of Allah as commanded by their prophet Mohammad, is always "it's nothing to do with Islam"

Appearing on the list is the far-left French President, Francois Hollande, who, after a succession of bloody massacres in France, has advised his citizens to 'get used to Islamic terrorism' because he will not change course no matter how much French blood is spilled or how many French maidens are despoiled and raped.

The list of developed world leaders would not be complete without the Presidents (there are five in total) of the twenty-eight member European Union. Despite being wracked with violent civil disorder and chaos which is teetering on the brink of civil war, these unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will not under any circumstances alter their open border mass immigration policy or their policy of imposed Islamification.

Even after the falling in line of Australia there remained two bright spots on the horizon that stood a chance of saving western Judeo-Christian civilisation from these malevolent leaders but these are growing ever more dim as the days and weeks pass.

Firstly: the British people's vote for Brexit from the disastrous EU is disappearing into the sunset as the Europhile British establishment, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, refuse to initiate the Brexit process allowing the the Europhiles time to organise their sabotage of the people's mandate.

Secondly, Donald Trump's anti-establishment bid for the American Presidency is being sabotaged by the political establishment, which includes senior leaders of his own Republican party, using the government-media axis and its incessant anti-Trump black propaganda campaign of demonisation and smear.

Unless these leaders come to their senses and start acting on behalf of the people they are suppose to represent, then the future is dark indeed for peace, prosperity and civilisation itself.

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