Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bombed Out British Didn't Run Away They Stayed And Rebuilt

History and the fast disappearing wartime residents of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and host of others can confirm that when countries become embroiled in military conflict cities get bombed and as a consequence buildings get destroyed, civilians get killed and injured, and that includes children.

The global government-media axis has mobilized its propaganda machine to use images of bombed out cities in Syria, along with injured children, to justify mass immigration into Europe and the west.

The images compliment the carefully constructed narrative that this is a humanitarian catasrophe unprecedented in history that can only be solved by mass immigration into Europe and the west.

What the propaganda does not emphasize is that the death and destruction in Syria is not unprecedented in history but the mass transfer of millions of people to other countries most certainly is. This includes tens of thousands of military age men who should be fighting for their countries' freedom and independence.

The global political elite's propaganda machine are using the disturbing images to play on the compassion and humanitarian instincts that are inherent in western people to accept mass immigration despite all evidence showing that it is destroying the fabric of their own societies.

The fact is that this global elite does not possess an iota of compassion or any humanitarian instincts whatsoever; their only instincts are to use any crisis to progress their global transformation agenda. Crises which in many cases they have manufactured themselves in order to justify their actions.

During World War II, despite the destruction of their cities and the appalling civilian casualties, people showed a stoicism that is missing from today's Syrians and rebuilt their towns and cities.

The London blitz and the bombing of other British cities is a classic demonstration of a patriotic people refusing to be intimidated by an utterly ruthless enemy staying where they are and preparing to fight to the death for their country.

Even the Royal family remained in London and weathered the Nazi storm despite offers of sanctuary in Canada.

The global propaganda machine knows that a picture is worth a thousand words and are adept at using the images of bombed out cities and injured children to play on the heartstrings and further their agenda to destroy western Judeo-Christian societies.

Ambulance boy and bombed out Aleppo are classic examples although some consider the former to be stage managed for propaganda purposes:

As a reminder the following is a gallery from history showing that more stoic people from London, Hamburg and Hiroshima didn't run away, they weathered the storm and rebuilt their war ravaged cities

Hamburg and Hiroshima were utterly destroyed and subsequently rebuilt:

In wartime Great Britain some refugees from the destruction did indeed flee abroad but the vast majority remained behind while the children were evacuated to safe areas within the country.

Apart from safe areas within Syria, oil rich neighbouring countries have both the means and capacity to provide temporary sanctuary for refugees. This would negate the need for mass migration across continents and oceans and the eliminate the danger to life and limb that these perilous journeys entail.

There would be no refugee crisis at all if the leaders of Saudi Arabia made their Mina city available which lies empty for all but two weeks per year. This is ready to use and has the capacity to house three million people. This has an added advantage in that Syrians are mainly Muslim co-religionists therefore there should be no cultural differences that would give reason for conflict with the host nations.

This obvious and much more practical solution will not be acceptable to the global elite because it doesn't suit their purpose nor does it progress their global transformation agenda to dilute then replace Judeo-Christian cultures in the western the world.

In conclusion I would advise the people of the recipient countries not to let their leaders abuse their instinctive compassion by using propaganda to con them into accepting hundreds of thousands of unvetted, incompatible people.

This is a phony refugee crisis which was manufactured by heartless fanatics who are ruthlessly determined to progress their destructive agenda regardless of the human suffering it causes.

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