Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Brexit In Danger - Europhile PM Theresa May Is Maneuvering To Remain

It's been over seventy days since the British people defied the establishment by voting overwhelmingly to take back the governance of their country from the corrupt political elites based in London, Brussels and New York.

In those seventy days nothing has changed; fifty-five million GBP is still being paid into the EU coffers every day with open border mass immigration and job killing regulations continuing unabated.

All the British people have had from the government so far is the meaningless soundbite 'Brexit means Brexit' repeated ad nauseum combined with endless prevarication and delay.

The result of the Brexit referendum was unequivocal and it was even more remarkable when one considers the campaign to Remain, labelled 'Project Fear', was an appalling tissue of lies and incessant black propaganda designed to stir up hatred and fear in equal measure.

As it stands the result has sent a resounding message to the political elite; some sources are suggesting that had the media been fair and balanced and resources more equal, the margin of victory would have been much larger.

The resignation of disgraced Prime Minster, David Cameron, along with his henchman and Chancellor, George Osborne, paved the way for Theresa May to assume the Premiership and lead the nation out of the increasingly authoritarian and corrupt EU and into the world at large.

The problem for the British people is that Theresa May is herself a life long Europhile and a participant in Project Fear. Europhiles are notorious for being fanatically dedicated to the United States of Europe project so it would take a 'road to Damascus' conversion for Mrs. May to suddenly embrace Brexit.

Since her coronation as Prime Minister - she was not elected by popular vote but appointed by her overwhelmingly Europhile party - Mrs. May has done nothing to progress the Brexit procedure or to convince the British people she is serious about fulfilling her mandate.

Her first action was to form a government consisting of eighteen Europhiles and only four Brexit supporters, one of which has sat on both sides of the European Union fence.

Her subsequent actions did not inspire confidence either; a visit to the fanatical Europhile leader of the Scottish Nationalists, Nicola Sturgeon and secondly a visit to the obviously unstable Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who graciously took time off from destroying European civilization to grant her an audience.

After their respective meetings with Mrs. May both these leaders felt confident enough to be dictating the terms of the Brexit negotiations and what Great Britain's future relationship with Europe will be. In addition Ms. Sturgeon announced that she would have a veto over whether Brexit actually happens or not.

"Brexit means Brexit" was Mrs. May's only response.

Mrs. May initially announced that the two year long procedure to leave the EU, known as Article 50, will not be triggered any time soon. This was modified to early next year and modified again until after the French general election which is scheduled for May 2017.

Mrs. May's commitment to Brexit was put further into doubt when members of her government suggested that Article 50 should be delayed until after the German general election which takes place in August 2017. Apparently this is so her Brexit teams will know who they will be negotiating with.

In a display of utter contempt for the British people, especially the seventeen million voters who voted for Brexit, Mrs. May has announced that aforementioned Europhile, Nicola Sturgeon will have a seat at the negotiating table along with one of the architects of Project Fear and George Osborne henchman, James Chapman. (See here and here)

Noticeably absent from Mr's May's Brexit teams are anyone from the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) who were responsible for getting the referendum in the first place and achieving the successful Brexit vote.

Many of these pro-British politicians, including their leader Nigel Farage, have been dealing with the EU bureaucrats for decades and subsequently they know the intricacies of EU procedures and operations. This knowledge is invaluable and their experience should make them an automatic choice.

Instead Mrs. May and her teams are using career civil servants who themselves are obsessive Europhiles.

In the meantime while Mrs. May deliberately prevaricates and delays the Brexit process, Project Fear is continuing apace with the taxpayer funded BBC leading the mainstream media charge. Every negative topic from so called racism and mythical hate crimes to beer prices and climate change are being blamed on Brexit.

In an act of jaw dropping imbecility Labour elder stateswomen, Baroness Tessa Jowell, even claimed that the Olympic medal count at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will collapse due to Brexit. (See here)

Unfortunately, unrelenting propaganda is effective and the longer people are exposed to it the likelihood of them being persuaded to change their minds is vastly increased.

To sum up: Knowing the duplicitous nature of the modern political class combined with their ruthless dedication to their agenda, it is not beyond belief that Mrs. May is engineering a fix for Great Britain to remain entwined with the EU in some shape or form.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that prevarication and delays for another two years without a moratorium on fees, immigration and regulations will make Brexit more complex and therefore more difficult to achieve.

All the indications are that Great Britain is booming with a bright future ahead while the EU is collapsing into poverty and chaos before our very eyes. Further prevarication will only damage the country further so there can be no justifiable reason to delay initiating Article 50 any longer.

Mrs. May and the Europhiles will never willingly abandon the EU project and definitely not for referendum vote.

A stitch-up comprising of a looser arrangement whereby access to the single market will be agreed for a fee and a minor time limited concession on mass immigration. All this of course can be revised at some point in the future when the project can be resumed and the goal of a post democratic superstate finally realized.


  1. Nothing will change for the better until Ms. May's Praetorian Guard decide they chose the wrong career. It is your fine British bobbies who prop up her treason. Have you expressed your gratitude to them appropriately lately? After all, Ms. May and her fellow Elite stand behind them and laugh, for they know that "Law Enforcement" will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in.

    1. The police were politicised years ago by Tony Blair and remained unchanged under David Cameron. They no longer work for the people but impose political correctness on behalf of the government.

      I hope there are some honest Bobbies left to put things right when the time comes but I am not optimistic.