Tuesday, September 13, 2016

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Socialist

It's become an accepted fact that people who refer to themselves as socialists have the unenviable ability to navigate the wide and crooked path through life with their heads firmly embedded up their nether regions. They are so blind to the obvious it's a wonder they can get out of bed in the morning without walking into the wall.

Regardless of all the evidence around them they persist in trying to justify their perverted ideology as if the world and history are flush with successful socialist states instead of failed poverty stricken tyrannies.

They are unable to acknowledge that the United Soviet of Socialist Republics collapsed due to the inability of state appointed career bureaucrats and party apparatchiks to control economic activity and the markets let alone control human nature and prevent the inherent need to be free.

They are unable to acknowledge that China, North Korea, Zimbabwe and latterly Venezuela, among others, are humanitarian disaster areas because of the imposition of socialist economic policies.

In a rambling, disjointed article in the online forum LabourList, one useful idiot from the British Labour Party demonstrates where his particular head is located by writing "there has never been a better time to be a socialist, because the answers to problems right now are socialist answers. The free market is not providing a solution because it is part of the problem". (See here)

One of the problems he is referring to is the mass immigration disaster whereby millions of third world economic migrants are competing for the jobs of British working people. He failed to mention however that these same economic migrants are also competing for housing, education and health care. They are also given other 'free stuff', including cash benefits which are a further incentive and sucking the taxpayer dry.

He argues that walls and fences won't stop the deluge of economic migrants while the labour market remains unregulated. He is obviously too dumb to realize the correlation between free markets and job creation. He is also not smart enough to realize that job creation increases opportunity for working people and increases the potential for future prosperity.

The American people were recently exposed to what their British cousins have been experiencing for generations when Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, hit the campaign trail as a socialist. As a red herring he referred to himself as a 'democratic socialist' but as we know from history the words 'democratic' and 'socialist' are incompatible and cannot be used to compliment each other.

Sanders went through the entire campaign without once referring to the Soviet Union or the other countries mentioned above and he avoided the word 'Venezuela' like the plague because that particular country was sinking into the abyss of poverty, misery and bloodshed due the very ideology and policies he was selling to the American people.

The socialist policies advocated by Sanders are no different to the policies advocated by the eventual Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton, although she avoids using the 'S' world preferring instead to label herself as a 'progressive' in an attempt to disassociate herself from the bloody history of her ideology.

Writing on LabourList pre-Brexit,  a fellow comrade of the party - she really does use the term 'comrade' - going by the name of Chi Onwurah, labels herself as a true internationalist and as a committed Europhile  she saw a 'progressive' European Union as a natural first step towards a Global Socialist State.

She goes on to add that she is not expecting the Global Socialist State any time soon so she will settle for a British one. (See here)

Like the other advocates, she never mentions the Soviet Union, North Korea, Zimbabwe or Venezuela, which was joining the others into the abyss at the very moment they were all on the campaign trail advocating the very same destructive socialist policies.

The sad thing is that there doesn't appear to be anything that can be done to help these people understand the realities of their ideology or to extract their craniums from their colons. Here is a link to twenty quotes on socialism that might help them to understand their folly.

History teaches us that the politicians who advocate socialism never have to suffer the consequences of the disaster they impose on others. They enjoy the wealth and life style of the class they claim to hate and who's eradication they work so hard to bring about.

The sad thing about the deluded ideologues on both sides of the Atlantic, and across the world for that matter, is they have unlimited funding from malevolent power brokers and millions of dedicated followers that could be persuaded to put them into power, in which case may the Lord have mercy on us all.

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