Friday, September 2, 2016

Celebrities For Socialism - Barbra Streisand To Join The Exodus

Americans will be crying in their Budweisers today with the news that superannuated singer and actress, Barbra Streisand is joining the celebrity exodus should Donald Trump succeed in his bid to become the 45th President of the USA.

Whether these will be tears of joy or sadness is dependent upon one's intellectual level and political point of view. It is also dependent on whether one would miss such a gigantic hypocrite who rails against a political system that facilitated her accumulation of a massive fortune and who advocates a system that always results in poverty, misery and bloodshed for the masses.

Streisand is one of a long line of wealthy celebrity hypocrites who have threatened to leave the land of the free should the people fail to elect Hillary Clinton, a sociopath who lies incessantly to get her way and does so with little concern for others.

Bearing in mind that Clinton was so broke and indebted when she left the White House she had to nick the spoons and some furniture, she's done very well and accumulated a massive fortune herself despite not having a proper job in the real world.

There's nothing preventing them from putting into practice what they preach so one has to question the sincerity of Clinton, Streisand and the rest of the wealthy celebrity socialists when they rant on about income inequality, high taxes and wealth redistribution.

Ms. Streisand has joined other wealthy Tinsletown ingrates such as Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Simone along with Samuel L. Jackson who has promised to 'move his black a*s to South Africa' should Mr. Trump win in November. (See here)

Should they accept her, Ms. Streisand's preferred destination is far away Australia and failing that, a trek of nine hundred and fifty miles to Canada; It's worth noting that despite its close proximity to her humble abode in Malibu there's no mention of her crossing the southern border to Mexico or joining her ideological soulmates in Venezuela.

The silence is deafening from Ms. Streisand, Sean Penn and the rest of her fellow Hollywood champagne socialists as the victims of their ideology suffer the predicted poverty, hunger and misery along with increasingly violent civil strife. Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Oliver Stone are nowhere to be seen as the Venezuelan people suffer. (See here)

It's worth mentioning in passing that the world's most expensive, surgically altered carcass that goes by the name of Cher is taking herself off to Jupiter should Trump win. That is if she holds together during the take-off vibration.

One of the benefits of being born in the land of free is that people like Ms. Streisand and her fellow ingrates can cash in on their talent, albeit for acting and singing, and accumulate vast fortunes off the backs of the ordinary movie and concert going public.

Unlike the unfortunates that live under the socialist yoke, other benefits include the freedom to speak their minds no matter how much bovine excrement issues forth and the freedom to leave the country if it no longer meets their ideological requirements.

In a show of solidarity with her ideological soulmates, if Mr. Trump wins in November it will be incumbent upon Ms. Streisand to follow through on her threat and head to LAX where tickets to Caracas are available at a bargain seven hundred bucks and maybe she can take Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of her pals with her.

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