Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Decision Day 2016 - Make America Great Again Or Not

Today is decision day for the people of the United States of America where they are being asked to decide not just the future direction of their beloved country but whether it will survive at all in the form the Founding Fathers intended.

This was the United States that was created to guarantee individual liberty, free enterprise and constitutionally limited government which in turn allowed it to become the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth.

Fortunately for the American people the choice before them is simple and straightforward.

They have to choose between a hard working, unashamed American patriot who became a successful businessman responsible for the creation of tens of thousands of jobs and an America hating socialist who also happens to be a pathological liar, criminal and corruptocrat.

Donald Trump by his own admission is no saint but his success in business and his love of country is undeniable. The very fact that at seventy years of age he has forgone a comfortable retirement and subjected himself and his family to a campaign of vilification and outright hatred by the corrupt establishment to ensure that the American Dream that allowed him to succeed would be preserved and available to future generations regardless of skin colour, religion or ethnic origin.

Hillary Clinton by her own admission is a so called 'progressive' - which is the PR man's word for socialist -  who's undivided loyalty is to the global elite. Their mission is to destroy the America of the Founding Fathers in favour of a borderless world run by a UN based one world government.

As the world has become aware, and to add to her loathing of traditional America, she is a pathological liar, a serial criminal and a corruptocrat of epic proportions. The corruption of her fellow 'progressive' in the White House, Barack Obama, is such that America today resembles a banana republic as opposed to the icon of propriety, freedom and democracy.

Bearing in mind the dangerous state of the world outside the USA, created mainly by Hillary Clinton's disastrous tenure as Secretary of State, the American voters should be aware that their choice at the ballot box will have global repercussions if they get it wrong.

The world is a safer place when the United States is strong and the dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness enjoyed by the American people can be the shared dream of all humanity.

                                                                   God Bless America


  1. Well said Daniel. If one were to listen to the media on both sides of the pond, one would be drawn to the conclusion that all 'right-thinking people', (that would be the holier than thou, smug socialists), deem the arrival of Trump on the political scene as the second coming of old Adolph. It's absolutely hilarious watching their severe indigestion at the mere thought of a possible Trump presidency.

    The overweening tendency of the British to come across as the arbiters of all things of good taste and correct thoughts, leaves a bad taste in the mind, (and this is said by a fellow Brit, albeit an expat). I've always known that my fellow countrymen could be smug condescending prats, but of late, they seem to have hit new heights, or should that be, lows, in that department. Listening to some of the statements and sundry thoughts emanating from the British Isles leaves one to question the general sanity of the people....but then again, they have, largely speaking, followed the path of socialism and cultural Marxism these past 70 -80 odd years...and look at where it has brought them to.

    The Donald may not be the next Churchill, but at least his heart is in the right place. How anybody in their right mind can think that Hillary is a suitable candidate for high office defies human understanding.

    Daniel, given that you are a native Brit, how much do you think that the establishment view of Trump, is held by the general population?

    1. Another good analysis.

      When Donald Trump correctly stated that 'No Go' areas exist in Great Britain our disgraced former Prime Minister, and spineless Angela Merkel bag carrier, David Cameron, stated that all of the British people are united against him. The referendum showed that the majority of British people disagreed.

      The political class do not have a clue how the British people think.

      As far as I can see those that voted Brexit, and many others, are tired of the crooked political elite and support Donald Trump.

      I count myself in that number.

  2. There is a groundswell of popular discontent amongst many across the Western world, and, as of this moment, with the result of the US election still to be decided (just a few hours more), whatever the result it is only going to continue to grow. No matter what antics the 'establishment' (for want of a better word), get up to, it will eventually crash like a gigantic wave over the political landscape. There simply is no way of stopping it.

    Unlike many, I am not of the opinion that this is it, the make or break event in world affairs. I think even if it is a Hillary victory or should that be 'theft', the anti establishment mindset will continue to grow. However I also think that a Clinton presidency will bring about a more strident and violent response, one which will grow and which could burst into outright civil conflict and will not be stoppable by means of marshal law.

    Of course, a Trump presidency would be quite a rough ride. Given the outright hostility to him and his campaign from the elites and the media thus far; a President Trump would be locked in endless conflict with those desperate to protect their positions and sinecures.

    The days of governments and their elite friends riding roughshod over the people are drawing to a close; the world simply has not realised that dynamic has changed yet. Eventually, that discontent which we both see, will coalesce and burst forth with an unstoppable momentum.

    Rough days ahead

    1. You've got your fingers on pulse and got it right.

      Hopefully Trumps win will inspire people around the world to follow America's lead and kick out their respective establishments.

  3. So now the hard work begins.

    Already I am getting echo's of the 'Remoaners' - "how could we old people have done this dreadful deed to the young...don't we realise that we will be dead and buried while the young will have to deal with the awful consequences of Trump's election".

    They really have quaffed deep of the narrative.

    1. The above quote direct from my young son this morning....although I don't think he has plans to move to Canada, though that might have something to do with a lack of sufficient funding ;)

      I have always encourage my sons to think for themselves, the tragedy is that they have got their talking points from the John Oliver's and Bill Mahr's of this world....this is going to be an up-hill battle.

    2. I've had the same from my kids too. All that money I spent sending them to uni and they can't think for themselves.

      I think Trump knows what he's up against and will succeed in the end.

      i'm on the road at the mo so postings will be as and when possible.