Friday, November 4, 2016

Mass Immigration - Union Approved Supply Of Scab Labour

One of the most powerful lobbying groups in any election or referendum campaign is the trade union movement along with other organized labour associations. It's worth taking into account their past record and current behavior before accepting their recommendations.

Anyone who has been involved in an industrial dispute and manned a picket line will know that the most emotional and divisive issue is a colleague defying his union and continuing to work. Solidarity must be one hundred percent for any industrial dispute to succeed therefore strike breaking is the biggest crime in the annals of organized labour.

When one worker crosses a picket line that solidarity is breached and a trickle back to work becomes a flood, consequently the strike collapses and the cause is lost. To that end, and to discourage anyone from crossing a picket line, the offending worker is labeled a scab, vilified by his colleagues and ostracized from the community.

Such is the heinousness of strike breaking this vilification and social exclusion is extended to the family and includes intimidation and in some cases violent assault.

History shows that trade unionists and their sponsored representatives in the legislatures played a pivotal role in improving the lot of the working classes.

Ordinary working people elected leaders from within their own ranks to fight for justice in the form of a fair days pay for a fair days work, job security and decent working terms and conditions.

Trade union leaders in those days were heroes who made sacrifices and suffered hardship on behalf of their members and their communities. This included black listing by employers, prosecution and imprisonment and in the very early days transportation to the penal colony of Australia. (Tolpuddle Martyrs here)

Modern day trade union leaders and the representatives of the labour movement in the legislatures are a totally different breed. Having risen up the ranks and got themselves elected they join the professional political class who's loyalty is to their political ideology and the globalist agenda as opposed to their members and their families.

These union leaders are the aristocracy of the labour movement who negotiate personal terms and conditions for themselves that contradict their working class credentials. They award themselves eye watering remuneration packages that hard working families and job creators can only dream about. All paid for out of the wage packets of their members.

When trade union leaders connive with the political elite to open the borders and import labour from third world countries they do so with the knowledge that competition for jobs will increase substantially with a resultant increase in unemployment.

They also do so with the knowledge that these poor unfortunates will work for less pay and degraded terms and conditions that were fought for by union members in the past.

This endless supply of cheap labour increases competition for the remaining jobs that have not been transferred overseas and therefore has the effect of driving down wages and degrading terms and conditions.

Because they are willing to work for less pay and degraded terms and conditions that were dearly bought, this massive imported supply of cheap labour are the equivalent of the scabs of old.

This union aristocracy and the leaders of the labour movements in the national legislatures are the most despicable breed imaginable. They have been chosen to fight for the interests of their members and their members families but the moment they attain office they adopt the agenda and the lifestyle of the very people they are supposed to fighting.

They have assisted government and unscrupulous employers to outsource their members jobs to third world countries that discourage trade unionism and in some cases imprison their leaders. These countries use cheap labour that does not enjoy the protections that domestic unions have won with great sacrifice.

In addition to this, they collaborate with government and the same unscrupulous employers to import cheap semi-skilled and skilled workers from overseas to replace domestic workers and in many cases these dispossessed workers are forced to train their own replacements. If this isn't scab labour on a massive scale I don't know what is.

In Great Britain, the trade union aristocracy and the labour leaders in Parliament campaign for continued British membership of the European Union which, as they well know, requires the free movement of jobs and people across borders.

The has resulted in the relocation of entire industries such as ship building to cheaper countries or their complete destruction such as the fishing industry.

At the same time better pay and conditions, along with the worlds most generous and easily accessible welfare benefits system, has resulted in the influx of over three million economic migrants in a decade or so, this has depressed wages and increased unemployment among the indigenous population.

This treachery must go down as the biggest sellout in trade union history and it doesn't end there. Trade union leaders and their political cohorts in the national legislatures share the dream of the global elite for a borderless world with unfettered free trade and free movement of people.

They know without question that this will result in employers relocating businesses and jobs to countries where their costs will be cheaper and where the regulatory climate will allow them a free hand to dictate the terms and conditions of their employees.

Common sense dictates that workers and their families will gravitate to where the wages are higher and welfare benefits more generous and accessible until such time as the host country has degenerated to the same level as the countries they leave behind.

In conclusion, modern trade union leaders are now fully fledged members of the political class with whom they share a common ideology and who abuse the power entrusted to them in good faith to impose their common political agenda.

The best interests of their members and their member's families comes a long way down their list of priorities.

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