Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Draining The Swamp Part II - A Task Too Far For A Trump Presidency?

It is now accepted as fact that the United States of America that was envisaged and created by the Founding Fathers has disappeared into a fetid swamp of corruption and with it the American Dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It was this dream that attracted millions of immigrants from Europe to make the treacherous journey across the Atlantic Ocean and it also facilitated the rise of America to become the greatest most prosperous nation in history.

To fulfill the ambitions of its founders any system of government no matter how pure requires honest, God fearing citizens motivated by patriotism and public service and committed to the well being of the country and its people.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve human nature itself dictates that a government made up entirely of such people is impossible therefore the descent of America into the swamp of corruption began with the signing of the Constitution in 1787. What made the United States so successful for so long was the fact that honest, God fearing people in power significantly outnumbered the self serving corruptocrats and were thus able to nullify their malignant intent.

As the decades rolled by the number of malignant corruptocrats increased to the point where they outnumbered the good people and went on to usurp political power.

Despite the oaths and affirmations that are sworn, corruption in America today is all pervasive and has infected Federal, State and local governments, including the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches and most of the respective political offices and agencies.

These self serving politicians and office holders have ceased to represent their constituents, preferring instead to prostitute themselves to the lobbyists, powerful special interests and ideological soulmates.

This descent into the fetid swamp of corruption has resulted in the 'fundamental transformation' of America into something resembling a mediocre, third world banana republic which is destroying the middle class and further impoverishing the less well off. The deliberate increase in dependency and the expansion of the entitlement class is destroying the work ethic that is essential for wealth creation and prosperity.

Hillary Clinton and her criminal cartel epitomizes the corruption that is destroying America and the American Dream therefore she is unlikely to do anything to address it. On the contrary, Hillary Clinton will perpetuate the culture of sleaze and graft because it suits her self serving purpose to do so.

The question for the voters is whether Republican candidate, Donald Trump, will be able to accumulate enough power to take on and defeat the powerful vested interests, drain the swamp and then go on to restore that shining city on a hill and along with the fortunes of America and the future safety and prosperity of the American people.

In an attempt to muck out the stables Donald Trump has proposed a five point plan for ethics reform which may not be enough to curtail the influence of lobbyists or the special interests. It is a start and better than nothing at all, but it underestimates the scope and size of the problem and does little to deal with rampant corruption at State and local level. (See the plan here)

However this plan combined with his contract with the American voter for his first one hundred days in office strikes a more optimistic note. This contains a further six points to deal with corruption, seven actions to deal with the unbalanced trade deals and five actions to be instituted on his first day in office to deal with security and a return to constitutional law.

The contract with the American voter concludes with a further ten points covering a broader range of legislation that deals with Obamacare, illegal immigration, tax reform and much more. (Read the contract here)

Voters will have to decide if Donald Trump is genuine and serious about draining the swamp and making America great again. To that end the following points should be taken into consideration:

Donald Trump is not a bought-and-paid-for politician and therefore detached from the stench and corruption that pervades in the Washington DC swamp.

He is a seventy year old multi-billionaire businessman, a successful real estate mogul and an equally successful reality television producer. Mr. Trump credits his success to America and its system of individual liberty and free enterprise that allows businesses to develop and grow and the resultant prosperity to flourish.

Donald Trump has indicated that he has been blessed by America and now has a desire to give something back by cleaning up Washington DC and helping make available the opportunities afforded to him to future generations.

His decision to forgo retirement and the enjoyment of his billions to subject himself and his family to the most vicious campaign of abuse and smear ever witnessed in a Presidential campaign is a testament to his dedication to cause on behalf of all American citizens.  

This election is the American people's last chance to rescue their country from corruption and the inevitable oblivion that will surely follow and return it to the wholesome greatness envisaged by the Founding Fathers.

Compared with the prospect of continuing corruption under a Clinton administration and a subsequent descent into third world poverty, misery and inter-communal violence, the Trump plan is at least a positive attempt to return power to it's rightful owners i.e. The American people.

Draining The Swamp And Restoring That Shining City On A Hill - Part I here


  1. Very good Daniel.

    The biggest problem with a Trump Presidency will be the relentless attacks by the press and the white-anting from within the bureaucracy. They cannot let him win.

    1. The corrupt establishment and the bureaucracy are well entrenched and all powerful. I think it's going to take a monumental effort or even a revolution to dislodge them.

      For the record it's the same in Great Britain and the EU only worse.

    2. You might want to read up on the "Senior Executive Service", Mr. Thomas, and then rethink your position. As an example of how that works, Obama was able to turn the DoJ 180 degrees within four months of taking office. The Black armed terrorists at that voting place in Philadelphia are a prime example. Do you REALLY think they would not have been charged if McCain was president? But then since the DoJ is largely composed of lawyers and others educated in this country's laws, they surely did not understand how the Civil Service system works...

      Here's a subtle hint:
      When someone nominates Christine Whitman to head the EPA, they have NO interest in changing that bureaucracy.

    3. Thanks for your contribution to the debate although I'm not entirely sure what your point is.

      Here are a few points of my own: a) The SES looks similar to the UK's Common Purpose where individuals are selected, groomed (brainwashed) then inserted into key positions inside departments and agencies to provide 'leadership beyond authority'. In other words to allow government to use that department/agency to impose it's agenda under the radar and outside of democratic control.

      b) McCain stood as a maverick who pledged to work across the aisle. He lost so we will never know what he would have done with the New Black Panther thugs in Philadelphia.

      c) Recent events show that the DOJ has been politicized and will do anything to ensure a Clinton Presidency. That includes breaking the law.

      d) Nominating Whitman to politicise the EPA is exactly my point and there are thousands of Whitmans that will make Trumps job a difficult if not impossible task.

  2. My point is that the DoJ has been politicized in this specific direction as a result of actions by Obama's political appointments. Obama chose to nominate Holder, who then wrote the performance plans for those SES managers. Those managers then made CERTAIN that Obama's agenda has been followed. If they had NOT done so, they would have been gone, and would have been replaced by new SES managers who would have understood the message. If the DoJ had been left to its own, they would have prosecuted.

    My other point is that Shrub II knew very well what Christine Whitman was when he nominated her to head the EPA. As a result, she let the agency continue as the leftist sewer that it has always been. If Shrub had nominated someone who took a different approach to the EPA, the SES managers in that organization would have done a 180 degree turn, or they would have been gone. SES managers are brainwashed to understand that they hold their position at the pleasure of their political-appointee bosses, and that they do NOT cross those bosses. If Trump is stupid or corrupt enough to nominate James Hansen to lead the EPA, then we'll get what we've got. On the other hand, if he puts Anthony Watts, or some other honest individual in charge, then there will be big change. THAT is how the SES works.

    1. Your description fits that of Common Purpose in Great Britain which proves that the stuffing of government departments and agencies with operatives trained to implement the governments agenda is not unique to either country.

      There must be tens of thousands of these operatives in position and proves my original point that unless he clears all these people out, draining the swamp will be a difficult if not impossible task for an incoming President Trump.

  3. One more time:

    The SES either do what their political appointees tell them, or they're gone. In any agency, there are AT MOST a few hundred across the board. And they LOVE their job and their perks. There are VERY few with any moral courage, and those can be disposed of at will. In fact, since every civil servant must have a job labor code to charge to, and must not charge to that code for work they are doing for a DIFFERENT code, it would be extremely easy for a political appointee to tell his SES subordinates to set up job labor codes and authorizations that spend the money Congress has authorized - thereby staying out of trouble - but only assign those codes to branches and divisions who cannot DO anything. I have been in the middle of an organization with about 12,000 people. Of that number, there were about 10 SES managers. The rest of those 12,000 people - and their contractor counterparts - worked to the direction of the SES. If Trump WANTS to change things, he can easily do so. If instead he is a sorry lying POS like either of the Shrubs, then he can indeed fail to do so. My bet is that he actually intends to change, that he has good candidates for all the significant political appointee positions, and that there will be heads exploding shortly after he is sworn in. Which is exactly why there is such wailing and whining and gnashing of teeth from the globalists ALL OVER THE WORLD. Unlike your PM, who is looking for any excuse to dump Brexit.

    1. I accept what you say and sincerely hope you are right and President Trump succeeds in draining the swamp.

      The Westminster swamp is older and deeper than yours but we have no politician brave enough to even try. They are a spineless crew who are obviously content for the people to get royally screwed.

      I have written in past articles that Theresa May is a life long Europhile who cannot be trusted to deliver Brexit. The recent judgment by activist judges has confirmed my view to be accurate.

      The thought of this treachery does not help my mood.

    2. Just for record. Common Purpose has trained some 50,000 people to provide 'leadership beyond authority' in government departments and agencies. The swamp is deep on Sceptred Isle