Thursday, April 18, 2013

Identity Theft - Prime Minister Cameron Tries To Steal The Iron Lady's Armour

There is not a more debilitating spectacle than watching a politician cosy up to someone who was better than themselves in order to wallow in reflected glory.

Listening to Plastic Prime Minister, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron declare that "we are all Thatcherites now" was as puke making as it was dishonest. By uttering this soundbite 'Dave' has demonstrated that he is just another PR trained career politician who's only offering to political discourse is sloganeering, spin and media management.

'Dave' has also showed the levels to which he will sink in order create a false image in his pursuit of a second term in office.

The self confessed "heir to Blair" is a also a self declared 'progressive', which is about as far from Thatcherism as it is possible to be.

Since 'Dave' usurped the leadership of the Conservative Party with a mixture of deceit and outright lies, he has vocally championed the cause of detoxification. He set about modernising the party of Thatcher, which in turn was described by his own Home Secretary Theresa May, as the nasty party.

What this meant in effect was the purging of all vestiges of Thatcherism from the Party. The first woman Prime Minister and possibly the most successful Conservative Prime Minister in modern times was going to be erased from the party because her legacy was deemed to be old fashioned and toxic.

Call Me Dave's pathetic attempt at associating himself with Margaret Thatcher and her legacy, are not only doomed to fail but they serve to insult the memory of a dedicated, patriotic servant of her people who possessed an unshakable belief in individual liberty, prosperity and small government.

Margaret Thatcher was everything 'Dave' and his crew of fake career politicians are not. The differences between the Iron Lady and the plastic PR man are stark, and no matter how hard he tries to erase them, they are indelibly stamped on history.

On every issue from government spending, taxation and regulation, Dave's actions are diametrically opposed to what Margaret Thatcher would have done. Most people are agreed that where 'Dave' capitulates and fails to take action, Margaret Thatcher would have stood firm and taken action regardless of the effect on her personal image or poll ratings.

The Iron Lady would do the right thing for the country and the people whereas the Plastic PR man does whats right for his 'progressive' agenda.

It is on the European front where the differences between the two are the most glaring. Where 'Dave' grovels and capitulates to the post democratic, totalitarian bureaucrats in Brussels and Berlin, Margaret Thatcher would have swung her handbag in the interests of Great Britain and the people.

Unlike 'Dave' it is inconceivable that Margaret Thatcher would crawl on her belly to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, let alone to the sinister Belgian totalitarian, Herman von Rumpuy, for permission to govern her own country in the interest of the people she represents.

In my view Abu Qatada and the rest of the foreign criminals who infest Great Britain would be long gone. The problems that are blighting the lives of the British people today would not be happening had the treacherous gang of 'progressives' not deposed Great Britain's best asset.

In terms of comparison Margaret Thatcher is Winston Churchill to David Cameron's Neville Chamberlain. A national hero versus a cowardly appeaser.

No! No! No David Cameron we are not all Thatcherites now only some of us are, you unfortunately for yourself, are most definitely not.


On a personal note. Thanks to all you readers who take time to read this stuff and thanks also for your comments.

Blogging will be sporadic as I go on a quick travelling tour in the USA before returning to old Blighty and another tour of my old haunts in England and South Wales.



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