Monday, April 15, 2013

Unite - Great Britain's Biggest Union Re-Elects Communist As General Secretary

Gallons of the upper class tipple, known as champagne, have been quaffed this week by revolutionary communists, socialists and anarchists, now universally known as 'progressives',  in a double celebration.

Firstly, they were dancing in the streets with joy at the death of an 87 year grandmother who rescued Great Britain from economic disaster and a dismal future of socialist poverty and misery for all.
British patriot and freedom lover Margaret Thatcher, who epitomised everything decent that the 'progressives' are not, passed away after a long illness and a lifetime of service in the cause of global liberty and prosperity.

Secondly, the champers was flowing again on the re-election of Red Len McCluskey as the General Secretary of Great Britain's biggest trade union, Unite.

Being a Labour Party member doesn't mean Red Len is some kind of gentle benign influence on the political scene. By his own actions and words he was, and remains, a radical communist committed to imposing his perverted vision on the British people.

One would think that being elected by the membership of Great Britain's biggest union gave Red Len some kind of mandate to bring about revolutionary change, but the figures tell a much different story.

Red Len was opposed in the election by another radical communist, Jerry Hicks, who was supported by the Socialist Workers Party, a  group of Trotskyite nutters who obviously thought that Red Len McCluskey was not radical enough.

Total membership of the Unite union is 1.5 million

Votes for Red Len - 144,570

Votes for Jerry Hicks - 79,819

Invalid ballots - 1,412

Total number of valid votes cast - 224,389. Making it a turnout of 15.2%.

In an exhibition of how the twisted mind of a radical 'progressive' works, Jerry Hicks is quoted in the Trotskyite rag, The Socialist Worker, that his 79,819 votes "shows that there is a thirst for something else in the union". He added that "it was an amazing vote, tens of thousands of members are saying that they want an alternative".

Comrade Jerry fails to explain what the 1.3 million members who didn't vote are saying.

Having consolidated his power and being a member of the Labour Party, Red Len hasn't wasted any time continuing with his radical agenda.

If anyone was under the impression that Ed Miliband and his National Executive Committee led the Labour Party, they should pay attention to what Red Len has to say:

"I will set out a clear strategy designed to reconstruct the Labour Party so that it speaks with our voice and is committed to our values".

Len McCluskey told that other communist rag, The Morning Star that "he is reclaiming the Labour Party for our class". He went on to add that he intends to "finance Unite members to take over Labour Larty consituency parties".

It would be a mistake to treat Red Len's words as an idle threat, intended to intimidate Ed Miliband into adopting his union's position.

Unite is awash with money extorted from his membersship together a political levy which goes soley to bankrolling the Labour Party. Len McCluskey pulls Ed Miliband's strings and the people should take his threats seriously.

This fanatic thinks nothing of ruing his members lives, or those of the public at large, with his threats and strikes which cause misery and disruption the length and breadth of the country. This is the appalling man who secured a cut price union loan to set up house with his mistress after walking out on his wife and son. Len McCluskey and his agenda is all that matters to him.

One of his political heroes is the blood soaked dictator Fidel Castro and in a demonstration of hypocricy, which is typical of his ilk, Red Len voices his support for the Cuban Five. These were a group of Cubans who were charged, tried and imprisoned for espionage in the United States.

He fails to voice similar outrage at the 30,000 or more political prisoners in Cuba who are subjected to arbitary arrest then beated, tortured and incarcerated without a trial.

If McCluskey has a shred of decency he would speak up for the thousands of Castro's victims in Cuba in as loud a voice as the five convicts in the USA who were arrested, charged and tried in a court of law.

Len McCluskey's has publicly stated his political purpose, which is: "the achievement of a socialist economic, social and political system, by means of Parliamentary or extra-parliamentary approaches"

The sad truth is that Len McCluskey has the ability to disrupt, cause misery, shape the Labour Party agenda and endanger the future of the British people on account of 144,570 votes in a trade union ballot.

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