Thursday, April 11, 2013

Glenda Jackson - Washed Up Actress Joins The Thatcher Hatefest

With the reputation of 'Great' Britain slipping ever deeper into the mire over the vitriolic abuse hurled at the recently departed Margaret Thatcher, one is entitled to expect that the Mother of Parliaments would at least show a little dignity and respect.

As the world's media digested the disgusting scenes of unwashed yobs celebrating her passing with street parties, there are now threats by various 'progressive' groups to disrupt her funeral with rioting and other anti-social behavior. These threats should have galvanised 'Great' Britain's leadership to demonstrate that these are the actions of an uncivilised minority.

A demonstration of British decency was made even more imperative when the state broadcaster kept giving a platform for every extreme anti-Thatcher nutter they could dig up. The BBC gave the oxygen of publicity to the vilest of reptiles that slither on the political scene, including:

George Galloway, the Saddam Hussein supporting champagne socialist, who hates 'Great' Britain and lends his support to any Muslim radical cause that he can squeeze a vote from.

Red Ken Livingstone, communist ex Mayor of London, anti-Semite and tax avoider. Another supporter of radical Islam who demonstrated his class by assaulting his pregnant girlfriend for daring to smoke.

Peter Tatchel, Britain's most high profile homosexual activist and former Labour Party parliamentary candidate. The paedophile's friend, who campaigns for lowering the age of consent for sexual relations with teenagers.

Gerry Adams, the IRA terrorist leader, who's gang failed to kill Mrs Thatcher but managed to kill and maim innocent bystanders in the attempt.

It was left to 'Great' Britain's Parliamentarians to rescue the countries' battered reputation before the eyes of a disbelieving world.

Parliament was recalled from its Easter holiday to pay tribute to Great Britain's first woman Prime Minister, the Iron Lady who rescued the country from a Labour induced economic disaster and who put the British people on the road to freedom and prosperity.

Anyone who was expecting a respectful occasion would be disappointed. Many on the 'progressive' Labour side didn't even have the decency to turn up, revealing lines of empty benches for the world to see.

To make matters infinitely worse, the former actress and champagne socialist, Glenda Jackson, debased the occasion by unleashing her bile and personal animosity at a woman who's handbag she is not fit to polish.

The bitter and twisted Jackson appeared to blame all of today's ills on Mrs Thatcher despite the fact that the Iron Lady has been out of office for over twenty years and Jackson's Labour Party had just enjoyed thirteen years of unfettered power.

During her hateful attack, Jackson had the nerve to question Mrs Thatcher's 'womanliness'. As the photographs clearly show, Mrs Thatcher retained her dignity at all times and was immaculately turned out even when her health had deteriorated.

Contrast this with the washed up, boozed out, scruffy old hag who appeared before the cameras in the House of Commons yesterday, for the whole world to see.

Glenda Jackson's attack on the deceased Mrs Thatcher sullied what was supposed to be a dignified occasion, organised to pay tribute to a former Prime Minister who had served her country and saved the nation from economic collapse and a bleak socialist future.

Glenda Jackson is an utter disgrace and a national embarrassment; she has brought further shame on the Mother of Parliaments and the British people.

She should do her constituents and the country a favour by resigning forthwith and removing her disgusting unkempt person from the public eye.

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  1. If I was in charge of the country each and every one of those who celebrated Maggie's death would be rounded up and dumped in North Korea. They would not be missed, they country would be far better off without them.
    And it should be obligatory for anyone writing about Tatchel to show that photo of him holding up a banner proclaiming that "not all sex with children is unwanted" He should be castrated and locked up ( preferably with Glenda Jackson)
    Paris Claims

    1. If those who celebrated Maggies passing died tomorrow, who would know? They are nobodies who make no contribution to anything other sales of strong lager.

      Peter Tatchel: Labour's favourite peadophile and Jackson, Labour's favourite hag.

      Headline competition: Gender Bender locked up with Glenda.

  2. She should do her constituents and the country a favour by resigning forthwith and removing her disgusting unkempt person from the public eye.
    I'll vote for that!

    1. What a disgracful, bitter old hag she is.

    Paris Claims

  4. Glenda said when referring to the Great lady, "A woman? Not on my terms"
    Really? What terms are those then? From a "woman" who resembles a demented beer swilling, pot smoking dyke and looks more like John Hurt now than John Hurt does, the irony is too much.
    Still it must be difficult for this uber-hypocritical trotskyist living as she does in Hampstead. She must really have felt the brunt of Thatchers policies living there. Poor dear.

    1. Now that you've mentioned John Hurt, I can see the resemblence.

      She has got the gall to question Maggie's womanhood when she looks like a urine soaked tramp after a night on the turpentine.

      And to think that image went out on global television.

  5. Pissed you all off though didn't she?, hence the need to insult her for telling the truth about your precious Thatcher. It was no more than she deserved, and thank God Miss Jackson was one of the few Labour MPs to tell it like it was! Tramp the dirt down!

    1. Since I'm not a conservative she hasn't pissed me off at all. Jackson's performance was disgrace.

      She is a typical socialist, all bitter and twisted. She is washed up old hag who embarrassed the country in front of world. The least she could have done is have a shower and comb her hair.