Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Iron Lady v Plastic PR Men And The Hate Filled Left

It cannot be denied that since Margaret Thatcher was deposed as Prime Minister, the trajectory of 'Great' Britain has been ever downward. History, as always, will be written by the left therefore she will be portrayed as an uncaring tyrant who preferred selfish individualism and greed over collectivism and so called social 'justice'.

What will be written out of history is the fact that she was a unifying force who was elected to office three consecutive times with the support of all classes, including the working class and trade unionists.

It is now universally accepted that 'Great' Britain's state propaganda service, otherwise known as the BBC, is hopelessly biased toward the left and it is committed to furthering the 'progressive' agenda. This organisation despised Margaret Thatcher and all that she represented, with a passion, and it never missed an opportunity to portray her in a negative light.

Looking at the BBC coverage since her passing, that hatred continues to this day unchallenged by the empty suits that run the BBC. This includes Chris Patten, Chairman of the Executive Board or the Prime Minister  'Call Me Dave' Cameron who are both high ranking members of the conservative establishment.

The appearance on the BBC of terrorist Gerry Adams, who's organisation failed in their attempt to murder her but killed and maimed some of her colleagues and friends, was particularly loathsome.

Television footage of people celebrating the passing of 'Great' Britain's first woman Prime Minister, and the public comments from some people who should know better, has caused shock waves around the civilised world. It has also brought shame on the British people for stooping so low.

Foreign news commentators are expressing their amazement and disgust that the woman who took on the male political establishment and rescued the British economy from Labour party bankruptcy, then went on to save the country from a dismal socialist future, can be so publicly vilified.

Informed commentators see this vilification as an indication of how far 'Great' Britain has sunk into the 'progressive' sewer of intolerance and hatred for anyone who, from humble beginnings, refuse to accept mediocrity and choose to better themselves with hard work and dedication.

Informed Americans are taking this appalling behavior as a warning of what will happen to their country if their 'Progressive' in Chief follows the same course of action that the British political establishment did after they deposed Mrs Thatcher.

The ignoramuses that were shown celebrating with champagne on the streets of London did not look like they were born when Mrs Thatcher left office, this serves as an indication of the 'progressive' capacity for hatred and their ability to pass it on from generation to generation.

When Mrs Thatcher began her rise to power, 'Great' Britain was governed by the communist run Trade Union movement together with their puppets in the Labour Party. The British economy was dominated by the inefficient nationalised industries which drained the economy of life, resulting in bankruptcy and the humiliating grovel to the IMF for loans.

Endless strikes and disruption resulted in the three day working week together with transportation disruptions, power cuts, mountains of rat infested rubbish heaps in the streets and the dead left unburied. The once 'Great' Britain was justifiably known as 'The 'Sick Man of Europe'.

Whatever history is written or whatever spin the BBC spews forth, the truth should not be denied that Mrs Thatcher reversed this decline by curbing union power, selling off the inefficient nationalised industries, cutting government spending, cutting regulations, cutting taxes and above all liberating millions of people by extending home and share ownership.

On the global stage Mrs Thatcher was a colossus who, together with that other freedom loving patriot, Ronald Reagan, freed tens of millions of people from the blood soaked yoke of communism, ending the cold war in the process.

Mrs Thatcher dominated the European Union scene and put the bureaucrats' dream of a post democratic federal superstate, back decades. For this the EU bureaucrat's hatred of the Iron Lady endures with venom to this day.

Her battles on behalf of the people raised their awareness of the continual failure of socialism to deliver economic prosperity to the masses together with the fact that it always ends in bankruptcy, authoritarianism and tears.

It was her battles with the European Union that initiated her downfall. This treachery was performed by some of the biggest weasels ever to foul the benches of Parliament. These spineless cowards will go down in history as the guilty men who deposed the Prime Minister after she saved their country from its death spiral and to whom they owed their miserable careers.

Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, John Major et al., all now Peers of the Realm thanks to Mrs Thatcher.  They know what they did and they should hold their heads in shame.

These three, and their other fellow traitors, paved the way for Phony Tony Blair's 'New' Labour years of destruction, from which it is highly unlikely the country will recover. These men, who rode to power on the coat tails of the Iron Lady, stabbed her in the back and consigned their fellow countrymen to poverty and despair in the process.

The current crop of British politicians are nothing but Public Relations phony's who have been schooled in the art of media management and lying.

How can anyone possibly compare the Iron Lady with plastic PR men like David Cameron, Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg? All three of these phony's roll over at the slightest whim from the unelected Eurocrats who are ruining the lives of the people they should be representing.

Can anyone imagine the Iron Lady being publicly chastised by Swedish Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt or Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and letting them get away with it?

'Call Me Dave' is now held in such contempt that he is even being publicly humiliated by Laszio Andor, an unelected European Commissioner who is also head of the Hungarian Socialist Party, for trying to appease the British people ahead of the Romanian/Bulgarian migration disaster.

One other gaggle of gutless empty suits also displayed their contempt for Mrs Thatcher and her anti-socialist companion Ronald Reagan. Despite bringing about the downfall of the communist system that had imprisoned and impoverished tens of millions of people in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, and also bringing an end to the cold war which could potentially have killed millions, they were studiously ignored.  The Nobel Peace Prize committee have found reasons to award their degraded prize to undeserving people such as:

International terrorist Yasser Arafat.

The socialist International Labour Organisation.

Socialist incompetent and terrorist supporter Jimmy Carter, the worst President in US history.

The utterly useless Kofi Anan of the UN, who failed to stop wars or genocide during his entire sorry tenure as Secretary General.

The International Panel on Climate Change, purveyors of the biggest scam in international history which is causing the death of millions by misallocating resources and by pushing vulnerable people into energy poverty.

President Barack Obama, after only a few months in office. The same Obama who participated in two wars with a possible third in Syria. Who participates in gun running via Turkey, who supports the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and who has a drone programme which kills people with out due process.

Finally, The European Union. This award is just so incomprehensible that it boggles the mind and renders the prize worthless.

The political pygmies of today cannot be spoken of in the same breath as Mrs Thatcher, Great Britain's Iron Lady, who's love of country and legacy of individual liberty and prosperity is being squandered on the alter of 'progressivism' never to be seen again.

"The choice facing the nation is between two totally different ways of life and what a prize we have to fight for: no less than a chance to banish from our land the dark, divisive cracks of Marxist socialism and bring together men and women from all walks of life who share a belief in freedom"

Margaret Thatcher RIP


  1. It truly makes me sick hearing these false platitudes for the great lady from Cameron and other pseudo-Tories. They should hang their heads with shame as she surely would if she was presiding today, although of course we wouldnt be in such a mess if she were.
    One of her great comments on the EU which was from early 2000's was "its not a question of when it will fail, its the resultant fallout from that failure that will be the real issue"
    How wise she was, and very brave indeed to make very tough decisions that were required to free us from Union rule and decaying industries. Can you imagine any of these modern day political wimps doing that? Not a chance....a day for mourning indeed.

    1. She appears even greater now looking back at the old footage and the more pathetic she makes the modern sissy's look.

      Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are political midgets compared to this amazing woman.

      She was totaly right with her No No No speech on the European Union.

      My favourite was watching Simon Hughes get his a*rse chewed off when he was bleating on about inequality. Classic.

  2. She, like anyone, had her faults, but she was by far and away the best PM this country has had in living memory (however, look at the competition!)
    Amongst those popping the champagne corks are...
    A filthy pervert who advocates sex with children....Peter Tatchell, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, and Gerry Adams.
    And, Incidently more mines were closed in the Wilson/Callaghan years than under Maggie. I can only assume that the labour pair did it out of economic neccessity and with compassion and Maggie did it out of spite,
    Either that, or the left are a bunch of cretinous,evil hyprocrites

    Paris Claims

    1. I would rejoice if, upon my death, the likes of the people you mention, say such things. Proof indeed, that Maggie was right.

    2. You said it right, the left are a bunch of cretinous, evil hypocrites.