Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welfare Dependency, Crime and Punishment - Moral Degeneracy Encouraged

It seems that with every day that passes more heinous crimes are being committed in the so called civilised world and particularly against children. In any subsequent trial of the perpetrators the punishments are not reflecting the seriousness of the crime.

The conclusion of the horrific Michael Philpott case is an opportune time to reflect on the issues, together with the neglect of the government and local authorities to protect the murdered children, despite some high profile cases.

Briefly, unemployed Michael Philpott knew the British welfare system inside out and what he was 'entitled' to claim. The father of 17 children, he lived with his wife, mistress and 11 of the children in a taxpayer funded house. His welfare 'benefits' totalled circa $93,000 per year. In the real world of the people who work every day to fund this largess, this would require an income of around $155,000.

Philpott was a violent criminal, drug taker and child abuser which prompted his mistress to run away and take five of the brood. This had the effect of reducing Philpott's income by $2,550 per month. Together with his wife he hatched a plot to burn down the house and blame the mistress with the intention of taking the children back, restoring their child benefit and getting a bigger house in the process.

Philpott and his wife succeeded in burning the house and six of their children perished in the blaze. This horrific case concluded when Philpott was sentenced to 17 years in prison of which he must serve a minimum of 15 years. His 32 year old wife and a family friend were sentenced to 17 years, of which they will serve only half.

Critics claim that the welfare state created Michael Philpott and this has sent 'progressives' into apoplexy. Their welfare state is sacrosanct and above all criticism; anyone who dares is smeared as uncaring, selfish bigots. Many agree that the welfare state did not create Philpott but it certainly enabled him to live an indolent life, free of all responsibility and taking into account his previous violent behavior, tragic consequences were always highly likely.

Philpott was able bodied but was not actively searching for work, in fact he took pride in announcing that he had no intention of working. The system allowed him to do this but any attempts at reform is vehemently opposed by the 'progressive' hand wringers in the Labour/Lib Dem axis who rely on the likes of Philpott for votes today, and his brood when they reach voting age.

The criminal justice system is a complete abomination. Michael Philpott had previously been sentenced to 7 years in prison for the attempted murder of his girl friend and committing grievous bodily harm against her mother. He stabbed her 27 times and cut her throat and also stabbed her mother 11 times, leaving them both for dead. Seven years is a soft sentence to begin with but that was reduced on appeal and he was freed after only 3 years.

This kind of sentencing brings the entire system into disrepute. For the murder of six innocent children Philpott got 15 years while his wife and friend get 17 years with an automatic reduction of 50%. To any rational person that's not a 17 year sentence its 8.5.

What kind of message does that send to the Philpotts of this world and any other similar low lifes?

Bearing in mind that after an appearance on the appalling Jeremy Kyle Show, Philpott was a celebrity and should have been know to the social services children department of the local authority. The children were being abused and starved under the noses of the social workers.

The British people were promised that after the Victoria Climbie and Baby P child murders, that lessons have been learned but they obviously haven't. The chances of anyone from the local authorities being held to account and prosecuted for the death of these six children are slim to zero.

Victoria Climbie was tortured and killed by her great aunt and her boyfriend who were tried and found guilty of manslaughter. They were sentenced to life imprisonment but if past sentences are anything to go by they will be released when some sympathetic judge takes pity on their plight.

Changes were put in place after an exhaustive inquiry into the Haringey social services so there would never be another Victoria Climbie, until the equally horrific Baby P murder case that is.

Seventeen month old Peter Connelly was found to have 50 injuries including a broken back, broken ribs, broken fingers, missing fingernails, cigarette burns etc. Baby Peter died when he choked on a tooth that was knocked out after a punch to the face.

Baby Peter had been visited by social workers from the same department in Haringey as Victoria Climbie and had also been examined by a doctor but was still left with the obviously depraved mother and her boyfriend.

This is in contrast to the Rotherham fostering scandal whereby two happy children were removed from their foster parents because they supported UKIP.

In this case the mother, Tracy Connelly, was sentenced to be held indefinitely with a minimum of 5 years. The boyfriend Steven Barker was sentenced to 12 years for murder and, unbelievably, sentenced to life for the rape of a 2 year old with a minimum of 10 years. An accomplice, Jason Owen was sentenced to be held indefinitely with a minimum of 3 years.

These sentences are an insult to the murdered children; the politicians and members of the justice system should hold their heads in shame. This is inexcusable moral degeneracy and its taking place under their watch.

It would appear that if this slide into moral degeneracy is to be halted then serious reform of the welfare and criminal justice systems is absolutely essential but to the political class child murder is not as high a priority as homosexual marriage, 'combating climate change' and the rest of the 'progressive' agenda.

One day they will be held to account and that will not be a day too soon.

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