Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Louvre Closed Due To Romanian and Bulgarian Crime Gangs - Tower Of London and The British Museum Next

The closure of the Louvre Museum and other tourist attractions in France due to aggressive crime gangs intimidating employees and tourists alike, should set the alarm bells ringing in the ears of the long suffering British public.

It's a sad state of affairs when armed police are required to stand guard at landmark attractions in Paris because of the French government's inability to protect residents and visitors from criminal gangs. While the socialist President Francois Hollande is obsessed with taxing 'the rich' into oblivion, his capital city is turning into one big gypsy camp.

In a statement of unbelievable imbecility, which is unlikely to reassure Parisians, their police spokesman stated that "there has been a huge increase in the number of criminal gangs of pick pockets and other thieves operating in the city in recent years".

Their powers of observation are astounding and judging by that statement Inspector Clouseau must be alive and well and running the Parisian police department.

Parisians must be further reassured as their spokesman went on to say that "everything is being done to combat this threat, including placing more officers at tourists sites".

Reports indicate that the Louvre now has up to ten officers on duty at any one time to deal with thousands of visitors and hundreds of aggressive criminals. There was no mention of the obvious solution which is to prevent these criminals entering the country in the first place or deporting those caught indulging in criminal activities.

Despite the false promises of action by British Prime Minister, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, to prevent similar criminality in London, the British public should brace themselves for even more criminal gangs on account of their generous welfare system.

Anyone visiting London can already see gangs of Romanians blighting London's most iconic landmarks such as Hyde Park Corner, Oxford Street and Marble Arch. Who has not been harassed by beggars using small children as props on the London Underground?  And this is before the restrictions are lifted.

When the restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarians are lifted in 2014, visitors to London's most popular attractions will be subjected to the same aggressive criminal gangs as their Parisian counterparts. The Tower of London, The British Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Tate Modern etc. etc. will all be targeted.

Due to the fact that Romanian beggars and Big Issue sellers are already evident in towns and villages the length and breadth of the country, other tourist attractions will not be immune from criminal attention. Stratford upon Avon, Stonehenge, Canterbury Cathedral etc. are all potential targets.

Many people are guessing that Premier League soccer games could also be target, in which case it could get very ugly.

The politicised British police force will be as impotent as their Parisian counterparts. Crippled by political correctness as they are, cultural sensitivity will always take priority over the victims of crime.

The British people have every right to ask why they are being put through this nightmare when they didn't ask for it nor did they vote for it. The leaders of the three legacy political parties, who are responsible for this disaster, should explain to the people how this multi-cultural nightmare is enriching their lives.

'Call Me Dave, Calamity Clegg, Red Ed Miliband together with the Trade Union barons, need to explain how having your personal property stolen by aggressive criminals from Romania and Bulgaria enriches ones life.

They need to explain how immigrants depressing wages in the low and medium skilled sector is helping the lower paid find jobs and how it will raise them out of poverty.

They need to explain how giving priority for social housing to immigrants helps the homeless or those on the social housing waiting list.

They need to explain how filling classrooms with children who cannot speak English raises educational standards for the indigenous children.

They need to explain how providing free health care for tens of thousands of extra immigrants helps relieve the pressure on the already collapsing NHS.

Worst of all they need to explain how providing cash welfare benefits immediately on arrival acts as a deterrent to economic migration.

As is usual with 'progressives' and their BBC, anyone raising these questions will be abused and smeared as being a racist, a xenophobe, a little Englander etc. These terms are used so often and against so many honest people they are becoming standard and therefore ineffective.

'Dave' is promising to put a stop to all this taxpayer funded generosity, but as British sovereignty has already been surrendered to his bosses in Brussels and Berlin, he is powerless to stop it even if he wanted to.

The fact is that these three political charlatans are Europhiles who stand to benefit from the European Union when their Parliamentary careers are over. In the case of Clegg, he is already in receipt of a European Union pension which is conditional on him never saying anything negative about the corrupt institution.

These three are also immune from the consequences of their own policies. There aren't going to be any gypsy camps springing up in Whitney or Primrose Hill. They will only catch a fleeting glimpse of the misery they have caused from the back of their taxpayer funded, chauffeur driven Ministerial limousines.

There is only one course of action left for the dispossessed British people and that is to throw out these career politicians at the earliest and put their weight behind UKIP, whatever the consequences. After all, its better to be poor and fight on your feet than to be poor and grovel on your knees to the EU.


  1. Let's return the Tower to its 16 century function.

    Perhaps the vision of Paris in the film 'Taken' was quite accurate.

    1. Traitors Gate would be appropriate.

      Good film starring Liam Neeson I think

  2. I can understand Lab/Lib wanting to import welfare dependent 3rd worlders
    (the votes) but what about Call me Dave? Either he really doesn't have a clue or he's deliberately trying to destroy the conservative party.
    Paris Claims

    1. In my opinion he is deliberately destroying the Conservative Party in order to prevent another Thatcher putting their 'progressive' European project into reverse.

      Their dedication to their United States of Europe project is total and they intend for it to be permanent.

  3. Thank goodness this blog is the only one which has aired this story and NAMED the Roma Gypsies. All the "official" Liberal news agencies went the Political Correct route and just cited "aggressive pickpockets".

    Kudos to the Cambrian Dissenters for having the courage to name the ROMA scourge, which like a cancer, is spreading throughout Europe.

    1. I have nothing against any group of people, people didn't choose where they were born but it is undeniable that the Roma gypsies tend toward criminality and are responsible for the crime wave currently sweeping across Europe.

      We the people live in fear of political correctness, it also prevents the truth from being spoken.

      I will continue to politely speak the truth here as long as I am able.

      Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

  4. 68000 Romanians in the UK nationally - last year the Met Police arrested 28000 Romanians in London alone for criminal acts. These are facts, not conjured out of thin air. I told my mother the other day that we should stop all further immigration until we have a points system in place similar to Australia. Her response? She called me a racist. Thats the problem with this country, everyone has been brainwashed. IMS

  5. I agree.....and I don't even live in Europe although I am European.but I remember that when I moved to the US I was asked all kinds of document do demonstrate my ability to support myself and..that I had a place to live once I got here in Calfornia......I did and I have living and working here for many years now,but as a European native its deeply disturbing to read that such "uncivilized individuals"are granted
    access to the UK and other countries...we do have a lot of people here from Mexico....and they are nothing like these Gipsies....they work hard and bring their family to Cali once they have found work and a dignified home to go to.....nothing like what's happening own the London streets these day......I can't understand how anybody is willing to accept..and.condone crime and would never happen here...they will be shipped back home in a hart beat....just a thought!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am a green card holder and split my time between the USA and South Wales. Every time I return to the US I am finger printed, photographed and questioned. This is how it should be.

      Anyone from the 27 countries of the EU just walk right into the UK. There's only a tertiary check for those from outside the EU.

      Border controls are non existent. This is how criminals that have been deported return soon after to continue their career.

      Its a shambles and the politicians are to blame.