Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Official - Great Britain No Longer Great Or Free

When faced with an awful reality, people tend to go into denial rather than face an unpalatable truth. Despite the constant humiliating put downs of their Prime Minister by foreign heads of state and European Union bureaucrats, there is still no overwhelming sense of outrage from the British people.

Plastic Prime Minister David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron is desperately trying to reverse the defection of his supporters to UKIP by using naked populism and by making false promises concerning the issues that mean most to the people. This should generate a modicum of support but suprisingly there is not the hostile reaction one would expect from the British people when their Prime Minister is being humiliated in the global media.

This public humiliation is a measure of the contempt with which 'Great' Britain is held by it's so called partners in the European Union. No sooner as 'Dave' makes an announcement to spin about immigration reform or welfare provision to immigrants, the bureaucrats are lining up to announce their unwillingness to grant him permission.

In simple language, the elected Prime Minister of 'Great' Britain is refused permission by unelected bureaucrats or foreign heads of state to enact regulations demanded by the people he is supposed to be representing. This is not a pooling of sovereignty, this is a loss of sovereignty.

Unelected EU Head of State, Herman von Rumpuy, is on record as saying that the individual nation state is dead and anyone who tells their people differently is lying. He also claims that seccession from the EU will result in war.

This Belgian totalitarian and his sidekick, the unrepentant Maoist, Jose Manuel Barrosso wield more power over the British people than their own impotent Prime Minister.

Apart from being chastised by French playboy President, Nicolas Sarkozy, before his fall from grace, 'Dave' has received public put downs from the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, neither of whom has received a single vote from the British people.

The most recent act of humiliation for 'Dave' came from the unelected European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Laszio Andor. He referred to 'Dave's' plans for immigration and welfare reform as "knee jerk xenophobia" and even more insulting they were dismissed as  "unintelligent politics".

For the record, Laszio Andor is an Hungarian 'progressive' academic who has not received a single vote from the British people and, commensurate with his ludicrous job title, he is a Member of the Board for the Hungarian Socialist Party.

'Dave's' signature promise to the British people is that he will renegotiate membership, repatriate powers that have already been seceded to the Eurocrats and then hold a referendum on the new terms of membership....................after the next election and only if he is elected!

The French and German governments have swatted him aside like an irritating fly by ignoring his calls for renegotiation talks. The rest of the Eurocrats have also indicated their refusal to participate in any talks also. Perhaps 'Dave' could borrow the Iron Lady's famous handbag, if only to give him a bit of courage and to boost his morale.

It must also be remembered that the unelected politicians who masquerade as judges at the European Court of Human Rights will not allow the British government to deport Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Qatada despite accepting that he is a highly dangerous individual.

Recent shocking revelations further demonstrate the impotence of the British government in the face of European Union demands.

Violent career criminal and illegal immigrant Davodreza Abasbahi-Gotti cannot be deported on account of his human rights. This piece of human garbage came to the UK in 2002 was refused permission to stay in 2009. He has 40 criminal convictions and served 3 terms in prison. His lawyers are being funded by the taxpayer in addition to his housing, health and welfare costs.

Currently there are 4000 criminals fighting deportation using the human rights swindle.

Those of the British people who exist outside the remote political class, would like their representatives to put an end to this shambles but these same 'representatives' steadfastly refuse to do so because their bosses in Brussels will not allow them permission.

The British people must accept the uncomfortable truth, that when these unelected totalitarians chastise the British Prime Minister in the global media for promising to do the job that he is elected to do, it's all over, the game is up, Great Britain has been reduced to a Vichy state and their Prime Minister is nothing more than a Satrap for foreign rulers.

One cannot imagine Sir Winston Churchill being treated in this humiliating fashion by what are nothing more than political pygmies and totalitarians. One also cannot imagine the British people of his day putting up with it either. Something has happened to the British people that has sent them into a trance, it has robbed them of their will to fight for what is theirs by birthright, their country free, just and sovereign.

"The British people are good all through. You can test them as you would put a bucket into the sea, and always find salt. The genius of our people springs from every class and from every part of the land. You cannot tell where you will not find a wonder. The hero, the fighter, the poet, the master of science, the organizer, the artist, the engineer, the administrator, or the jurist - he may spring into fame. Equal opportunity for all, under free institutions and equal laws - there is the banner for which we will do battle against all rubber-stamp bureaucracies and dictatorships".

Sir Winston Churchill - Radio Broadcast June 13 1945


  1. We succede. If they think they can take us, bring it on.

    1. I admire your attitude, its similar to mine. It must be remembered though that the government is busy downgrading the military to the point where it couldn't mount an operation like the Falklands liberation.
      This is to make it easier for absorbtion into a single EU defence force.
      Traitors, all of them.

  2. I will hail the day IF Dave just says to the EU gauleiters and satraps,"Argo."

    But I won't hold my breath.

    1. 'Dave' isn't going to say anything, his EU bosses own him...and us unfortunately.

  3. I think that a combination of junk TV, welfare addiction, an abysmal education system, celeb and footie worship has sapped the brains of the British people.
    Paris Claims

    1. I hate to admit it but you are right.

    2. Nearly all those excesses can be grouped under greed or moral gluttony engendered by a failing experiment called socialism.

      This experiment has tipped the balance in favour of Rights so that it outweighs its counterbalance, Responsibility.

      I pray that professional rugby union never sinks to the level of soccer in the conduct of its owners, managers and players. In fact I would like to be in charge of FIFA rules for one day:

      - ONLY the captain can approach the referee, all others stay at least 10 metres away unless summoned by the referee.
      - yellow card = 15 minutes on bench, no substitutions allowed during that time.
      - no substitutions in the last 15 minutes except for serious injury.
      - players stealing ground for throw-ins or free kicks will have the decision reversed.
      - for corners, no part of the ball shall touch any white line.
      - establish an average match fee for each player, then yellow card = 25% fine, red card = 100% fine (allow appeals after game), fine not allowed as tax deduction.
      - fire Septic Blather.

      There, I feel better.

  4. Thanks for your comment, I feel better myself after reading it.

    If Rights are not balanced by Responsibility some people will take advantage and behave badly. Politicians then come along and claim society as a whole is to blame.

    It works a treat, politicians get the votes of their clients and the rest get to pay through their taxes.

    As for footy, shirt pulling and manhandling at corner kicks needs to be addressed. Maybe a penalty.

    Septic Blather = Corruption, he should be in jail.

  5. IF technology does come to soccer, I would like to see another card (purple, blue, pink, whatever) for the jersey pulling and similar offences based on replays after the game. Many soccer players are cheats, and this is what the youngsters emulate, no role models of note.

    When rugby union went open/professional in the mid 90s, my elder son went to the two exhibition matches, rugby league vs rugby union per league rules, followed by the vice versa return match the following weekend.
    After the first match won by the RL, he then made bets that the league would be defeated by at least 40 points at Twickenham.

    He won £800 that weekend from colleagues.

    Blather should be put in a cell with Philpott, they deserve one another.

    1. As you pointed out, many soccer players are cheats and youngsters emulate them, thats crying a shame.

      Your son is smart, I think I would have agreed with his choice. I hope he shared the 800 quid with you.

      Just done a post on the Philpott case. What an animal.