Saturday, April 13, 2013

Johnny Rotten - Sex Pistols Punk Rocker Shows Some Class During Thatcher Hatefest

Not many people would have guessed that the battered image of a degraded nation, a nation where 'progressive' ignoramuses celebrate the death of one of its greatest heroines, could be partially restored by a punk rocker.

John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, the front man for punk rock pioneers the Sex Pistols, was better known for his spitting, snarling delivery of anti-establishment lyrics than a common sense and articulate rebuttal of the atrocious behavior displayed by the 'progressive' establishment, including the Labour Party, the Trade Unions and the BBC.

"I was her enemy in life but I won't be her enemy in death. What kind of politics are they offering me? You dance on another persons grave? That's loathsome."

That statement by John Lydon is brief, classy, well written and to the point. It articulates what the majority of decent people, from all sides of the political spectrum, think.

It was refreshing to see such a high profile anti-establishment icon such as John Lydon show manners and good grace, which put to shame the ungracious, ignorant imbeciles that masquerade as politicians and who demonstrate the intolerance which is normally associated with the Student Union bars at Britain's Marxist infested universities.

It is a sad state of affairs and a clear demonstration of how low a great nation has sunk when an ageing punk rocker has to make up for the disgusting behavior of people who should be setting an example to the next generation.

John Lydon's words are in clear contrast to the bile filled rant of the appalling, washed up former actress Glenda Jackson, who's ignorance and undignified appearance was on display in the Mother of Parliaments for whole world to see.

His words are also in contrast to the vile outpourings attributed to other self loathers of the 'progressive' left who preach tolerence but vilify and demonise anyone who does not share their perverted point of view.

Those people who remember seeing the Iron Lady in action would have watched Glenda Jackson's pathetic uninformed poisonous diatribe and be happy in the knowledge that Margaret Thatcher would have wiped the floor with her both intellectually and politically.

She would also have had the self respect and dignity to turn up in Parliament immaculately turned out, rather than turn up dressed like meth soaked vagrant, especially when the eyes of the world were watching.

Although I have never paid any attention to Johnny Rotten in the past, he has gone up in my estimation for his timely and graceful intervention which, if past form is anything to go by, will bring opprobrium and abuse down on his head from the usual intolerant mob that have the gall to call themselves 'progressive'.

'Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols' together with 'Anarchy In The UK' will now be downloaded onto my Ipod as thanks to Mr Rotten for making a contribution to the rehabilitation of a nation that is sliding deeper into the sewer of 'progressive' mediocrity.


  1. Nice piece, Daniel, I also see him in a different light now, he has, as you point out, displayed some rare integrity from someone from the alleged entertainment arena.

    I think I'd rather see his like in Westminster than the coterie of oxygen thieves who currently inhabit Westminster.

    Know this, those of you who would dance on Thatcher's grave and quaff champagne: history will ensure that future generations shall know the important bits of Thatcher's record and will not know that you even existed.

    1. Thanks Roger. It is an odd stance by a punk rocker but he made his statement in contradiction to rest of his 'industry' so he deserves some credit for sticking his head above the parapet.

  2. Mssage to Glenda Jackson: Argo.

    1. I've got a message for Glenda Jackson and it begins and ends with 'f'

  3. My message also ends with a 'f'.

    If you've seen Argo, you'll know what comes after 'Argo'. That phrase was not dreamt up for the movie script, but was used by the CIA and related guys in the original deception plan in 1979.

    If you haven't yet seen the film, treat yourself to a nice, tight film that has not undergone too much Hollywood emasculation of the truth.

    1. I saw it last week. Excellent film, I enjoyed it very much. It was really intense in parts. Highly recommended.