Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Compensation For Slavery - All Aboard The Guilt Trip Gravy Train

In any confrontation be it a debate, a game of chess or an all out war, both sides will probe the opposition for any sign of weakness. There are various terms for this in the lexicon of strategists and these include, "a chink in the armour, the soft underbelly, the weakest link" etc. etc.

The usurpation of power by a global cabal of bleeding heart, hand wringing 'progressives' and their adoption of a touchy-feely, guilt ridden attitude to history, is perceived as a sign of weakness which is being ruthlessly exploited by unscrupulous, professional charlatans from the guilt industry to get their grubby hands on some free money.

They see the continual apologizing for historical events by these hand wringing bleeding heart politicians as an admission of guilt and therefore the justification to be handed unimaginable sums of money from people who were not there at the time, had no involvement in the events at the time and have received no benefit whatsoever from the events in question.

When Prime Minister Tony Blair went around apologising for everything from the British Empire to the Amritsar massacre and President Obama went on a humiliating world tour apologizing for 'the dark periods in Americas history' and its arrogance, how did they think this would be perceived by the enemies of western civilization and the professional guilt merchants from the compensation industry?

When Great Britain foolishly paid compensation to a handful of butchers from the Kenyan Mau Mau terrorist organization, I wrote at the time that this would open the flood gates to all manner of claimants from all corners of the former Empire wanting compensation for so called injuries, real or imagined.

In the case of the recent claim by fourteen Caribbean nations for slavery reparations, all of the so called 'injuries' are imagined, they have been manufactured for the sole purpose of using guilt to extort money from a weak, posturing group of politicians who are more concerned with their compassionate credentials than in actual justice.

It was this cave in to white guilt that prompted the Caribbean nations to pursue this absurd claim, in fact they have even called it the Mau Mau strategy. The truth is that the Caribbean Community organization (Caricom) hovered around the Mau Mau case like flies around a dead cat sniffing for an opportunity to make some free money should the terrorists win.

The whole history of slavery as portrayed by current historians is now so distorted it is rendered useless for making any legal judgments. The way it is written is that white Europeans are solely to blame for slavery and its evils, and it is black Africans who are its sole victims.

Slavery has been around for all of human history and was particularly prevalent in Africa and Arabia long before the Europeans came on the scene. It was part of their culture, and it still is, although the compensation industry don't want this fact to be too widely known. The European slave traders used the already established African slave trade to facilitate the start of their own industry.

The way current history is perceived, slavery is a recent phenomenon and its attendant horrors have been inflicted exclusively on black people and as much as the guilt merchants would want everyone to believe this to be the case, it simply isn't true.

The truth is that in history, almost all the peoples of Europe have been slaves at one time or another, either by the Romans, the Vandals, the Vikings, the Saxons, the Normans or the Moors.

Two of the most famous cases of slavery in all history is the Jewish captivity by the Egyptians and the Babylonians. Its ironic that one famous Negro spiritual song was inspired 'by the rivers of Babylon where the Jewish people sat down and wept when they remembered Zion'.

In the twentieth century, the Chinese enslaved the Mongolians and the Japanese enslaved the Chinese, the Nazis enslaved the conquered peoples of Europe and the elites of the communist parties in Russia and China enslaved their own people.

As much as the money grubbers are loath to admit it, even in America there were non white slave owners so who is descended from whom is going to take some sorting out.

It is a heretical view bordering on blasphemy but nevertheless it is true and it must be said that during the industrial revolution in Great Britain, workers such as coal miners, iron workers and others suffered as much as any plantation worker and in inclement weather to boot.

These workers, including women and children, endured appalling conditions labouring underground and in the ironworks and forges that dotted this wind swept island. They endured industrial injuries, hunger, poor health, infant mortality, infectious diseases, low life expectancy and all the other afflictions associated with abject poverty. Cutting sugar cane on a Caribbean island paradise appears benign by comparison.

It is worth pointing out that the noble people of the industrial revolution had nothing to do with the Empire, the Amritsar massacre, slavery or the massacre of the innocents. Their descendants, of which I am one, did not benefit financially from Great Britain's imperial history, we were born into poverty and cannot be considered rich to this day.

Where these so called victims of slavery would be today if their ancestors were not taken to the Caribbean must also be taken into consideration. All the slave countries of West Africa have been engulfed bloody civil wars, tyranny, famine and outbreaks of infectious diseases at some point in their histories. Even Liberia, a country that was set up for returned slaves is a sump of poverty, tyranny, civil war and despair.

No slave descendant in their right mind would go back to their ancestral home and it should be considered an act of good fortune that they are living on a Caribbean island paradise rather than starving in a blighted African hell hole.

It is a matter of fact that there are thousands if not millions of black people in America and the Caribbean who are better off than millions of white people in Great Britain and Europe from whom they are trying to extort money.

In reality they are asking some former coal miner from Aberdare, who exists day to day, to handover over part of his pension money to the Rastafarian descendent of a plantation worker who spends his time smoking dope and fathering children in Trenchtown, Jamaica.

The whole issue of compensation for events that took place centuries ago is absolute nonsense and anyone with an ounce of common sense will recognize this and see it for what it is. It is nothing more than an opportunity for unscrupulous shake down artists from the professional compensation industry to play on white guilt and the desire for 'progressive' politicians to parade their compassionate credentials on the world stage in order to extort even more money from innocent taxpayers.

Update: The original claim for reparations was made by the African World Reparation and Repatriation Truth Commission (AWEETC)  and was made in Accra in 1999. It was for an eye watering $777 trillion.


  1. Maybe we should start claiming some compo from the Romans, Vikings, Normans and the Germans? Or better still why not return the descendants of slavery back to where they came from?

    1. Exactly, if this is justification then most of the peoples of Europe have a legitimate claim for compensation from some country or another. That's what makes the whole thing such a nonsense.

      There's nothing stopping anyone of African descent returning to their ancestral home but who would swap a Caribbean island paradise for a blighted, corrupt, tyranny which is continually wracked with famine and war?

      Better stay put and claim some free money on the pretext of some manufactured historical grievance.