Monday, March 3, 2014

President Putin - Macho Man Gives Uncle Sam And John Bull A Spanking

Watching President Putin control events as they unfold in the Ukraine and the subsequent reaction of the American and British governments, it's painfully obvious that the two so called 'leaders of the free world' are totally unsuitable for the offices they hold. It's hard to recall two leaders who have been so comprehensively humiliated than Barry Obama and David 'Call Me Dave" Cameron since Neville Chamberlain was humiliated by Hitler in the lead up to World War II.

Taking into account the background and ideologies of these three players, should anyone be surprised that events have turned out the way they have?

Vladimir Putin epitomises the mighty Russian Bear and portrays an image of strength and patriotism while Barry Obama portrays an image of a gender neutral Uncle Sam banging on about American arrogance, the minimum wage and the imminent threat of climate change.

Similarly, David  Cameron portrays the image of an archetypal chinless wonder continually banging on about 'his firmly held beliefs' in equality, overseas aid, the European Union, marriage for homosexuals and, surprise, surprise, the imminent threat of climate change.

The finer details on the political history of the Ukrainian conflict I will leave to others but looking at the personal histories of the players, combined with their words and actions, it should be obvious that this conflict was coming and it must rank as the eighth wonder of the world that it hasn't happened sooner.

There are thousands of column inches, together with countless hours of airtime, dedicated to the conflict in the Ukraine and its possible outcomes, but not much as been written about how this conflict came to unfold and how it is the precursor to conflicts elsewhere in the world.

Vladimir Putin is a cold, calculating political thug and Russian patriot. The former leader of the KGB, he is well versed in the Machiavellian arts of power grabbing and he has played his part in reducing geo-political governance and diplomacy into to a blood soaked game of chess. He doesn't claim to hold the moral high ground, in fact the opposite is true, he has let it be known he is more than happy to use overwhelming lethal force and oppression to expand his power and influence.

It has been written that as a Russian patriot he was devastated at the fall of the Soviet Union and its loss of pride and influence.  It also written that he is dedicated to restoring that pride and restoring Russia to its former glory.

He has ditched communism and state mandated equality in favour of a free enterprise system which, as it stands at present, is far from perfect - it is however responsible for raising the living standards for tens of millions of Russians.

The people of Russia and the world see, and more importantly they perceive, a strong leader who puts the well being of his country and its pride before ideology - a rugged man of the people who indulges in macho outdoor pursuits and who will stand up and be counted for his beloved Mother Russia.

The contrast between the experienced, worldly wise Putin, Barry Obama and his soul mate David Cameron couldn't be more stark. Obama and Cameron are both PR men and media created phony's who are totally divorced from the people they claim to represent. Both were exclusively educated, neither has had anything resembling a job in the real world and the only people they know and associate with come from the same like minded elite together with the hangers-on who have a vested interest in keeping them in power.

They are both self described 'progressives' and share a common agenda based not on individual liberty and small government, but on the state regulating and controlling all aspects of human life, including equality, fairness, the environment and, laughably, the global climate.

Both Obama and Cameron are busy downgrading their respective military machines and in the case of Obama, humiliating them in the process. Cameron is eviscerating the British military in preparation for its absorption into the European Defence Force (EDF), while Obama is eviscerating his on 'progressive' ideological grounds.

It doesn't stretch the imagination too much to see how the dismantling of these mighty military machines and the trashing of their fearsome reputations is playing with the enemies of western civilization.

The American military was fast becoming a laughing stock when President Bill Clinton started his 'don't ask, don't tell' nonsense. Now the 'pussification' of the American military knows no bounds as Obama goes hell for leather to downgrade it before his second term is up. Nothing demonstrates this more than his administrations insistence that gays serve openly and that the once fearsome American Marine Corps adopt a gender neutral hat.

With morale in the American military at a new low, how do they imagine this gay obsession and downgrading is playing on the Steppes of Russia and in the Ukraine?  How do they think it's going down with Kim Jong Un in North Korea, or the Ayatollahs in Iran and the rest of the Muslim world?

How do they imagine this is going down with the Taliban and the Mullahs in Helmand Province or with the medieval goat herders and stink beards in the tribal areas of Waziristan?

Never mind what Britain's enemies are thinking, what does David Cameron imagine serving military personnel are thinking when IRA killers are given amnesty while long retired members of the Parachute Regiment are under threat of prosecution 40 years after they were sent to fight in the streets of Northern Ireland?

What must Britain's enemies be thinking when they see compensation paid to a terrorist suspect who was shouted at and who received a black eye under interrogation, while a member of the Royal Marines rots in jail for dispatching a Taliban terrorist he was sent to Afghanistan to kill?

While these two pansies impose their 'progressive' agenda on their respective peoples, play golf, do the school run, cook supper, go on vacations and obsess about homosexuality and fairness, Vladimir Putin is hunting, shooting, fishing, riding horses and killing his countries enemies without mercy.

What must the Russians have been thinking when Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton 'pushed the reset button' on Russo-American relations? What must they be thinking now when the self loathing America hater, 'Hanoi John Kerry, has replaced Clinton. It must be Christmas, Easter and the Russian New Year rolled into one.

With the world going to hell in a hand cart, 'Hanoi' John is spending his time on the 'progressives' favourite pastime of helping the Palestinians erase the only open democracy in the Middle East off the face of the earth.

Surrounded by barbaric blood drenched theocracies and tyrannies, Israel is a multi-party democracy with separation powers, an independent judiciary, a free press and equal status for all citizens; be they Jew, Christian, Muslim or other.

With Venezuela and the Ukraine going up in flames, with the Mediterranean countries of the EU reduced to poverty and misery along with Ireland and Portugal, with Iran on the brink of making a nuclear bomb, with North Korea lobbing missiles into the China Sea, with Al Qaeda on the brink of retaking power in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama and Kerry give priority to threatening Israel if they don't sign a peace agreement with the terrorists who are committed to its destruction..

In conclusion it must be noted that every leader from President Putin, Kim Jong Un, the Ayatollahs and the Mullahs have watched the pathetic posturing and social engineering of western leaders like Obama and Cameron and they have become emboldened, they no longer fear or respect the American or British military machines.

This has led to a more dangerous world as any tin pot dictator or Toytown tyrant will fancy his chances against what used to be the greatest military and political machines on the planet.

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