Thursday, March 6, 2014

Redefining An Englishman Without Consent - Where's The Human Rights Brigade?

This is a re-edited article from last March and may go some way to explaining the lack of pride of the English football players during the World Cup. It must be difficult to have pride in the multi-culti England that is being created by the agenda driven political class.

                                                                  He is an Englishman

                                                               For he himself has said it

                                                              And its greatly to his credit

                                                               That he is an Englishman

                                                               That he is an Englishman

Students of English musical culture, and possibly many an old salt, will recognize these famous lines from the comic opera HMS Pinafore by Gilbert and Sullivan. Even outside England, these operas are lauded and recognized as being an integral part of Great Britain's, or more specifically England's, cultural heritage.

(The song is here and I would recommend watching it performed before reading on)

These operas are a classic example of the English capacity for self deprecating humour and despite regional variations they also impart a general vision of what an Englishman is, or more accurately, some of their common characteristics.

As a native from the other side of Offa's Dyke, who had the honour and privilege of living in England for decades, my impression of English people is as positive as can be. As with any people or culture it has its share of ne'er do wells and undesirables but in my experience they were a tiny minority who did not represent the decent, hard working, polite and accommodating majority I had the pleasure of living amongst.

Everyone has a different view of what characterizes England and its people but whenever I need to invoke a vision of England in a few words I always quote the eminent person whose name slips my mind, "England is the land of cricket on the village green, warm beer and old maids cycling to Evensong on a balmy summers evening" or words to that effect.

I realize its a bit rural and chocolate boxy but nevertheless it serves its purpose as a generality.

Come the day of reckoning there are a catalogue of crimes that the political class have to answer for and one of the biggest is the willful destruction of the archetypal English character and its replacement with something unrecognizable as English.

If it was any other culture being deliberately erased without the consent of the people, the usual suspects on the left and the 'human rights' brigade would be in an uproar. Where's the incessantly noisy civil rights advocates such as Liberty and where is the United Nations?

Similar cultural replacement is taking place in Tibet, half of Hollywood is up in arms and where's Bob Geldof and Bono?

It was with absolute horror and disgust that I read in the American version of the Daily Mail, and subsequently in the Orlando Sentinel, about a 'British' man who flew to Florida with the intention of  impregnating a thirteen year old girl in order to entrap her into a marriage where they would raise a daughters-only family. His plan was to sexually abuse these daughters in a sick incest fantasy.

At this point I will wholeheartedly accept that that this sick animal is theoretically as British as I am, but having clarified that point, the fact that he was born in London makes Shuhel Mahboob Ali an Englishman. I will point out that the Welsh, Scottish and Irish appear to have been classified as minorities in their own right and therefore don't appear to be as big a target for cultural replacement as the English.

What the American readers of this story must be thinking about the English people and how low they have sunk fills me with trepidation and horror. For the past few years Piers Morgan has been doing his best to upset our American cousins and impugn the name of the English people but compared to this guy Morgan is a paragon of virtue and a positive advert for England.

The agenda driven political class and their sycophantic storm troopers in the politicized institutions are zealously imposing multi-culturalism on the English people whether they want it or not and this requires them to redefine what it is to be an Englishman. This agenda also requires that English culture and their Judeo-Christian values must be erased and replaced with customs and practices that would horrify English people from a generation ago.

In the modern multi-culti world the likes of  Freddie Kendakumana, Abdul Huk, Mohammed Rafiq Abubaker and Chola Chansa from Rotherham are classed as English people. Their vile practices such as child marriage and paedophilia are fast becoming an established part of modern British culture.

Likewise the sons of England Zafran Ramzan, Umar Razaq, Adil Hussein, Mohsin Khan, Razwan Razaq also hail from Rotherham.

If there is one place that can be considered as epitomizing England then it's the city of Oxford. Dreaming spires, mortar boards and gowns, academic excellence and a seat of learning for centuries. What aspiring English academic doesn't dream about a scholarship to Oxford University?

With a reputation and a history like that Oxford didn't stand a chance against the cultural vandals and ethnic cleansers of the political class and the multi-cultural community. Oxford was a prime target and with the assistance of the local authorities, including the police 'service', the city was given the usual cultural makeover.

English brothers Akatar and Anjum Dogar together with their fellow countrymen Zeeshan Ahmed, Bassam Karrar and Assad Hussain from Oxford were allowed to groom and sexually abuse under age girls unhindered for years.

To the political class and the multi-culturalists the victims, who's lives were ruined, are obviously a small price to pay for cultural enrichment, diversity, community cohesion, or whatever the latest jargon is, that they use to justify their destructive agenda.

The most horrific incident of recent crimes was the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in a London street by two Muslim fanatics who were both Englishmen according to the multi-culturalists. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowali were both from the London area and would not have been in a position to commit their heinous crime had Blair/Brown not opened the borders to all and sundry. Their actions facilitated the murder of Drummer Rigby and they should be held to account.

Then there is English hate preacher Anjem 'Andy' Choudary, seen here with one of the killers of Drummer Rigby, who publicly spews out Muslim filth, including insults against dead British service people, and who for some reason is given immunity from prosecution by the government.

This animal is just as big a protected species as the Giant Panda, presumably for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity' or community cohesion' but more likely because the spineless politicians don't want to upset one of their client groups.

The three legacy parties and their leaders, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are in agreement on the cultural replacement agenda for England and consider it an achievement when they see people like the ones mentioned above describing themselves as English.

The facts for the English people to digest are that the victims of these criminals would not have had their lives ruined had not the borders been opened to all and sundry regardless of an immigrant's suitability to be amongst decent, civilized people.

Those young girls were hurt and Drummer Rigby is dead directly because the Blair/Brown government, with the support of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, allowed degeneracy to enter the country for their own self serving ideological ends.

By their encouragement of backward cultures not to integrate and then to celebrate this apartheid as a good thing, Blair/Brown and the rest of the political class are guilty of causing criminal harm to young girls and should be punished along with the perpetrators.

If it's any consolation, I for one will never forgive them for what they have done and I will stand four square with my English compatriots to protect their culture and bring the criminal politicians to book.

I will add that during my long years as an expatriate I was always reminded that I am not only representing my company but my country, therefore I should always behave appropriately in order that my host country get a favourable impression of both. It would appear that this advise only applies to British people abroad.

An article on Andy Choudary from the Gates of Vienna.

I will finish on a lighter note happy in the knowledge that, on the whole, the American people's impression of English people is largely positive. In my experience Americans associate England with the quaint rural vision I conjured up earlier or alternatively, with the iconic sights of London. I have carried out a quick unscientific poll among American friends and the names that immediately sprung into their minds as typifying the English people were:

HRH The Queen

Lady Diana

Princes William and Harry and the new Duchess of Cambridge.

Sir Winston Churchill

David Beckham

The Rolling Stones

Elton John

Hugh Grant (Really? How embarrassing)

Harry Potter

Tom Jones ( Actually a Welshman but I forgive them)

Update: From the comments - Dreaming spires or minarets in Oxford?



    Whilst you're on the subject of Oxford

    1. Thanks for that, I will update the article, Any hamlet, village, town or city that creates an image of Englishness as we know it will be targeted. England and Englishness is being deliberately erased.

      Any else it would be a crime.

  2. Somewhat off topic, but still relevant

    In the Nineteenth century, William Wilberforce, an evangelical Christian (Boo Hiss, thoroughly dreadful racist bigots), moved the argument of the moral degradation of human bondage, from the salons and drawing rooms of British society, to the chambers and institutions of British law

    With the passing of the Slave Trade Act of 1807, he and his associates put into action the motions that would lead to the abolition of the slave trade, culminating with the passing of the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, which saw the active efforts of the British Empire to halt this trade where ever it were to be found within the long reach of the forces of the Empire. While this was not the first instance of the realization of the moral turpitude of this matter, it is amongst the first to write into law and thereby effectively institute a general policy for the eradication of this trade. The force of the moral rightness of this cause spurred other authorities from various nations to take up the challenge and actively become engaged in the great crusade of the times.

    Fast forward to today’s date, where our moral betters, busy themselves by preening their superior virtues before the cameras for all the world to see. These white’d sepulchers burnish their credentials by castigating all and sundry, as bigots, racists, Nazis and fascists. How ironic that these self same moral superiors, while slandering, sneering and denigrating any who dare to question their fixed narrative and their hold on the courses of power and the narrative they have imposed on society, are actively pursuing policies which are bringing about the re-introduction of slavery, into the very heart of Britain and the Western world.

    In pursuit of their multicultural goals, (where truth to be told, actually a rabid race to the ascension of the throne of total and permanent power), these betters, have actively and with malice, by their very actions, NOT words, presided over the re-introduction of human bondage. I refer of course to the “Grooming” scandals that are plaguing Britain these past decades. By their actions, Not their words, we see their active enabling if not their deceitful connivance in this ongoing tragedy.

    By their very actions of trying to bury these tales for the past 3 or so decades, the powers that hold the reins of authority have cast their lot. Their true natures are revealed. Their actions leave no room for excuses, they are damned by the consequences of their behaviour

    I am of the belief that so far, the police and courts have only tackled the tip of the iceberg of this matter, (not only in Britain, but throughout much of Europe). In pursuit of their goals our leaders have not only betrayed us, they have born false witness against everything they purport to believe in.

    From the corridors of Westminster to the chambers of local councils and beyond to the various and sundry institutions of so called social welfare, the rot is revealed. If we are to make any impact upon the spread and re-introduction of slavery, we need to make the stain of moral turpitude and degradation stick firmly to these charlatans and soulless ghouls. Their hands need to be marked with the sin of their true actions, that all may see them for what they truly are; and so turn away in total disgust.

    Yes, this begs the question, did they set out to do just what they have(?)….for the most, probably not, but the end result leaves no question as to their ethical and moral turpitude, by which they have indulged their ideological preferences .

    My apologies for being a little off topic. However, with the on-going assaults upon the British peoples and their culture, these cockroaches, currently leading us to doom, with their nostrums of piety and appeals to our tolerance, have, by their efforts, thrust the knife into the back of civilized society.

    1. Richard, you now hold the record for the longest comment, which I enjoyed reading. You make interesting points, particularly equating the grooming of girls by Muslim paedophiles with slavery. To this you can add the gangmasters and people traffickers who operate in Great Britain under the noses of the authorities.

      There are other ethnic groups where human bondage is part of the culture, such as those with child brides, where the spouse is inferior and even in some gypsy clans.

      The authorities tolerate this because of their multi-cultural agenda. The victims of these practices are considered a price worth paying to fulfill their perverted ambition for the country.

    2. Hi Daniel; yes I do have a tendency to carry on a bit, however, in my defense I was trying to place the actions of our current so-called betters, against the actions and results of truly honorable men....., and so contrast their depravity with true virtue.

      It appears to me that only one of either two things will bring this cultural marxist agenda to an end; either a civil conflict...most likely kicked off by the cultural enrichers themselves, (for it won't be the indigenous peoples as they are far to cowed by the prevailing narrative), or more likely, by the implosion of the fiat monetary system, and the then ensuing fights over resources and territory. I do not see the muslim community in Britain, nor anywhere else in Europe for that matter, remaining the tame pit bulls of the cultural marxists for much longer, especially as their numbers increase. Islam being Islam, will not change the winning formula that has worked so well for them for 1400 years. The Europeans are destined to endure the same endless turmoil and destruction which has wracked the middle east ever since Islam rode out of the desert.

      The question is, will the Europeans re-discover the steely resolve to reclaim their birthright and recover their lands as in the "ReConquista" With all the current appeals to our better in..."We must not sink to their level", I hold out little hope for our will be left to those, as yet unborn, to fight and die for the future of the European peoples

    3. And I should add, that once again the marxist agenda will end in the bloodshed of millions, what a surprise!

    4. Hi Richard, your views are well informed and they are welcome here. I understand what you are saying and find it hard to disagree. Like you I believe it will end in bloodshed.

      At present there are British or English Muslims fighting in conflicts around world from Syria and Somalia to the Philippines. These are battle hardened young men intoxicated with jihadi fervor who will return to these shores at some point.

      Indigenous British young men are intoxicated on reality TV, football and computer games. Who will oppose these jihadi's when they kick off and demand Sharia law? The government is on the Jihadi side.

      We need to wake up and quickly.

  3. I can scratch "visiting the Third World" off of my bucket list. All I have to do is travel to the UK to accomplish the task. Used to spend quite a bit of time in the UK. But that seems long ago, and yet it wasn't long ago.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You didn't mention which country you are from but I would encourage you and everyone else to visit the UK and use it as warning lest it happen to you.

      I would recommend you visit some of the diverse, multi-cultural areas which are nothing of the sort. What the authorities describe as diverse and culturally enriching are in reality mono-cultural, crime infested ghettos that have been totally handed over to third world immigrants.

      These places do not resemble England at all so please feel free to visit and be warned.

  4. To redefine an ethnic group would require an awful lot of politicial muscle. That muscle would have to be at the international level as well - and that's where it comes unstuck. The English are listed as a people (ethnic group) at the UN, a list that includes the Welsh, Irish and Scots for the British Isles. The ethnographic origins for each is also listed. The positions are current: no Picts or Britons as these peoples are extinct.

    Why do the political class wish to meddle in something they have no real power over? The answer is mass immigration. If they succeed in defining who is English they will then take ownership. Their definition will be 'anyone can be English who lives in England'. This is their civic identity and, according to them, the only type one can have in the British Isles.

    Again, according to them, white people (they racialized us) do not have ethnicity. We are all just political actors. We have utility (we consume goods and pay tax) but beyond that we are what they say we are. I first went online just short of 5 years ago. In that time I've learnt an awful lot about certain politicians. They are evil incarnate.


    1. Looking at the seismic changes that have taken place in Britain over the last several decades is proof enough that the political class does have that political muscle and yes, it is at international level.

      UN crony, Peter Sutherland is quite open about the 'de-homogenising' of Great Britain and Europe.

      Two of the three party leaders, Clegg and Miliband are also open about surrendering what's left of our sovereignty to the EU and that will include cultural replacement.

      The other party leader, David Cameron, is not quite so open and pretends that he understands the people's concern. He does not, he is just as committed to the European project as the other two, which makes him all the more treacherous

      The replacing of England with a multi-cultural society is happening and will proceed at pace unless the people themselves wake up and take control of their own destiny by kicking these politicians out.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. "English" is defined as an ethnic group (of Anglo-Saxon Descent, White). Both the UK census and many other websites confirm this. It is the difference between being British and English.

    1. Enjoy ancient English history while you can Sue because it is increasingly being frowned upon to teach it.

      Even in my day we were taught in our village school about Alfred the Great burning the cakes and more importantly his codifying of English Law.

      Teaching about Alfred and the seven Saxons has been replaced by teaching the meaning of Diwali, Ramadan and Eid al Fitr.

      Whatever your definition of England may be, it is not relevant at this point, the England that you knew is being systematically and deliberately replaced.

      May the spirit of Edith endure.

  7. Ferthu hal, Sue. I hear 2013 was good year for the Steadfast Trust, financially.

    '"English" is defined as an ethnic group (of Anglo-Saxon Descent, White). Both the UK census and many other websites confirm this. It is the difference between being British and English.'

    That is one reason why Francis Maude MP has called for the ending of the 200 year-old National Census. Shocked they were, utterly when 69 per cent put their ethncity as English and not British. It sent ripples across the internet and into political blogs. I was waiting for it. Ed Miliband has set up a special unit under Jon Cruddas MP, to rest control of our ethnic identity and politicize it and make it theirs. He's now been joined by Tory MP John Redwood. It won't work, ethno-nationalists like myself will fight to the death to prevent it happening.


    1. Proof if it were needed that the redefining of English identity is deliberate and an all party affair.

      It is worth pointing out that neither Ed Miliband nor Nick Clegg have any roots in England therefore they have no emotional attachment to the country, the people or the culture. They are both first generation immigrants both of who's parents had a deep distain for the English and their way of life.

      Cameron likewise is of Scottish ancestry, its about time an English person took control.

      If its worth anything Steve, I stand four square with you when it comes to saving England and your identity.

    2. Thanks mate.


  8. come off it.
    The English get distractred by any trendy nonsense or by the opiate of 'sport'. .
    They are seduced by smooth talking leaders and above all they wont breed.
    Soon they wont even look English in a way that Nelson would have recognised.

    1. They allow themselves to be distracted by all manner opiates be it sport or celebrity worship. Whatever it is they are not paying attention to what's happening to them that's for sure.

      I am not entirely convinced that they are seduced by smooth talking leaders, the people are either too lazy or too set in their habits to scrutinize the buggers before they cast their vote - then they don't hold them to account when they find out they've been lied to.

      Yes, they will be outbred eventually but by then it will be too late. Take action now and vote out all the pro EU, pro immigration shysters whatever their party.