Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stephen Kinnock - Hereditary Socialists, Exclusion And Self Flagelation

Children who partake in destructive behavior toward themselves or others are usually diagnosed as having some disorder or other that requires medication to keep its symptoms under control. When whole communities numbering in the tens of thousands engage in similar destructive behavior there doesn't appear to be any pharmaceutical product on the market that could effect such a cure for so many.

Looking at the imposition of Stephen Kinnock as the next Member of Parliament for the people of Aberavon, one has to wonder what it will take for the people to alter their self harming behavior, even when some relatively minor alterations would have beneficial effects on their own and their children's future.

The circumstances surrounding the appointment of Stephen Kinnock, and the stench of political patronage it has left in its wake, deserves closer examination, as does the patronising attitude of the Labour party's political establishment toward the people of this constituency.

The people of Aberavon are obviously unaware of the destructive nature of their tribal voting habits and also the fact that by turning their constituency into a single party state they are effectively disenfranchising themselves.

The people need to understand that today's politicians are unscrupulous, unprincipled placemen who are trained in the black arts of media manipulation, spinning and lying. They have no interest in democracy or representing the people, their only interest is in their own agenda or that of the vested interest they represent.

Stephen Kinnock is a wealthy career bureaucrat who has achieved little in life using his own personal skills or resources. It would appear that he has trailed along on his parents coat tails benefiting from the power and influence they accumulated while in public office.

He may have been born in Wales but he was brought up in London, went to University in Cambridge then spent his formative years breathing the rarefied air of Brussels. He has had very little to do with Great Britain or its people and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Wales, Aberavon or the working class.

The people of Aberavon are being intellectually lazy by not educating themselves on the motives of the modern day Labour party, nor are they scrutinizing the man who is being dumped on them by an exclusive London based elite of millionaire socialists who have seized control of the Labour movement.

They are incorrectly assuming that this is the same Labour movement that was formed during the industrial revolution. This movement was created by working people with a view to improving the condition of the masses and it was based on the Christian principle of the brotherhood of man.

Today, only four percent of Labour MP's come from the working class with the rest hailing from a wealthy metropolitan elite who have replaced the Christian roots of the party and its mission with a trendy, international 'progressive' agenda.

The powerful inner circle of the working class movement is closed to outsiders, especially working class people, who are deliberately excluded. Any lingering members of the working class in Parliament are powerless curiosities who will be replaced at the next election with elitists such as Stephen Kinnock.

The determination of the current leadership to keep control of the movement in perpetuity can be illustrated by the dynastic attitude to 'safe' seats. The socialist distaste for the hereditary principle is conveniently sidelined as the ruling elite parachute family members into constituencies populated by undiscerning tribal voters.

Apart from the London centric Kinnock, the born and bred Londoner, Hillary Benn, is the fourth generation of the Benn family to become an MP when he was dumped on the undiscerning people of Leeds.

Born and bred Londoner, Jack Dromey, was dumped on the people of Birmingham despite the constituency having an all woman shortlist. Dromey is the husband of senior Labour party stalwart, Harriet Harman. Apparently, their son Harry is on the look out for some dumb voters to represent.

Essex born Jack Straw was dumped in Blackburn and now is son William is being lined up with a 'safe' seat Lancashire.

Welsh Born John Prescott's son David is on the list, as is Tony Blair's son Euan who, despite being born and bred in London, has decided he would like to represent the people of Coventry.

All these prospective candidates have several things in common:

They are all from a wealthy elite.

None of them has ever had a proper job that normal people would consider as work.

None of them know the first thing about the working class, their hopes or their aspirations.

None of them can identify with working class people.

None of them will know anything about the constituency they will be representing nor will they care.

As they pursue their personal agenda, they will maintain the status quo in the constituency. If it is a poor constituency, it will remain poor.

After the last disastrous Labour government left the country bankrupt and transformed beyond recognition, it's a mystery why electors would self flagellate and vote for more of the same.

The people of Aberavon should learn from other tribal voting areas that their loyalty (some have described it as bovine stupidity) will be abused and their interests will not be a priority for Kinnock. They only need to look at the behavior of his parents and the way they treated the people they were supposed to be representing.

The Kinnock family are notorious in British politics for being the first family of troughing - for the uninitiated that means they have a penchant for lining their pockets with tax payers money - and also for being two of the biggest practitioners of socialist hypocrisy on the planet.

The mother of the clan is Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead, formally known as Glenys Kinnock. In complete contradiction to the spin doctors image of a dutiful wife, mother, school teacher and tireless advocate for the poor, she is a ruthless socialist dedicated to spreading her ideology across the planet.

The truth about Glenys Kinnock here.

The patriarch of the clan is Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty, formally know as Neil Kinnock. He is a serial loser who has no qualifications or accomplishments, but through patronage and corruption he made it to the top of the European Union bureaucracy making himself a multi million pound fortune in the process.

It is worth noting that Neil Kinnock was a career socialist politician who never won a general election as leader of the Labour party, he has never held a position in government nor has he any accomplishments or experience in the wealth creating sector. His fortune is made up mostly of taxpayers money he accumulated from lucrative appointments in the EU, his appointment to the House of Lords and sinecures from other contacts he made while in public office.

The truth about Neil Kinnock here.

There must be something in the water in that neck of the woods that separates people from their common sense. In the neighbouring constituency of Neath and Port Talbot, they embarrassed the whole of Wales by electing and re-electing the biggest political charlatan of them all.

The South African coward Peter Hain ran away from his native land, abandoning his comrades to their fate and he now has the temerity to associate himself with the fall of apartheid.

The truth about tribal voting and Peter Hain here and here.

Another tribal voting post here.

The people of Aberavon and other tribal voting areas should do themselves and their country a favour, wake up, learn to think for yourselves and ignore the Labour party elite.

Choose your own candidate from among yourselves, surely there is someone from within your own community that can represent the interests of the people better than a remote elitist who knows nothing about Aberavon or its people and who's only interest is the agenda of the international elite and their vested interests.   


  1. I think Baroness Kinnock can claim that she was partially responsible for introducing free trade bananas onto the menu at EUSSR HQ. That must be worth the millions she has got out of the tax payer. And if I remember correctly, her revolting husband was responsible for silencing a whistle blower for exposing accounting irregularities/fraud. The news got out anyway.

    1. You are correct, she went on a taxpayer funded junket to the Caribbean to talk bananas. She also complained about American agricultural subsidies distorting the market but failed to mention the biggest subsidies ever which are handed out by her own Common Agricultural Policy.

      Correct again, the Welsh windbag took it out on the whistleblower not the corruptocrats in his department.

      They truly are a nauseating pair of troughers.

  2. 'Lord' and 'Baron' are not the correct title for The Welsh Windbag.

    He is a 'count' through and through.

  3. It is disgusting that these ambitious politicians are endlessly promoting their offspring into politics...........it is almost like granddaddy doesn't want to relinquish the reins .he wants to create a dynasty .i don't think the future of our country has any hope for the brightest and the best to even enter politics when the old boy network is so insidiously ingrained.blair had the audacity to ask his own child on policies the so called Euan effect which I find incredulous .yes the country is certainly corrupt and parliament emits a stink like a farmyard cesspit.........4 legs good 2 legs bad grunt grunt major

  4. One kinnock two kinnock three kinnock four ,kinnockoed kinnockitis,malfunction,malfunction give me a dark room and a nightol I am having a nightmare.........grampa kinnock,granny kinnock,sprog kinnocks,grandkiddy kinnocks does it ever end ....no I have been kinnockoed...hand me a ginormous welsh pasty I am having a depressionnnnnnnn.its a dark day for Wales

  5. Ooooooooh Lord I've got galloping kinnockitis I need more ,more ,more,Money,Money,Money,Freebies,Freebies,Freebies,by gingo I am on the political gravy train and my snout is in the trough.........I have been kinnocked

  6. The kinnock saga is almost like the film gone with the wind.....Glenys was like Scarlett she stood in a ploughed field held a handful of earth and said I will never be poor again ..........But granpa kinnock is no Rhett Butler....OooooooooooooMammy lace up that corset hand me my gold ear bobs and puffle up my red bombazine petticoat I'm gonna get that Red Prince son o mine parachuted into Aberavonn if it kills me .........pappy didnt fly over that fence for nothin I will never be Poor again.................my Stevie has eyes as blue as Bonny Blue Butler!!!

  7. And his wife putting on airs is no better than a horse in harness............oh pappy let's go back to Tara ........I'm going back to Tara after all tomorrow is another Day..............

  8. dan where are you on holiday......??? This needs to pop up when Stevens name is put on google ......at present it doesn't please rectify.......I am afraid I m not computer savvy........

  9. Hey Ho, its been a while. I went on the road for a month around Merrie England and Wales to check if my views were still valid. Conclusion - Yes they are, the election campaign proved that.

    I see you've been busy while while I've been away with a deluge of views and I don't disagree with any of what you say.

    All I can do to get young Kinnock's name to pop up is to tag it with a label. Its up to the reader to forward to all and sundry.

    Anyway I'm back at base camp and ready to continue the campaign.