Saturday, March 22, 2014

For The European Union To Live Great Britain Must Die - The End Is Nigh Part III

It seems that whenever a British politician wants to get their name in the papers or their face on the television news bulletins all they have to do is propose something that is in the interest of the British people - they don't have to actually carry it out, just a mere mention is usually enough to trigger a chastising response from whatever European bureaucrat is policing British dissent that particular day.

These Eurocrats ought to know by now that all of these proposals are false promises that are made to appease the people's anger at the latest destructive EU diktat or a ploy to gain their votes at election time.

They should also know that the British political leadership are just as committed to 'ever closer union' and the federal superstate as they are, but it still makes them queasy when they see politicians reacting to the wishes of the people even though they know its all lies and bluster.

It's a measure of how much sovereignty the British political class has surrendered when not just the big hitters of the EU such as Angela Merkel, but political pygmies from any two penny nation feel they can lecture the British Prime Minister whenever he mentions anything that might be in the interests of the people he is supposed to be representing.

Who would have thought that a political pygmy named Herman von Rumpuy, an unheard of bureaucrat from a non entity of a country like Belgium, would tell the people of Great Britain that their country is finished as an independent nation state?

And who would have thought that Jose Manuel Barrosso, a self confessed Maoist from a bankrupt backwater like Portugal would threaten the British people with war if they left the EU?

Then there's Laszio Andros, a Hungarian communist apparatchik, who called the British people prejudiced and xenophobic because they don't want the services that they have paid for with their taxes, overrun by economic migrants from countries that were made destitute by Soviet communism.

Joining the queue to lecture the British people are Viviane Reding from tiny Luxembourg, Ollie Rhen from Finland, Mark Rutte from Holland and even some chap called Aligurdus Balevioius from Lithuania.

(See a previous post on these interfering nobody's here)

It is worth noting that all these bureaucrats  have two things in common:

a) None of them have been elected - they are all appointed by their fellow bureaucrats to positions of power and they cannot be removed by the people no matter how destructive they are or no matter what damage they may inflict.

b) They all want to see Great Britain de-homogenized and reduced to a multi-cultural province of the United States of Europe.

Any visitor or tourist to Great Britain will see that its culture and its unique way of life are being systematically destroyed at the behest of the supranational 'progressive' elite, led by these aforementioned bureaucrats of European Union and others from elsewhere, including the UN.

(This is undeniable as a visit to any village, town or city will attest - in some areas the indigenous population have been totally replaced and they are now unrecognizable as parts of Great Britain)

This raises a couple of questions upon which the survival of the British nation and its way of life now depends:

Great Britain has a population of some sixty two million, which is nothing compared to the EU population of over five hundred million, so why is it so important to the Eurocrats that Great Britain be destroyed in this manner? 

Notwithstanding the sixty million pounds of taxpayers money per day they purloin to finance their thievery and corruption, surely the EU would be better off without the destabilizing influence of the British, so why not let them go and rot on their tiny windswept island?

Looking at the recent events in Europe and taking into account British history, it doesn't require a great leap of imagination to understand why an independent, sovereign, homogeneous Great Britain poses such a threat to a post democratic United States of Europe.

The evidence is there for all to see - it cannot be denied that for the nations of Europe, excluding Germany, the EU has been an unmitigated disaster and for those in the Eurozone even more so. Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Ireland have lost their sovereignty altogether. Their right to self determination  has been removed and replaced by a government of appointed European bureaucrats.

Imagine what the effect would be on the poverty stricken unfortunates of the EU when they look at a prosperous people who are free from the stifling shackles of an immovable bureaucracy, enjoying the blessings of liberty just twenty two miles across the English Channel.

This would be destabilizing in the extreme and would invariably lead to liberation movements demanding a return of their sovereignty together with their democracies and their currencies.

The argument that the British people's well being depends on being shackled to a stifling Soviet style bureaucracy who's share of global prosperity is shrinking year on year, is complete and utter nonsense.

Bureaucracies by their very nature grow like an amoeba and spread like a disease until they have replaced individual liberty and decision making, this results in a degradation of every aspect of peoples lives.

Everything from energy usage, to rubbish collection to serving olive oil on restaurant tables is controlled by faceless EU bureaucrats who, incidentally, are some of the highest paid in the world.

The calculating despots and the anti-democratic dreamers who initiated the replacement of independent nation states with a federal superstate failed to take into account the nature and history of the British people.

Most of the countries that make up the EU have been conquered or dominated at some point in their recent histories;  despite numerous attempts, and sometimes against insurmountable odds, the British have not suffered such a setback since the Norman invasion of 1066. The British people do not like to be dominated in their native land and they cherish their freedom and independence.

Listening to some Europeans, German socialist leader Martin Schultz springs to mind, it is obvious that they harbor some envy and more than a little resentment at this history and the attitude it has begat. They would dearly love to see the British people taken down a peg or two for reasons of revenge as well as for the furthering of their federalist agenda.

I will agree with General de Gaulle who, when justifying his constant refusals to allow Great Britain to join the then Common Market, intimated correctly that British eyes cannot look inward to Europe, by their very nature they will always be looking across the wider oceans. Truer words were never spoken by a Frenchman.

An independent, free, prosperous nation trading with the world and at ease with itself will be too big a contrast to the miserable, impoverished citizens of a Soviet style superstate who's access to the freedom restoring instruments of democracy will have been removed.

For a United States of Europe to exist, Great Britain with its culture and its way of life must be destroyed, there cannot be both, it is one or the other. This is why every politician, every lobbyist and every charlatan with a vested interest clamps down hard the minute the British people stir from their slumber and force their politicians to make anti-EU noises.

At this point in history the Eurocrats are in the ascendancy and they have the ability to mobilise tremendous human and financial resources to fight for an end to British independence.

The people have the power to take their country back but whether they have the stamina and will to do so remains to be seen.


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