Monday, March 17, 2014

Clarissa Dickson-Wright, Tony Benn And Bob Crow - A Rose Between Two Thorns

The passing of that great British icon, Clarissa Dickson-Wright, came hot on heels of two other celebrity bucket kickers - firstly trade union thug and unrepentant communist, Bob Crow, followed by Great Britain's most notorious champagne socialist and fellow unrepentant communist, Anthony Wedgwood Benn.

The reaction to the passing of these three high profile personalities couldn't have been more different.  The political establishment in the Westminster bubble, together with their sycophants in the media, were queuing up to eulogise the two anti- British revolutionaries is in stark contrast to their virtual silence on the passing of the universally popular, pro-British, politically incorrect TV chef.

One can understand that people who share an ideology with Crow and Benn will say nice things about them, but it is unbecoming of their political opponents and those who should be fighting communism to be eulogizing this thug and his comrade in such glowing terms.

One can only assume that people such as Prime Minister, David Cameron and London's conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, were trawling for 'working class' votes in their leadership bids by not telling the truth about this reprobate and his upper class twit of a soul mate.

One shouldn't be surprised that the taxpayer funded BBC, and the hideously left wing hacks at the Guardian, went into full 'Nelson Mandela' mode, but the Spectator really should know better. The fight against the horrors of communism and its advocates should be a full time occupation for those that support individual liberty and freedom with no room for sentimentality or any concessions for people like Crow and Benn.

When one reads that Crow stood up for the working man, or that he stuck to his working class roots, the authors are either deluding themselves or they are deliberately distorting the truth for their own personal ends.

Bob Crow stood up for only those working people that paid their dues to his union, he didn't care a jot for the millions of working people who were unable to get to their jobs because of his interminable strikes on the London Underground.  He certainly didn't care about the working people who suffered intimidation and vile abuse from his members when they exercised their legal right to go to work.

Like all champagne socialists, he didn't stick to his working class roots either - while his strikers were bringing London to a standstill and intimidating those of his members that chose to work, Crow was far from the picket line, enjoying the sunshine on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Living in publicly subsidized housing doesn't make you working class either or mean you've kept your working class roots, especially when one is on a six figure salary plus expenses and perks, paid out of his member's dues.

Bob Crow was an unrepentant communist who supported Palestinian terrorism and the disastrous Hugo Chavez communist regime in Venezuela - one of his heroes was the blood soaked despot, Fidel Castro, and he stated that he would like to see a Cuban type revolution in Great Britain.  My guess would be that instead of manning the barricades, Crow would be sunning himself somewhere as far from the action as it would be possible to get.

When London Mayor, Boris Johnson said of Crow that "he was a fighter and a man of character. There can be no doubt that he played a big part in the success of the Tube, and shared my goal to make transport in London an even greater success", he had obviously forgotten the millions of Londoners that Crow had inconvenienced or his sentiment that Johnson's former leader Margaret Thatcher should "rot in hell".

Aristocrat Anthony Wedgwood Benn was a clown of a character who thought that by renouncing his peerage and proletarianising his name to Tony Benn it would make him a member of the working class.  Benn's passionate advocacy of Marxism didn't stretch to actually giving up the bourgeois lifestyle and joining the proletariat - in typical caviar communist fashion, Benn kept as far away from the great unwashed as possible.

One anecdote has our hero travelling in a second class railway carriage when there were seats available in first class; when asked by the conductor why he was travelling in second class he reputedly replied "because there is no third class".

This kind of tokenism doesn't make him working class - it makes him a clown. Using the same logic, one is entitled to ask why he chose to live in Holland Park, one of London's most exclusive areas, instead of a working class area such as Southall or Broadwater Farm?

Benn had an exclusive upbringing and all the advantages that wealth and privilege brings, including private schooling.  In his attempts to become a member of the proletariat he erased all references to his exclusive education from Who's Who, removing his entry all together in later editions.

Volumes have been written about Benn so I leave it to the reader to explore this buffoon at their leisure but I will use a few quotes to help illustrate his extremism.

"Marxism is now a world faith and must be allowed to enter into a continuous dialogue with other world faiths, including religious faith".

"It would be unthinkable to construct a Labour party without Marx....."

"A faith is something you die for; a doctrine is something you kill for; there is all the difference in the world". If it came down to killing it would be a safe bet that both Crow and Benn would make their excuses and be somewhere else away from any action.

It would be safe to say that Clarissa Dickson-Wright had more adoring followers than either Bob Crow or Wedgwood Benn.  She also represented a vision of England that more people identified with than the communist dystopias espoused by the Toytown revolutionaries who enjoyed the bourgeois lifestyle of the very people they claim to despise.

Like Benn, Clarissa was born into privilege but unlike him she remained the person she was born, warts and all - she never felt the need to create a false persona in order to endear herself to the people. She was irreverent and politically incorrect which is the reason why, despite her huge following, she is being ignored by the political elite.

They lived in fear of her popularity and the negative effect that she was having on the imposition of their politically correct agenda.  She represented everything about Great Britain and England that they are trying to destroy.  This is an important reason why her memory should be kept alive for as long as possible, even in the age of the twenty four hour news cycle.

For millions of people, myself included, Clarissa Dickson-Wright stands head and shoulders above the likes of Crow and Benn, whose only wish was to destroy the Great Britain that she represented and replace it with the dull, miserable, blood soaked world of Marx, Castro, Chavez et al.

In the spirit in which I was brought up I offer condolences to the families of all three of the departed but I extend my eternal thanks to Clarissa Dickson-Wright for standing up to the death threats and intimidation of the politically correct bullies and staying true to herself.

Here is a previous post on Clarissa and some of her life in quotes for readers to enjoy.

 A sample to whet your appetite:

"There were several members of the future Labour Cabinet in my circle, including Tony Blair himself. We called him Miranda, not least because of his long hair and girlish looks. He was regarded as a poor, sad thing and considered something of a fantasist".

Update: A fitting tribute here



  1. Benn, in his diaries, described Mao, the world's biggest mass murderer, as one of the greatest men of the last century.
    Why do the left get a free pass on such outrageous statements?

    1. The political class and their media whores are no longer differentiated by party affiliation. They are in agreement on the big issues of the day, there is no difference between them.

      Benn, Crow and their ilk are part of the political establishment and will be treated with leniency by the media. Clarissa however, was not.

  2. How I missed my 15 seconds of fame by a mere 2 inches

    At some time during the Callaghan administration, probably during 1978, I was sent to 10 Downing Street, to perform a service call on a piece of equipment. Arriving at the end of the street, I was directed by the police to park my van in Downing Street, directly opposite number 10.
    After doing that I asked one of the coppers outside the door, where the service entrance was, ( I was well trained in those days as you can tell). Anyhow, he directed me straight to the front door.
    As I approached the door it magically opened with neither a bell or a knock, (well at least somebody was on their toes that morning). After a cursory inspection of my tool box, I was taken to where the faulty piece of equipment was...which turned out to be right outside the Cabinet Room

    After completing my work, I was on my way out. As I approached the door, the footman/doorman/ attendant, (whatever you want to call him), went to open the door which caused me to step to the side of the door, and proceeded to then turn back and on through the doorway. Now it happened that I was carrying a metal tool box, which together with all the tools weighed between 60 - 70 lbs. Now the action of me turning aside and then back through the doorway, caused the toolbox to swing away from me. Well just at that moment, who should be entering number 10 on his way to a Cabinet meeting, but that champion of the oppressed, that friend of the working man, Mr. Anthony Wedgwood Benn. With tourist cameras flashing (from the other side of the street), my toolbox missed Tony's kneecap by less than 2 inches. So close yet so far ;)

    I should add, that true to expectations, that friend of the working man, looked straight through me as if I didn't exist, even though he had to have realized that I very nearly did to him what the IRA of the time was busy doing to less fortunate mortals, on a regular basis.

    So somewhere, some unknown tourist has a photograph of a scruffy oik's encounter with one of the great and the good...I wander if they realized the lost significance of that moment

    1. Thanks for your amusing anecdote. Your encounter with the multi-millionaire champion of the working class was the closest he'd ever been to a worker in his life.

      It was certainly the closest he'd been to a tool box - it is highly likely he would not have a clue what it was.

      Looking at the leaders of the working class today, Wedgewood Benn could have the prototype.

    2. .....could have been the prototype

  3. I once met Benn at the annual Levellers meeting in Burford, in 2001. He was standing on his own just outside the church, the one with the holes in the walls where Thompson, Perkins and Church were shot by Cromwells men. I said hello but he ignored me. My Dad thought he was a few bricks shy of a load, economically.


    1. Despite his left wing rhetoric, Benn could not identify with working people, in fact like the current leadership of all the parties, he couldn't identify with anyone outside of his closed circle of like minded friends.

      I think your Dad was being generous, Benn's economic policy was straight out of "Das Kapital".

      ps I think I was in Burford a few years back when touring traditional England with some American friends.