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Kim Jung Un Wins N.Korean Election - Single Party Rule Blighting Rotherham Also

North Korea is an extreme example of the disastrous consequences of socialism combined with single party rule. News that Kim Jung Un has been elected as 'glorious leader', or whatever his new title will be, and with one hundred percent of the votes, should come as no surprise to any student of international politics.

It is worth pointing out right off the bat that I am not suggesting equivalence between Kim's tyranny in North Korea and the politicians of Rotherham - I am merely pointing out the abuse of power, the corruption and the contempt for the electorate that ensues when the results of elections are known in advance.

I would also point out that in Great Britain Rotherham is not unique but it is a classic example of the abuse that an electorate will endure and still return the abusers to power without a second thought.

What both North Korea and Rotherham do have in common is that with all the evidence of history and current events, Venezuela being latest example, both political classes persist in adhering to socialist policies that always end in poverty and misery.

Despite being an odious character with a deserved reputation for bullying, lying and smearing, the voters of Rotherham elected and then re-elected Denis MacShane as their Parliamentary representative four times. The only reason they didn't elect him a for a fifth time was the fact that he was found guilty of systematically stealing their money and sent to prison.

MacShane was first elected in 1994 with fifty six percent of the vote and re-elected in 1997 with seventy one percent, this was only twenty nine percent less than Kim Jung Un in North Korea.

The people of Rotherham have returned a Labour MP since 1933 and they obviously do not have the ability to kick their tribal voting habits as they replaced MacShane with another Labour MP.

(Guido's MacShane files here)

When it comes to local government, the people of Rotherham are gluttons for punishment - their local council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, to give it the official name, has been Labour controlled since its formation in 1973 and it has been treating the people with contempt ever since.

The leaders of the council are dedicated to the 'progressive' socialist cause as dictated by the London based, middle class, champagne socialists that rule the party, and they follow their every diktat to the letter.

Hence Rotherham is a poster child for failed socialist policies, enforced multi-culturalism, cronyism, deprivation and corruption.

To recap, Rotherham is what is known as a 'solid' Labour area or a 'safe' Parliamentary constituency:

It has returned a Labour MP since 1933

The local Council has been Labour run since its formation in 1973.

The Labour Party had unfettered political power nationally for thirteen years under Blair and Brown.

It is safe to say that Rotherham is a single party constituency where election results are known in advance - therefore it is also safe to assume that the people are content and happily reaping the benefits of tribal voting or else why would they keep returning the same people and party to office?

Apart from the Muslim sex grooming scandals that the local authorities, including the police 'service' willfully ignored, here are some facts from the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council:

Key Messages from the Indices of Deprivation:

Deprivation in Rotherham has increased with the Borough now ranked as 53rd most deprived district.

The key drivers of deprivation in Rotherham remain Health & Disability, Education and Skills and Employment.

The greatest deterioration's in rank are in Crime and Health & Disability.

Deprivation has generally stayed the same in the least deprived areas, whilst it has increased most in those areas with the highest deprivation.

There is evidence of polarization between the most and least deprived areas for Employment, Health, Education and Crime deprivation.

23% of Children are affected by income deprivation compared with 14% of working age adults, the gap being wider in the most deprived areas.

Rotherham - Neighbourhood Deprivation

There is a wide range of deprivation within the borough with some neighbourhoods being very deprived and others more affluent. Inequalities within the borough are far greater than those between Rotherham and England. Deprivation tends to have reduced in the most average or less deprived areas, whilst the most deprived areas have shown little progress.

One would think that these are the very issues and inequalities that socialism and the Labour Party are supposed to abolish - this must either go down as an epic fail or final proof that socialism doesn't work and that politicians in single party constituencies become arrogant, corrupt and totally incapable of achieving the results they were elected to achieve.

One would also think that with a record like that and with the sex grooming scandal cover up, the council leaders and their cronies would be relieved of their posts at the very least, if not prosecuted and imprisoned.

It doesn't work that way in single party constituencies - safe in the knowledge that Labour will always prevail, contempt for the voters is confirmed by Rotherham becoming a dumping ground for asylum seekers thus putting a further strain on local housing, schools and hospitals.

Rotherham now has a proud reputation of being the poster child for multi-cultralism in Great Britain, so where better for G4S to dump asylum seekers but Rotherham. Joyce Thacker, the face of multi-culturalism in Rotherham, will welcome one and all.

( More Joyce Thacker here)

Council leader, Roger Stone and his cronies are all still there making excuses, holding inquiries, looking after each other, covering their backsides, claiming their allowances and junketing at the taxpayers expense.

In conclusion it must be re-stated that Rotherham is not unique and that tribal voting is endemic throughout Great Britain. What the British people don't appear to realize is the simple fact that they have the power to stop the abuses, the corruption and the cronyism and take back their country simply by voting. It really is that easy.

Its time to stop the destructive habit of tribal voting, don't be concerned about nostalgia, family traditions, or community pressure, if you love your country and your freedom, kick them out no matter who they are or how long they have been in office - show them no mercy, hold them in the same contempt in which they hold you.

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