Friday, March 28, 2014

Offended Immigrant Sues Jeremy Clarkson And Wants BBC To Drop Top Gear

One of the endearing characteristics of the long suffering British people is their placid acceptance of ingrates who have abandoned their home countries to enjoy the benefits of British hospitality then do nothing but complain about the host nation's way of life when it doesn't meet their expectations.

News that a little known Indian actress is suing Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC for a perceived insult to an ethnic group of which she does not belong should come as no surprise to anyone outside of the political correctness industry. It is also beyond obvious why this particular ingrate is taking the action that she is.

To say that Somi Guha's film career is non existent would be an understatement.  When the opportunity arose to make some easy money, and enhance her public profile in the process, she must have thought it was her birthday and Diwali rolled into one. The photograph that was used to front this lawsuit was hardly that of a grossly offended victim of bigotry but more of a failed actress using the best image in her portfolio to attract attention.

The lawsuit itself doesn't smell right. It claims that Ms. Guha has instructed lawyers at the trendy, 'right on' law firm Equal Justice, to sue Clarkson and the BBC for a million pounds.

Firstly, the alleged insult used the word 'slope' which refers to those of East Asian origin such as Japanese, Vietnamese or, as in this case, Burmese - she herself is an Indian therefore there are no grounds for her to be offended.

Secondly, where a little known actress gets the money to instigate a law suit is a mystery. She cannot possibly be offended to the point that she would risk her own treasure unless she was put up to it by a vested interest willing to fill her coffers and raise her public profile in order to censor Jeremy Clarkson.

For her information, Top Gear is one of the most popular programmes on the planet and Jeremy Clarkson one of the most popular presenters. The programme uses laddish or schoolboy humour and everyone knows it is irreverent and non politically correct.  If this is not to Ms. Guha's liking then she shouldn't watch it.

Switching off or changing channels is one of the benefits of living in a free country and it can be achieved using a remote control from the comfort of ones own armchair.

Immigrants demanding that the British people change their way of life and their attitudes in order to accommodate theirs has resulted in any Tom, Dick or Abdul taking action against the very people who gave them sanctuary and the opportunity to enjoy a better life than in their home country.

It is sad to note that oppressive political correctness, 'hate crime' laws and intimidation by organized smear units, prevents the majority of British people from revealing what they really think.  Being a dissenter I refuse to be intimidated by the establishment and I couldn't care less about being prosecuted.

However much I am vilified and accused of being a racist, I am not one;  I just happen to disagree with the current political class about open border mass immigration and I do not believe there is such a thing as a functioning multi-cultural society.

In the interests of community cohesion and cultural enrichment, I will try to help Ms. Guha, and other immigrants, to understand some of the harmless quirks of the British people that they should accept as guests. If they intend to settle in Great Britain they should adopt these little quirks and pass them on to future generations.

We British are self deprecating, we laugh and poke fun at each other, we call each other names and are not offended. We were brought up with a proverb which they should teach their own children:

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me".

If you plan to settle in Great Britain I suggest you get used to it - its what we do, its part of our national character, its who we are and no amount of litigation, legislation or whining will change it. If you can't accept it then maybe Great Britain is not the place for you.

Here is a list of names and cat calls where no malice is intended and no offence is taken until the PC police undertook to impose their multi-cultural agenda:

Scottish people - Jocks, Tartan Terrorists, Ginger Mingers, Wife beaters

English people - Limeys (also generic British when abroad), Whinging Poms (By Australians) Stick your f*cking chariots up your a*rse is a quaint Welsh rugby chant.

Welsh people - Taffy's, Pit Boys, Pit Ponies. Morlocks, and my particular favourite, Sheep Sh*ggers.( This is my own ethnic group, I have been called all of these names and worse and never taken offence)

North East English People - Geordies

Liverpool people - Scousers

Then there's Mancs, Brummies, Kentish Men and Men of Kent.

Irish people - Paddy's, Bog Hoppers, Leprechauns, Micks

American people - Yanks, Sceptics ( rhyming slang based on sceptic tank)

Jewish people - Yids or 4x2's ( Rhyming slang again)

Gypsies - Gypos, Pikies and Didicoys for the flower selling variety.

British people never go for a Chinese meal, they always go for a Chinky.

No ethnic group should be surprised or offended if the indigenous British people give them a nickname.

Sledging and name calling on the field of sport is legendary and some of it is hair curling stuff. Listening to what Mohamed Ali called his opponents would send the serially offended running to their lawyers in fits of apoplexy wanting financial compensation for their own hurt feelings.

There are also names, some unflattering, for tall people, short, fat, thin, fast, slow and so on.

One of the more irritating aspects of the serially offended community is their taking of offence on behalf of other people who are not themselves offended. This gives the said community blanket coverage to be permanently offended and therefore an opportunity to impose political correctness, Cultural Marxism to give it its proper name,  and in effect censor unorthodox opinions.

One would have thought that being an Indian, and an actress to boot, she would make sure that her own house was in order before entering someone else's demanding they change their ways.

Bollywood, the world famous Indian film industry is renown for offending and insulting minorities particularly Sikhs and Muslims with women being a particular target.

It is not racist of me to suggest that Ms.Guha return to her native land and sue her socks off to end discrimination against women, lower caste people and immigrants who, incidentally, are only trying to make a living.

One of the most discriminated against minorities are Christians who unjustly make up six percent of India's prison population.

Excuses for Ms.Guha to issue law suits are in abundance in India where discrimination on the basis of gender and caste is legendary. Offensive and insulting names such as Dalit and Harijan are in common usage - Gandhi himself objected to the names, Harijan and Untouchables, being used for his fellow Indian citizens.

Ms. Guha could be offended and sue on behalf of the African community in Mumbai who are on the receiving end of appalling abuse and discrimination. Read the story of Nigerian Sambo Davis here.

Incidentally, referring to an African gentleman as 'Sambo' is taboo and grounds for a law suit so please Ms. Guha, instruct your lawyers to sue away.

The fact is that according to The Hindu newspaper,  Somi Guha's home country is rife with racism, discrimination and name calling so with that in mind I will articulate what the majority of British people are thinking; before you start agitating on your own or a vested interests behalf to change the British people's way of life, you should go back to your own country and put that right first.



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    1. Because foreigners being offended is such a frequent occurrence, I didn't think this story would be so hot.

      It would be interesting to know how many people agree with me and how many denounce me as a racist.

  2. I would be deeply offended if a lefty liberal did not consider me to be a racist.

    1. Lefy liberals lose the argument on every issue, all they have left is name calling and smear. It's a sad indictment on the intellectual standard of the nation.