Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jihad John - Celebrity Product Of British Multi-Cuturalism

Despite attempts by the political establishment to distance Jihad John and ISIS from Islam, his televised cold blooded execution by beheading of innocent America journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, followed later by his beheading of British aid worker David Haines, were perpetrated in the name of Islam, on the explicit directions of his Prophet Mohammad, to gain merit from his god Allah.

It is not for agenda driven, career politicians to define what or who represents Islam, that is for Jihad John himself and the rest of the world to decide. The public performances of President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron in response to his atrocities were so superficial and shallow it should be obvious to even to the most casual observer that they are coordinated and contrived.

Watching their public appearances in response to the barbarism of Jihad John and ISIS one would be forgiven for thinking they were reading from the same autocue. This was not a coordinated response to the atrocities of Jihad John and ISIS, it was media management by spin doctors to protect the President's and the Prime Minister's agendas as well as their political reputations.

Both the President and the Prime Minister are career politicians with no experience in the real world outside politics. Both are following similar agendas to fundamentally transform their respective countries; this necessitates the replacement of their traditional ways of life and established cultures.

This transformation includes replacing free enterprise and individual liberty with state mandated equality of outcome, disarming the citizenry, eliminating the middle class and much more. It is the state mandated cultural relativity and moral equivalence of religions that is driving this obsessive appeasement of Islam.

Not even President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron seriously believe that ISIS is not Islamic, it most definitely is, to concede otherwise exposes multi-culturalism together with cultural and religious relativity for the myth that it so obviously is.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they persist with the 'religion of peace' nonsense because they have invested so much of their political and personal capital in the multi-cultural agenda. They would lose all credibility, along with their political careers, if it proves to be a failure.

As all the world can now see, imposed multi-culturalism is the biggest, most monumental political failure in history, and one which is likely to end in bloodshed and chaos at home before it's over.
(Religion of peace nonsense here)

In his new role as the no-nonsense tough guy of global politics, Prime Minister Cameron's action plan to deal with ISIS abroad and radical Islam at home does not stand up to even the minutest of scrutiny. It is bluff, bluster and hot air tied up into a single package which is designed deceive the world at large and the electorate at home into believing he is actually going to do something.

The military aspect in Iraq and Syria was covered previously but it is his plan to deal with radical Islam at home that is worth further scrutiny.

It must be conceded by Prime Minister Cameron and the rest of the 'progressive' community that Jihad John is the product of their multi-cultural agenda combined with their policy of rigidly enforced political correctness.

Multi-culturalism in Great Britain is not what its proponents would have you believe, it most definitely does not consist of different cultures and religions living together in peaceful harmony and in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other and their respective ways of life.

When the ruling class made their decision to replace the British way of life they threw open the borders to anyone without vetting or any checks on their compatibility with the British people. Immigrants from the third world were not checked for their suitability to be in a civilised country.

There was no requirement to integrate or adopt the British way of life. On the contrary, immigrants were encouraged not to integrate and to keep their way of life and cultural practices. Using the blunt weapon of political correctness, anyone who voiced any objection to this looming disaster were threatened, bullied, smeared and vilified into submission and silence.

Consequently multi-culturalism in Great Britain today consists of semi-autonomous, mono-cultural ghettos, most of which are  corrupt, welfare financed, often violent no-go areas that are off limits, not only to the average citizen but to the police also. Muslim ghettos are mostly run by imams or tribal elders and operate under Sharia law as opposed to British law. Anyone inadvertently entering one of these hell holes will be hard pressed to accept they are in Great Britain's green and pleasant land.
(No-go ghetto stories here and here)

These Muslim ghettos festered and grew with the approval of the authorities including David Cameron and the political class. Hate preachers, terrorist sympathisers and imams barely out of the stone age were allowed to preach their Koran inspired hate filled, violent creed to impressionable, and often illiterate people, with impunity.

It was one of these government approved Muslim ghettos that spawned Jihad John so it is disingenuous and dishonest for David Cameron to threaten fire and brimstone to tackle radical Islam at home now. This current Jihad John who is butchering his way to fame on the Internet is not the first by a long way. He is one of a long line of Jihad John's that have been blighting the lives of the long suffering British people for decades.

The production line of Jihad Johns is running at full speed now that children are being radicalized in David Cameron's multi-cultural society. This shocking revelation does not bode well for the future of Great Britain or the world.
(British junior Jihad Johns here and here)

The British people and the world at large deserve to know why Prime Minister David Cameron, after taking office, didn't propose the same tough actions and with the same resolution after home grown Jihad Johns murdered  fifty two innocent British civilians and injured over seven hundred on the London Transport System on 7th July 2005?

They deserve to know why Prime Minister Cameron, after taking office, didn't talk tough or take action after Jihad Johns attempted the same mass murder on 21st July 2005.

The people deserve to know why the Prime Minister talked tough but took no action when Jihad Johns practically beheaded Drummer Lee Rigby on a London street outside a school and in broad daylight.

And they deserve to know why he didn't talk tough or take action when Paedophile Johns groomed, raped and subjected thousands of under age white girls the length and breadth of the country to horrific sexual abuse.

The Prime Minister's lack of action can be taken as complicit approval of the conditions that produced the Jihad Johns that are shedding blood, and heads, in the name of Islam.

The latest atrocity was recently carried by a Jihad John by the name of Nicholas 'Fat Nick' Salvadore, who beheaded eighty two year old pensioner Palmira Silva in the name of Islam at her home in North London just last week.
(Story here and here)

If Prime Minister Cameron is serious about tackling radical Islam and ending the production of Jihad Johns, then he needs to stop posturing in front of the world's television cameras with his tough talking speeches and take some positive action instead.

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