Friday, September 12, 2014

British ISIS Terrorists - David Cameron Not So Tough After All

It didn't take long for David Cameron's tough action plan to combat Great Britain's home grown ISIS jihadis to be unmasked for the worthless PR exercise that it was. The anti-Obama media outlets in the USA, including Fox News, would have done better to talk to the long suffering British people before they started touting Cameron as the proactive, tough talking pragmatist that they wanted their President to emulate.

The British people have heard it all before as his latest shameless attempt to convince the electorate, and the wider world at large, that he is a fearless, no nonsense statesman who will not hesitate to take the tough decisions necessary to combat the ruthless ISIS terrorists that are the creation of his own policies.

The world's media outlets and their political pundits understood from Cameron's spin doctor produced speeches that he was going to remove the passports from the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of British Muslims who have joined the jihad in places such as Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Chechnya and elsewhere.

They also understood that he was going to fulfill his long held ambition to have his own war by bombing Syria and arming the rebels - however he failed to make it clear which rebel faction he was going to arm. And what better way is there to create a new Johnny Rambo type action man image than confronting the macho man himself, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Cameron has threatened to put three and half thousand troops on the Ukrainian border to discourage Putin's army from supporting the Ukrainian separatists. Putin must be quaking in his kerenky.

It doesn't take long for the discerning observer to take apart this latest choreographed Cameron performance especially if his pedigree and modus operandi are taken into account.

David Cameron adheres to the new system of politics that was pioneered by his mentor, Tony Blair. His PR machine uses focus groups and pollsters to work out the issues that are of most concern to the different demographic groups, they then manufacture his speeches and choreograph his public performances to appeal to the majority in each group, while at the same time keeping his real agenda under wraps.

Knowing full well that the majority of the British people despise the EU, he stated that he would be the most Eurosceptic Prime Minister in history. After attaining office he stated that he "firmly believes Britain's place is inside European Union". He was then, and remains, a committed supporter of 'ever closer union' and the eventual integration of Great Britain into the United States of Europe.

 His 'cast iron guarantee' that the British people will get a referendum on EU membership will go down as one of the biggest whoppers in political history.

Cameron continues to promise a re-negotiation of membership terms despite the fact that his bosses in Brussels, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have said no re-negotiation is possible. He is promising a referendum on membership but not before 2017 and only if he is re-elected as Prime Minister.

As a flavor of Cameron's propensity for making false promises for electoral gain, in 2007, prior to his election, he promised a series of measures to deal with violent crime. This included tearing up the twenty four hour drinking laws, minimum sentencing, using prison ships, building more prisons, supporting marriage through the tax and benefits system. etc. His government promised to cut taxes, including inheritance tax, deal with the deficit and cut the debt. It's now 2014 and none of these promises have been delivered.
(See some of Cameron's fibs here)

The biggest issues by far for the British people are open border mass immigration together with imposed multi-culturalism and Islamification. It is in this arena that David Cameron comes into his own as a consummate PR man and congenital liar. It is these dubious skills that caused the world's media to mistakenly portray him as a tough, uncompromising, decision taking statesman when confronted by British born ISIS fanatics and radical Islam.

Cameron's knowingly false promise to cut net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands put paid once and for all the myth that he has even an iota of credibility. Immigration has gone inexorably up year on year despite the fact that it is within his power to fulfill this promise.

With his reputation as a mere PR man firmly established, his latest tough guy performance can now be looked at in a truer light and his pronouncements dissected to reveal their real purpose, which is image making and spinning for electoral purposes.

Cameron loudly intimated he will remove passports from British ISIS jihadis and strip them of their citizenship only to back off a week later after he thought his tough guy reputation was secured.
(Cameron seizing passports here, Cameron not seizing passports here.

At the recent NATO summit, statesman Cameron noisily stated that he doesn't need President Bashir al Assad's permission to bomb Syria as he doesn't recognize him as the countries legitimate leader. He also claimed that Assad is part of the problem. One week later his Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond has ruled out any bombing of Syria.
(Cameron bombing Syria here, Cameron not bombing Syria here)

He carries on making knowingly false promises in the forlorn hope that the British people will take him seriously when their experience of his past pronunciations  and the consequences of his lying are there for all to see:

He promised to clamp down on Muslim preachers of hate - false

He promised to teach British values in schools - false

He promised to prevent access by immigrants to the people's taxpayer funded welfare system - false

He promised to end health tourism by denying access by immigrants to the peoples NHS - false

He promised to stop further integration to the European Union - false

And so it goes on and on, he seems to be incapable of being straight with the British people even when they know what his real agenda is.

David Cameron is a self admitted Europhile who is totally dedicated to the integration of Great Britain into a post democratic United States of Europe. He is therefore committed to replacing the traditional way of life with a 'multi-cultural society' and using rigidly policed political correctness to achieve this goal.

He is completely out of step with the majority of the British people and this is demonstrated by the flight of his traditional supporters to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and with this comes the prospect of political oblivion for him and his treacherous fellow travelers.


  1. I've been a long-time reader of your blog.

    Being an ex-South African, and having had to flee my own country due to the violent crime, corruption and communism now in the country, all I can say is Britain has a lot to answer for and karma is coming home to roost. The British murdered over 30 000 women, children and elderly men in their concentration camps during the Boer War - the same concentration camps Hitler copied a few decades later. Britain gave him that idea. To this day Britain hasn't apologised for this atrocity committed against a people who were fighting for their rightful lands. Britain raped South Africa of her gold and other resources, and then turned on the white people when we were no longer needed. They did the same to Zimbabwe.

    So Britain with Cameron as your leader is your karma. Britain lost her moral compass a long time ago and the end is near. I don't take pleasure in writing these words, but then, that's life, huh. My life was ruined the day we were forced to hand over our beautiful country to a bunch of murdering black terrorists, pressured into this action by the West.

    So, now the wheel has turned and it's your turn to enjoy what your governments have sowed through the ages. Mighty Britain is almost on her knees, with Islamists in control.

    Who would have thought God had a sense of humour?

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can guess how you feel about losing your country and working in Zimbabwe before and after the fall I saw the consequences first hand.

      I will start by saying that I think you are being a bit harsh on the ordinary British citizen.

      Its worth bearing in mind that the majority of the British people, the working class, had nothing to do with the Empire or the running of it. They were too busy warding off starvation themselves. The Empire was run by a powerful elite who ran it for their own benefit and glory. History shows that whenever empires fall its the ordinary people that suffer the consequences. The elite are cushioned by their centuries of loot and always get away unscathed.

      Just like in your case the ordinary British people are suffering the consequences of an out of control elite who are re-ordering the world into their vision of utopia.

      David Cameron is the latest manifestation of the elite that ruined your country together with Zimbabwe and many other across the planet and we are fighting to put a stop to him and his ilk.

      What happened to you and your people is a tragedy but the ordinary British citizen is not to blame, in fact my guess is that they sympathised with your plight.

      That said, and whether they recognize or not, the British people are getting the same treatment as you got from the same elite who are progressing the same agenda. I hope they wake up in time.

      I will add that that even the British Empire did some good around the world but that's a discussion for another day,

      Thanks again for commenting.

    2. Thanks for your reply. And I understand what you're saying - the little people have no say at the end of the day. Unfortunately that doesn't change much. It's also why I wrote that I don't take pleasure in writing what I wrote, but it's the reality of the situation.

      The USA is also getting the same karma. Obama is their karma and he's the culmination of all that's gone wrong with the country. The land of the free has become the land of the lies, spying and police-state. Yet they go around the world speaking about freedom and "democracy' and trying to implement it everywhere, as if it's the gold-standard for everyone to follow. Chaos, death and destruction follows everywhere they've tried it.....

      At the end of the day life is simple. You leave other countries alone to sort out their own mess.

    3. You are right when you say that what's happening to the British people is the reality of the situation but I disagree that they don't have a say. They vote these elitists into office time and again and they have the power to vote them out again. If they don't vote them out next May then they deserve everything that comes their way. They should look at your experience at the hands of the elite and learn from it.

      Your observations about the USA are not far off the mark. They are sinking into third world status as fast as Great Britain and if the people don't wake up they will lose their country too

      One thing is for sure - the elite who are responsible for bringing this situation about will not suffer the consequences of their actions. That's reserved for us the little people.

  2. Whose rightful land was south africa? Th Zulus? The rather deeply pigmented people.
    Or as always back then the ones that can hold the land against all others.

    1. That's history in a nutshell, someone somewhere took the land they currently occupy from someone else, usually through conquest.

      History is littered with conquest, empires and their eventual fall.

      What we are going through now in Great Britain and what my South African friend above went through is history in the making. We can try and influence it as best we can.

    2. Good try Anon 10:18. The Zulus and Xhosa (and all the other African tribes) migrated down from central Africa. They arrived almost the same time in Southern Africa as the Dutch did in the west, at the Cape of Goodhope. The Koi were there before any of the murdering African tribes arrived and they were wiped out by the African tribes. Maybe do some research before parroting Progressive "history" and brainwashing. South Africa under apartheid practised true multiculturalism - each African tribe were given their own historical lands and allowed to practice their culture. However, they couldn't generate wealth - as is Africa's problem - and soon looked with big eyes to the historical white lands. And then the West joined in to hand over the country to a bunch of communist terrorists, headed by the murder Nelson Mandela. Well done you!

    3. Not knowing the history of African tribal migrations I can't comment but your comment on apartheid being true multi-culturalism is an interesting concept that I have not thought about before. It certainly goes some way to describing Great Britain today with its semi-autonomous mono-cultural ghettos.

      It is my experience when working in Africa that the people can't exploit their ample resources themselves or generate wealth - where wealth has been created by non Africans, it is expropriated by dominant tribe and not shared. Its is indeed Africa's problem.

      Your last sentence is almost right, it wasn't the West that conspired to hand over the country to murdering, communist terrorists, it was the Western elite. The ordinary people had nothing to do with it.