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The Working Class Can Kiss My A*se - The Labour Party Speaks

The rather rude headline comprises the alternative words to the communist anthem The Red Flag, the singing of which signals the closing of the Labour Party conference. This jamboree is an annual stage managed media event which is designed to give the impression that millionaires and wealthy career politicians have selflessly dedicated their lives to the well being of the working class. They try, unsuccessfully, to identify with working people by contrived working class behavior, laughable fake accents and class warfare rhetoric.

When I was growing up in the South Wales coalfield the Labour Party conference used to be a long awaited event and I assume it was the same in the other declining industrial areas of Great Britain. It was the annual showpiece where party policy, party officials and the party leadership were decided in open elections by representatives from the constituency parties, the trade unions and other affiliated organisations.

These conferences were televised allowing the public at large to watch the proceedings and become familiar with the processes and language of the working man's party. Those were days when 'motions' were read out before the delegates, including things called 'composite motions', a device where several different motions were rolled into one before the debate. After a succession of speakers for and against, the motions were put to the vote and became official party policy if so decided. The proceedings were interspersed with 'fraternal greetings' from well wishers and delegates addressed each other as 'comrade'.

The proceedings were, and still are, brought to a close with the traditional singing of The Red Flag by the delegates and officials.

Like every other aspect of modern politics the recently concluded Labour Party conference was stage managed from beginning to end by professional media mangers, not to decide what's right for the country or the British people but to give the impression that the political class actually cares what the people think and then making promises to act accordingly.

Every detail of the charade is choreographed and every speech carefully constructed by spin doctors to give the impression that the speaker identifies, and has empathy with, working people.

Despite the fact that the usual soundbites and slogans were repeated ad nauseum by speaker after speaker, the idea that the modern Labour Party is the party of the working man is not only risible but utterly delusional.

The spin doctors favourite words and soundbites such as; Fairness, Equality, Inequality, Working People, Hard Working People, Hard Working Families, Social Justice, Your NHS, Our NHS, The Rich etc. were trotted out in gay abandon in a shameless attempt to stir up envy and hatred using class warfare rhetoric.
(Equality article here)

It was obvious to all and sundry that these speeches, which are designed to appeal to the assumed prejudices of working people, are delivered by extremely wealthy career politicians who have never had a job in the real world that any normal person would consider as work.

The highlight of the conference is the speech by the party leader. The current leader of the working man's party is comrade Ed Miliband, better known as Red Ed.

Ed Miliband is the millionaire son of the late Marxist academic Adolph 'Ralph' Miliband, a Belgian immigrant who was given sanctuary during World War II. After the war he went on to spend his life agitating for Great Britain's downfall and its subsequent replacement with a Soviet style communist country.

It is worth noting at this point the professionalism and dedication of Labour's media managers and their eye for detail. With an eye on the optics for Miliband's speech, they evicted the disabled delegates from the front of the auditorium and replaced them with more telegenic people. So much for the poor, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged.

His speech was a dreadful dirge of politic speak that is typical of a remote career politician, especially one who's life long dedication to doctrinaire Marxism has left him devoid of any personality or any capacity for original thinking. It didn't go unnoticed that apart from the soundbites mentioned above he failed to address, or even mention, what concerns working people most. i.e. the deficit, the EU, open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism.
(Speech transcript here)

He also failed to make any reference to the Muslim paedophile scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and other blighted towns despite nationwide publicity and national outrage. Muslim men were allowed to groom and subject underage white girls to rape and horrific sexual abuse unhindered by the Labour controlled authorities including the children's social services and the police.

These young victims lives were supposedly sacrificed in the interests of 'community cohesion' - in other words Ed Miliband's Labour Party allowed under age white girls to be raped and sexually abused by Muslim men because the imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural society' took a higher priority.

The iconic line from the anthem, 'When cowards flinch and traitors sneer' applies to Ed Miliband and the Labour leadership in spades. How can any politician, let alone a party leader who aspires to become Prime Minister, not mention this scandal,  the deficit or the catastrophic national debt in his headline conference speech? He also made no mention of an EU referendum that the people demand or any controls on the mass immigration that is blighting every village, town and city across the country.

He had no tangible policy to tackle radical Islam or the British documented jihadis who are returning from the Middle East battlefields and who are obviously a clear and present danger to the British people.

It came as no surprise to those who gave up Red Ed's brand of left wing politics when they reached puberty that he did promise the only policy that the one track mind of a life long Marxist can muster.  That is tax and spend. Regardless of the disastrous record of the last Labour government, he promised to raise taxation in order to pump even more money into 'our' NHS and elsewhere.

It would appear that the one hundred or so new taxes imposed by the last Labour government were not quite enough.

They want to impose a 'Mansion Tax' on expensive houses, more tax on tobacco products, raising the upper rate to fifty percent and once again for the umpteenth time, a tax on bankers bonuses.

The Mansion tax is a spiteful, ill thought out piece of class warfare designed to appeal to base instincts of his core voters. It fails to take into account that his victims could be asset rich and cash poor due to the unprecedented house price boom of the seventies and eighties.
(Mansion tax here)

The consequences of even more tax on tobacco will result in more people giving it up or moving to the black market, either way tax revenue will decrease.

Raising the upper tax rate to fifty percent is another spiteful piece of class warfare which every student in basic economics knows will decrease revenue to the Treasury.

Taxing the bonuses of the evil bankers is an old favourite which is rolled out whenever they want to galvanise their core voters. This is the fifth or so Labour Party social program that is going to be financed by bankers bonuses.

Whichever way the media managers and spin doctors present it, Labour Party policy has Marxism as its underlying core philosophy. Despite the evidence of history that communism/socialism, or progressivism as they now call it, always leads to poverty and misery for the majority, the transfer of wealth from the private sector to the politicians is the only policy they know.

The alternative lyrics to The Red Flag could have been penned especially for the Labour Party leadership of recent years. In spite of all the rhetoric about fairness, inequality and the rest of the nonsense they spout, when the Labour Party leadership talk about the redistribution of wealth they mean everyone else's which doesn't include their own.

Despite his Marxist beliefs and redistribution rhetoric, Ed Miliband is reputed to be worth some four million pounds. Un-redistributed, this fortune can only grow larger with his taxpayer funded package of ministerial level salary, allowances and expenses.

In conclusion it is worth looking at some of the previous leaders of the working man's party and their much trumpeted dedication to equality, fairness, social justice and the redistribution of wealth.

Hard line Scottish socialist Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister and Red Ed's mentor and predecessor. His socialist policies wrecked the British economy in the name of fairness and social
justice. Rightly booted out of office he remains the MP for Kilkaldy and Cowdenbeath. He rarely attends Parliament but jet sets around the world, First Class no doubt, as some kind of UN ambassador. He subsidises the circa two million he makes from his charitable activities with his Parliamentary salary and generous expenses.

The story goes that most of his earnings go to charity but this cannot be verified. Either way he lives like a lord compared to his disenfranchised, poor and downtrodden constituents in Kilkaldy and Cowdenbeath.

Neil, now Lord Kinnock, the former Labour Party leader and career politician who, together with his wife Glenys, somehow managed to accumulate a ten million pound fortune. This is despite the fact that he never won a general election and had no experience in the business or wealth creating sector. Meanwhile their former constituents in South East Wales wallow in the same poverty and deprivation they suffered during the pre Kinnock era.
(Neil Kinnock story here, Glenys story here)

These money makers pale into insignificance compared to Tony Blair. Known as Phony Tony, he is another career politician who infamously stated that he "came to socialism via Marxism". He has accumulated a fortune estimated between twenty and one hundred million pounds. Like Kinnock, Miliband and Brown he has no experience in the business or wealth creating sector and appears to have no intention of putting into practice his philosophy by redistributing his wealth.

                It suits today the weak and base

                                                       Who's minds are fixed with pelf and place*

                                                       To cringe before the rich mans crown

                                                       And haul the sacred emblem down

This kind of hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed by the long suffering British public who have grown tired of their standard of living falling while being patronized by millionaires promising equality and fairness. Along with the other two legacy parties, Labour are scared witless by the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, known as UKIP.
(Labour's response to UKIP here)

Two of the reasons that this grass roots political party is resonating with the public is their use of honest straight talk instead of spin, centrally issued soundbites and slogans combined with the total absence of a*se kissing.

The Red Flag lyrics here.

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