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When They Come Home Again To Wales - ISIS Killers Get Homesick

It would appear that the Land of My Fathers is in the news of late with the recent NATO leaders meeting in Newport and the publicity surrounding Welsh born ISIS jihadis cutting off heads and bravely murdering innocent women and children as they set up their beloved caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Predictably the NATO summit meeting turned into a gigantic public relations exercise designed to rescue the plummeting electoral chances of both President Obama in the American mid terms and Prime Minister David Cameron in next years British general election.

For those who don't get to hear the desperate pronunciations of a rattled David Cameron and for those who can't see through his slick choreographed public performances, the truth behind this charade may need an explanation.

The long suffering British people have had to listen to David Cameron delivering an endless recitation of false promises for a decade or more. These latest promises to deal with ISIS have been designed by his PR machine primarily to placate the people's anger over his dedication to the European Union and its mandated cultural replacement agenda.

He is also desperately trying to stem the flood of support going to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) who are on course to derail his beloved EU integration project and its destructive multi-cultural agenda.

It is now accepted as fact that the rise of radical Islam in Great Britain and the subsequent desire of British Muslims to join the murderous ISIS is the result of the British political establishments' absolute dedication to imposing this mythical 'multi-cultural society'.

David Cameron is the current leader of the establishment and he has proved himself to be as dedicated a torch bearer for the EU and cultural replacement as any of his predecessors, including his mentor, the much despised Tony Blair.

Their determination to destroy the British way of life and replace it with this so called 'multi-cultural society' created the conditions for radical Islam take root and grow. This in turn created British Islamic monsters that are proud to be seen torturing, beheading and otherwise committing the mass murder of innocent men, women and children in the name of their prophet.

It is reported that the NATO summit leaders enjoyed a sumptuous banquet at Cardiff Castle which is near the birthplace of Welsh ISIS fighters Nassar and Aseel Muthana, Reyaad Khan and Adbul Rakab Amin. These little butchers appeared in a recruitment video for ISIS wherein they bravely stated their dedication to Islam, Allah, jihad and ISIS.

They also stated their intention never to return to Great Britain and expressed the usual Muslim wet dream of killing infidels and becoming martyrs for Islam. The religion of peace as Cameron and the multi-culturalists persist in calling it.
(Cardiff jihadis boasting here and here)

The history and culture of Wales is rich and varied and includes everything from Celtic tribes, Druids and Romans, with a splattering of the mysteries of Merlin and King Arthur. The modern history of Wales revolves around the industries of iron, steel and coal but above all Christianity.

The old industries may have gone and the chapels fallen into disrepair but they are still there in every town and village as evidence of the Christian heritage from which the Welsh people get their moral compass.

Any enquiring mind is bound to ask how four young men born and bred in such an atmosphere and culture could turn into some of the most blood thirsty killers on the planet?

The answer lies with Cameron and his predecessors in the political class, together with their army of like minded bureaucrats who do their dirty work in the public institutions. They opened the borders to all and sundry without discerning whether third world Muslims were suited to be living in a civilized country or whether they would integrate and adopt the British way of life.

On the contrary they encouraged Muslim immigrants, some of them barely out of the stone age, to keep their culture and continue with their own way of life in what are now welfare financed, mono-cultural ghettos.

So dedicated were consecutive governments and their bureaucrats to their multi-cultural agenda they ignored the rise of radical Islam with its preachers of hate and tolerated barbaric practices that would not have been tolerated a decade or so ago.

Cameron and his predecessors took no action after the 7/7 mass murder on the London Transport System in 2005, they did nothing after Muslim bombers tried again on 21/7. They did nothing after the shoe bomber Richard Reid  and the underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up civilian airliners over the Atlantic Ocean.

They turned a blind eye as Muslim paedophile gangs around the country groomed underage white girls then raped and subjected them to horrific sexual abuse. There were fourteen hundred young victims in the blighted town of Rotherham alone.

They took no action when a British soldier was publicly beheaded in a London Street by Nigerian jihadis.

They took no action when it became apparent that Muslim jihadis were using their British passports and other British documentation to attend terrorist training camps in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Chechnya and other countries in Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

Worse of all they have done nothing to repeal or alter the pernicious human rights laws that have given foreign criminals, including jihadis, protection from the justice and punishment they deserve.

Armed with the knowledge that Cameron and his government will use these laws to protect their human rights, it would appear that our death worshipping jihadis have had a Pauline conversion on the their road to Damascus - apparently they have seen the error of their ways and are crying to return home to old Blighty.

Their sudden desire to return home should be roundly ignored but the current political class seem incapable of taking such a just course of action. In light of this political cowardice their homesickness has got to be treated with extreme caution and their motives must be scrutinized down to the minutest detail.

Unlikely as it sounds, they may well have seen the light and may actually be experiencing a severe bout of remorse for all the blood letting, pain and torture they have visited upon innocent men, women and children. Alternatively, they may be just a bunch of loud mouthed chicken shit cowards who run back to mummy and daddy when defenceless women and children are replaced by drones and a well armed resurgent army bent on revenge.

Another possibility is that they have used their western education to work out that dying in the desert without taking any western civilians with them will not please Allah or his prophet. Returning home and showing some faux remorse, attending diversity training, accepting an Anti Social Behavior Order (ASBO) then returning to their murderous cause will please them much more. They may even chuck in an extra virgin or two for their forward thinking.

It is worth reminding ourselves that David Cameron's PR machine was forced into action by two things:

a) the viral videos of two American journalists having their heads cut off in a gruesome manner by the products of Cameron's multi-cultural society.

b) the hemorrhaging of support for his party to UKIP with an election due next year.

If it were not for these two issues it would have been business as usual for Cameron with 'ever closer union' toward a European federal state and its mandated destruction of the British way of life in favour of a 'multi-cultural society'.

Cameron's ever-so-brave proposals include, taking passports away from jihadis and not allowing them to return, clamping down on radicalization of young people, clamping down on the hate preachers who spread their filth in schools, mosques and Muslim community centres and encouraging integration etc. etc.

Like his promises to cut net immigration to the tens of thousands, deny access to the peoples welfare benefits system or deporting foreign criminals, the British people have heard it all before and none of it stands up to scrutiny.

He has been told by his bosses in the global elite that he cannot remove passports and leave his citizens stateless, he will not clamp down on radicalization for fear of a Muslim backlash, he will not act on mosques, madrassars or Muslim community centers for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity' and he most definitely won't encourage integration because of the dedication to political correctness that is the driving force for the cultural replacement agenda.

If David Cameron had any self respect, let alone respect for the victims of British ISIS jihadis, he would take the tough actions that are not only essential in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq but at home in the towns and cities of our once Sceptered Isle.

a) remove the passports of all British jihadis that are fighting in Syria and Iraq, strip them of their citizenship, then use military assets to kill them. This goes for jihadis who are fighting in Somalia, Gaza, Chechnya or anywhere else in world. Martyrdom is what they want so lets oblige.

b) provide safe passage to any Muslim who wants to go join the jihad with ISIS or any other Muslim conflict before removing their passports and citizenship. This should apply to any Muslim that expresses sympathy for ISIS or engages in support, financing or recruitment.

c) stop and reverse the evisceration of the British military. Form units specially trained and dedicated to the utter destruction of ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and any other radical Islamic military groups.

To destroy ISIS and radical Islam at home and to prevent its resurgence in future years, integration and assimilation must replace multi-culturalism and political correctness.

a) put in place a moratorium on issuing passports to non British born people especially those from volatile Muslim countries.

b) put in place a moratorium on immigration from non EU countries especially from volatile Muslim countries. (Cameron has the power to do this and it will also help him meet his net immigration target).

c) deport all foreign preachers of hate forthwith with no appeal or retrospective claims for asylum. Jail all domestic preachers of hate or call their bluff and give them the option of joining the jihad abroad.

d) make English the only language with no translation services whatsoever. (Different rules apply in Wales and Scotland)

e) sharia law to be absolutely forbidden, British law will apply everywhere in Great Britain at all times ad infinitum.

f) no more mosque building and current ones suspected of radical activity, along with madrassars and community centres, to be closed.

g) alien cultural practices to be outlawed and the perpetrators jailed for life. If they are immigrants they should be deported. These will include: female genital mutilation, incest, paedophilia, child brides, polygamy etc.

h) current animal cruelty laws to be enforced therefore halal meat will be illegal

i) ban the burqua in all public places and buildings.

j) no concessions to Muslim sensitivities in employment or with public holidays.

k) No one allowed onto the electoral rolls that hasn't been a citizen for ten years or more. Put and end to postal voting and corrupt electoral practices of the Muslim/immigrant communities.

This list is not exhaustive and consists of the minimum that will be required to eliminate ISIS abroad and to end the radicalization of Muslims at home.

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