Friday, March 20, 2015

Netanyahu Joins The Long List Of 'Progressive' Hate Targets

Even to the most casual of observers it should be obvious by now that the ex-leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, has the emotional maturity of a spoiled brat who didn't get his own way in the candy store.

Undoubtedly, despite his best efforts, along with those of his political machine, the re-election of the impressive Binyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel is a huge setback for his pro-Arab, pro-Iranian, anti-Israel agenda but this is no excuse for the display of petulance that is unbecoming of a President of the United States of America.

Anyone with any knowledge of the socialist/communist/self loathing community - these are the same people that go around calling themselves 'liberals' or 'progressives' - this reaction to an electoral setback is nothing new, in fact it is a perfectly normal response.

People who embrace the democratic process and engage in informed political debate tend to accept any election losses as part of the process as disappointing as they may be. This is because they tend to be intellectually more mature and accept that there are points of view contrary to their own.

Due to their firmly held belief that their world view is absolute and a historical inevitability these so called 'liberals' or 'progressives' are emotionally unable to accept defeat in any shape or form.

They are unable to accept that there are other world views and opinions contrary to their own hence their propensity for hatred toward anything they disagree with. They don't even possess the ability of agreeing to disagree, they must be right all the time.

'Progressives' don't just disagree with capitalism they hate it along with those who promote it. They don't just disagree with individual liberty they hate it along with those that promote it; they don't just disagree with Fox News they hate it and those that promote it; and so the hatred goes on with everything they disapprove of. This ranges from Wall Street to the fossil fuels, from CEO's to CO2.  
It's not just ordinary everyday hatred either, it's a visceral hatred that defies any rational explanation.

Surrounded by enemies that want his country and his people erased from the face of the earth has imbued Prime Minister Netanyahu with the tough qualities necessary to be a leader of his people and it goes without question that a love of country i.e. patriotism, is another prime requirement.

His media appearances warning the world about the danger that a nuclear armed Iran poses for Israel and the civilised world, together with their support for ISIS and the spread of radical Islam, are diametrically opposed to the appeasement policies being pursued by Obama and his besotted followers in the Islamified countries of Europe.

The Prime Minister's growing stature among the more civilised people on the planet, coupled with his tough stance in the face of murderous enemies, is showing up the rather flimsy leadership qualities of Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande for what they really are; weak and cowardly springs to mind, not to mention embarrassing.

Patriotism, democracy, military strength along with the willingness to kill his country's enemies without quarter are an anathema to 'progressives' and along with their inherent and ideological anti-semitism it's little wonder that Prime Minister Netanyahu has attracted their hatred and that of their 'Progressive' in Chief.

I am sure he will take the hatred of his detractors in his stride and time will prove him right to stand up to the Ayatollahs and their murderous offspring who are without doubt a clear and present danger to the civilised world.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is in good company as the target of the lefts visceral hatred, he is joined in part by:

Free enterprise

Individual liberty

The Constitution of the United States (especially the First and Second Amendments)



The Military

White middle class heterosexuals

The aspiring working class

The Fat Controller

Salt, sugar, pop...........................and so on and so forth



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