Sunday, March 29, 2015

Segregation - Ethnic Communities Demand The Return Of Apartheid

Warnings that imported ethnic communities in Great Britain and America would eventually demand separate, self governing  areas were not only ignored by the advocates of 'multi-culturalism', they also saw fit to demonise, smear and vilify the messengers.

It's worth noting that the same people who are currently caving in to the demands for segregation in Great Britain and America were the most outspoken when it came to apartheid in Southern Africa.

When one looks back at recent history it's hard to find a political cause that was as widely supported and celebrity patronised than the Anti-Apartheid movement of the sixties, seventies and eighties.

Ignoring his well recorded past as a communist, a terrorist and a wife beater, Princes, politicians and publicity seeking pop stars alike joined the undignified scramble for the ultimate photo opportunity with the adopted symbol of their cause, Nelson Mandela.
(It would appear that the policy of not negotiating with terrorists has its exceptions when one assumes moral superiority with respect to civil conflict but I digress)

In order to understand the scale of the hypocrisy concerning modern day segregation a very brief recap of history would be apt.

Bringing to an end white rule in Africa was the priority for the global elites who committed themselves to re-ordering the post war world. This re-ordered world was to be based on equality of nations and people regardless of ethnicity, culture or religion.

Imposing an integrated, multi-cultural, borderless world, governed by themselves of course, where inequality is removed as a cause of conflict was - and still is - their ultimate goal.

This is all very Utopian but the inconvenient truth is that some nations, religions, ethnic groups and cultures are more advanced than others and as a consequence they will be more prosperous and therefore unequal.

To overcome this and impose equality, a program of de-civilisation was instigated using mass immigration from the third world into the developed world combined with a media campaign to smear anyone who objected. With the connivance of the current leaders of the civilised world, along with the the UN/EU, this process is on-going to this day with visibly disastrous consequences.

To the world leaders of the day, buoyed up by cynical opportunists and unscrupulous celebrities who jumped aboard the anti-apartheid bandwagon, the policy of white imposed separate development was more than abhorrent, it was the epitome of all evil.

Interminable UN resolutions combined with campaigns of civil disobedience, sporting boycotts, sanctions, disinvestment and much more were employed to end segregation and impose a so called "multi-cultural rainbow nation".

To the chagrin of the anti-apartheid movement and the sanctimonious advocates of a mythical integrated 'multi-cultural society', the ending of white rule in South Africa has been a violent, blood drenched disaster for all ethnicities, religions and cultures. This proves beyond doubt that the ideal of ending white rule took priority over the wellbeing of the South African people.

Also, to their chagrin, it is not white people who are refusing to integrate into their 'multi-cultural societies' and who are agitating for segregation, it is the different ethnic groups, religions and cultures that are flooding into the developed world in their millions determined to, encouraged even, to remain culturally isolated.

The high profile ant-apartheid movement that agitated for decades to end segregation in South Africa is conspicuous by its absence as Great Britain and America are carved up along ethnic/religious/cultural lines.

Where once there was a noisy reception for anyone associated with segregation or the South African regime there is only a deafening silence.

In England there are calls for black only schools because cultural incompatibility is causing a disparity in educational achievement.

In some parts of London housing developments have been built for black tenants only.

In Enfield, North London, "whites not welcome" graffiti was sprayed at a Primary school.

In the English midlands a white family moving into a housing development has been threatened on the grounds that its "for black sisters and brothers" only.

The former head of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, is lamenting the fact that Great Britain is 'sleepwalking into segregation where communities are living parallel lives but he is ignoring the fact that it is at the behest of his own black community.

One journalist is even claiming that "ethnic minorities deserve safe spaces without white people".

There is no bigger example of apartheid and separate development than the hundreds of Muslim only areas administered by shariah law where medieval cultural practices are performed with impunity and where the anti-apartheid zealots remain silent.(See here)

How things change as the years go by; the current British government and its establishment, filled to the gunwales no doubt with anti-apartheid zealots from the past, are too addicted to political correctness to stop segregation and are now actually funding it.

One is bound to ask the question why, if ethnic minorities dislike Great Britain and its people to the extent they want to institute apartheid and live separate lives, why on earth to do they bother making the journey to this damp, windswept island in the north Atlantic often from more desirable locations and why the agitators from the past remain silent?


  1. The ethnics want welfare and the rest of what was once Britain. They think they have no need for whites.
    Meanwhile Berlin wants the EU regardless and really wants a third reich.
    Thery are both getting their way.
    The whites want and need a spine.

    1. We are witnessing the end of Great Britain as we knew it that's for sure.

      I want to know where are the people who agitated against segregation in Africa when Great Britain is being segregated on ethnic and religious lines?