Wednesday, June 17, 2015

200th Anniversary Of Waterloo Coincides With Ramadan - Who Cares?

As mentioned previously, in their attempts to impose 'multi-culturalism' on the British people, the political class and the establishment are actively distorting British history as well as discouraging overt celebrations of military victories to avoid giving offence to our historical European enemies.

It was doubly pleasing therefore to see HR the Prince of Wales along with the Duchess of Cornwall and the current Duke of Wellington overtly celebrating the two hundredth anniversary of the defeat of the French at Battle of Waterloo.

(To mark his epic victory, one prominent government Minister is reputed to have said in a citation that the Duke of Wellington "had saved civilisation from the French")

Because of their craven subservience to the European Union (EU) and their obvious discomfort at these celebrations it is also pleasing to know that there will be much anger and gnashing of teeth among the Europhile political establishment in Great Britain along with their masters in Brussels.

This same political establishment are not so coy about marking the start of the Muslim observance of Ramadan today whereby Great Britain's most indulged minority starve and dehydrate themselves between sunrise and sunset.

The British people are being asked not to eat or drink in front of a fasting Muslim out of respect while schools and workplaces are being asked to show flexibility in their requirements during the month.

The political establishment bleat on about the virtues of religious piety, observance and charitable giving during Ramadan while ignoring the fact that hundreds of their fellow countrymen and women are in Iraq and Syria showing none of the above. Instead they are displaying the exact opposite by raping, torturing, immolating and beheading men women and children in the name of Allah, under the orders of Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him?) and as written in the Koran.

Great Britain's Muslim community - along with most other imported communities - have no interest whatsoever in British history or it's heritage or its way of life. In fact many openly despise all three and together with the British political establishment and the self loathing community are consciously working to bring about cultural and demographic replacement.

The British government, along with the establishment and the aforementioned self loathing community, are well aware that the vast majority of the indigenous British people have as much interest in Ramadan, Islam and Mohammad as Muslims have in Christmas, Easter and Jesus Christ.

It is safe to say that outside of natural curiosity and an acceptance that they exist as customs elsewhere, they have little or no interest in Diwali, Eid al Fitr, Yom Kippur, Chinese New Year Shiva, Buddha, Zoroaster, Guru Nanak either.

This doesn't stop the establishment and the politicised institutions from using political correctness, and the threat of prosecution for hate crimes, to silence any objections and to force acceptance of alien customs and practices no matter how barbaric onto an unwilling British populace.

As sure as death, taxes and political hypocrisy, David Cameron and the establishment will be falling over themselves in a months time to give their Eid Mubarak wishes to the disorientated Muslim community as they battle to get back into sync with their Circadian rhythms and the rest of the civilised world.

In the meantime as British documented Muslims celebrate Ramadan by starving and dehydrating themselves during the day, the real British will have celebrated, and will celebrate or mark in the near future, the eight hundredth anniversary of Magna Carta, the six hundredth anniversary of Agincourt, the two hundredth anniversary of Waterloo, the one hundredth anniversary of World War l,  the seventieth anniversary of Victory in Europe Day and the eighty ninth birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In most instances as opposed starving themselves the British will celebrate by drinking and eating, often in quantities that is detrimental to their good health. In order to carry on this a noble tradition I will be raising a glass or three today along with dinner to the Duke of Wellington and his men in honour of their glorious victory over the French and if that upsets or offends anyone be they French or Muslim, that will be too bad.

It is worth noting in conclusion that Ramadan is not without its risks for jihadis; in addition to starving and dehydrating themselves, Muslims are also required under threat of fines, flogging and even death, to refrain from lying, sexual relations, smoking and fighting during Ramadan. Refraining from these during the day for sub-human savages is a tough call indeed.


Watch this and weep/laugh. British Prime Minister David Cameron doing what he does best. Lying through his teeth.

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