Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Deliberately Distorting History To Encourage Self Loathing And Decline

I was fortunate enough to be educated before the socialist/communist/progressive political class did away with the grammar school education system that provided an upward mobility opportunity for working class children. The replacement comprehensive system has systematically dumbed down education in order to achieve the perverted goal of equality of outcome in an egalitarian society.

Apart from the decline of maths, science and literary skills, the understanding of history has been particularly degraded with the result that pride in Great Britain and loyalty to the country can no longer be taken for granted. In fact, led by the government, along with the education establishment and the rest of the self loathing community, the opposite is true.

In their determination to fundamentally transform Great Britain into a so-called 'multi-cultural society' on behalf of the UN/EU, the political class and their agents are actively encouraging recent generations, particularly the young, the dumbed down and the gullible, to be ashamed of their history and their Judeo-Christian heritage.

Combined with the millions of economic migrants and their offspring who, apart from the welfare state and it's 'entitlements' have no interest whatsoever in Great Britain's history and heritage, it's no wonder the country is fast becoming a moral-free, third world mediocrity for the majority.

A recent to visit Buckland Abbey and Plymouth Hoe in Devonshire, England brought to life some of the history that was taught in schools which served to heighten ones sense of patriotism and loyalty to country that is sadly lacking among more recent generations and the immigrant communities.

Buckland Abbey was the residence of one of Great Britain's most famous historical characters, namely Sir Francis Drake, and Plymouth Hoe the site of one the many heroic episodes of his life i.e finishing his game of bowls after the Spanish Armada invasion force had been spotted in the English Channel off Plymouth Sound.

His exploits were enough to fire the imagination of every school boy let alone Queen Elizabeth I who knighted him for his victories over her mortal enemy, the Spanish.

His pillaging of treasure from Spanish galleons off the Spanish Main, his attack on Cadiz, known as 'singeing the kings beard', his circumnavigation of the world and his defeat of the Spanish Armada are legends of British history but are being increasingly portrayed as evidence of Great Britain's historical aggression.

History is brought up to date on Plymouth Hoe with the memorials not only commemorating Sir Francis Drake's defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 but to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Great Britain in various campaigns from the Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Marines. The centrepiece is a huge and moving memorial to the those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the Royal Navy.

While acknowledging the anniversaries, not celebrating I might add, of historical victories such as the battles of Agincourt, Trafalgar or Waterloo, the British people are being asked to adopt a low profile and refrain from gloating for fear of offending the Spanish and French.

More recently, acknowledging the anniversaries of the defeat of Germany in both World Wars I and II the British people were asked to tone things down and not to be 'judgmental' while the EU bureaucrats refer to World War II as the 'European Civil War'. If this isn't distorting history for political ends I don't know what is.

Rumours abound that the British government are engineering, against the wishes of various peoples, the handover of Northern Ireland to the Eire, Gibraltar to the Spanish and the Falkland Islands to Argentina who have no historical or legitimate claim to the islands. These are supposedly acts of contrition for perceived historical wrongs ordered by the 'progressive' global elite that run the UN/EU bureaucracies.

If any of this sounds familiar to our American cousins then their instincts are correct. They are undergoing a similar exercise by their 'progressive' elite to distort history for political ends.

Located adjacent to Plymouth Hoe are the Mayflower Steps where the Pilgrim Fathers finally set forth on their epic voyage to start a new life in America, free from religious oppression and to preserve their English culture which was being gradually eroded by their exile in the Netherlands.

As every school kid knows this was the beginning of the United States of America which went on to become a country conceived in individual liberty and which eventually became the most prosperous country in history.

The natives tribes did indeed lose out as civilisation advanced but one has to accept that if it wasn't the Europeans that settled the land it would have been the Chinese, the Japanese or latterly the Russians. Either way the natives would not have been left to carry on with their way of life in an unpopulated land brimming with unexploited natural resources.

Abroad, one of the first acts of the newly inaugurated President Obama was to undertake his famous apology tour where he portrayed his country as the historical bad guys and force for evil in the world ignoring the sacrifices made by her sons and daughters for other peoples freedom.

The erasing of America's Judeo-Christian heritage is continuing apace while the self loathing being taught in schools and on campuses across the country has reached new heights of ridiculousness by the incessant promotion of white guilt and supposed white privilege.

It would appear that the 'progressive' leadership won't consider its mission accomplished until the United States is another European type morality free mediocrity governed by the similar remote wealthy elite that has reduced Great Britain and Europe to sad state they are in today.

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