Thursday, June 25, 2015

British ISIS Killers Are Radicalised At Home From Birth

                                           "I don't want my daughters to grow up in England"

                                          "I don't like the UK, it's becoming more like America"

                                           "I don't want my children growing up in this society"

                                         I want to live in Saudi Arabia because I don't like the UK"

These statements are attributed to thirty three-year old Zorah Dawood who left our green and pleasant land to take up residence with ISIS in Syria along with her two children aged five and eight.

She was accompanied by her two sisters Khadija aged thirty and Sugra aged thirty-four along with their combined brood aged three to fifteen.
(Full story here)

These ISIS supporters join the hundreds if not thousands of other British documented Muslims who despise the British people and reject utterly the British way of life, making their way to Syria in order to fulfill their destiny and the requirements of their prophet.

The attitude of the government and the establishment, including the police and the BBC, is indicative of the yawning chasm that exists between them and the majority of the British people they are supposed to serve.

Time and again when news that more Muslim males, females or families have gone missing from their mono-cultural ghettos, the government along with the police and the BBC 'fear' for their safety or 'fear' that they are heading to Syria to join the caliphate.

In truth there is a mutual disdain bordering on hatred between these two incompatible cultures whereby the vast majority of the British people don't 'fear' their disappearance at all, instead they bid them good luck, bon voyage and good riddance.

It is now generally accepted that the government and the establishment are using the Muslim community as a battering ram to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society' on an unwilling people on behalf of their masters in the EU/UN.

This deliberate policy manifests itself in a Statute Book full of hate crime legislation and a regime of rigidly policed political correctness that makes it virtually impossible to voice criticism, or any form of disagreement, for fear of prosecution.

In addition to this cordon of protection they have thrown around their client community the government and their agents continue to ignore reality by making excuses for the so called radicalisation of these ISIS volunteers.

When one looks in detail at the issue of British documented volunteers joining ISIS, it becomes obvious that the government is forced to make these excuses or else admit that the Muslim communities have not evolved away from the medieval desert death cult that is articulated in the Koran and are therefore incompatible with the British way of life.

The government claim that these jihadis were normal British citizens like any other then suddenly became blood thirsty savages by radicalising themselves using the Internet and social media.

The parents and families of these jihadis plead ignorance about radicalisation and have the temerity to blame the government and the police for not doing enough to prevent their offspring leaving to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The excuses offered by David Cameron's former Cabinet member, Baroness Warsi, are risible beyond believe; it's no wonder she is regarded as an abject failure who was appointed on the basis of being a non-white Muslim woman (her words not mine) as opposed to merit.

Ignoring the fact that Great Britain's Muslim community is the most indulged in the land, Warsi has the gall to claim that the government has a deliberate policy of non-engagement with Muslims. She uses her standard accusation that any criticism of Islam is 'far right'.

Her nonsense was in response to a letter sent to mosques and Muslim organisations that rightly urged them to do more to root out terrorism following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

It's worth noting for Warsi's benefit that forty nine percent of her 3.4 million strong Muslim community endorse hate preachers, twenty seven percent support the Charlie Hebdo massacre and eleven percent support jihad.

 Also, ignoring the antics of the notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary who, incidentally, is allowed to preach his filth and act as a recruiting agent for ISIS without fear of arrest, she claims that the government has 'failed to tackle Islamophobic language and hate crimes'.

(Watch Choudary harass a police officer over a Help for Heroes wristband here)

In reality, British Muslims are born and raised to be radical; not only is radical Islam in their genes it is reinforced every day of their lives by their culture and the religion they are subservient to and from which there is no escape.

The lady quoted at the start of this article along with her siblings are not immature, impressionable school kids, they are wives and mothers in their early and mid-thirties who have lived their lives in a free and open society.

The sad fact is that due to the requirements of the misogynistic cult they have been forced to follow they have not been allowed to participate in British life; instead they have been taught from birth that Great Britain is evil and must be subjugated or destroyed.

It is obvious from her second comment that Ms. Dawood has also been brought up to believe that America is the great Satan and Great Britain his willing apprentice. What kind of woman in the year 2015 would prefer to live in Saudi Arabia, or war torn Syria, as opposed to the United States of America or Great Britain?

The fact these women had taken their children, one only three years old, on a religious pilgrimage to Medina in Saudi Arabia, where non-Muslims are not allowed because they are regarded as infidels and therefore evil and unclean, confirms indoctrination of hate from childhood.

In conclusion it has to be said that these children, like all the other children who inhabit the thousands of mono-cultural, shariah controlled Muslim ghettos in Great Britain, are radicalised from birth and and it is unbecoming of the British government to claim otherwise.


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