Monday, June 22, 2015

Cameron's U-Turn On Immigrants But Where Can He Put Them All?

The capitulation over immigrant quotas by British Prime Minister David Cameron to the bureaucrats that run the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) came as no surprise to the long suffering British people.

Policy u-turns and broken promises have become a feature of Cameron's premiership and serve as evidence that he does not have the authority to govern Great Britain because of his declared subservience to the supranational EU/UN world government wannabees.

No sooner than Cameron announces some policy initiative that puts the people's interest above that of the EU/UN or merely articulates the view of the majority of his citizens, some Brussels bureaucrat or European leader will publicly chastise him forcing a surrender. If that European leader happens to be German Chancellor Angela Merkel, his surrender is made in double quick time and is total.

What happened to the Bulldog spirit that saw the British people initially stand alone against the Kaiser and Hitler then go on to win two world wars remains a mystery.

This indomitable spirit, personified by Sir Winston Churchill, seems to be totally absent from David Cameron's government along with his like minded hangers-on and cronies; love her or loath her even the handbag swinging Margaret Thatcher had more cajones than all of this lot put together.

The media devoted disproportional column inches and air time to boosting Cameron's image by highlighting his stand against EU/UN quotas of refugees crossing Mediterranean into Europe using some obscure 'opt-out' clause.

The same prominence was not given to his sly u-turn which came to light when he announced that Great Britain would take in several hundred more refugees in addition to the quota he was supposedly fighting against.

(It's worth noting that his announcement, which will have severe repercussions for the British people, was made in Slovakia and not the British Parliament. This demonstrates not only Cameron's contempt for the British people but his contempt for democracy itself)

Assuming the dastardly deed is done and thousands more immigrants will be added to the half million that enter an overcrowded and creaking Great Britain legally and illegally every year, it is imperative that Cameron informs the people where and how he proposes to house and provide for them.

The British economy remains bankrupt and there is a dire shortage of jobs, housing, school places, transportation, and health care provision. Rough sleeping by homeless immigrants has reached record levels and stretches from London in the east to Cornwall in the west.

To give some idea of the size of the problem, the police were called recently to a brawl taking place in a two bedroom mid-terrace house in Oldham only to find twenty immigrant Romanians living there.

It's worth reminding ourselves that the multi-millionaire acting/celebrity fraternity led by award winning actress Emma Thompson recently demanded that Cameron accept more Syrian immigrants into Great Britain without informing the people where they should be housed, fed and watered or who is going to pick up the tab.

Since Thompson also campaigned against a Tesco superstore being built near one of her residences on the grounds that it would ruin the 'villagey atmosphere' and the poorly paid staff would not 'fit in' with the local people, we can assume these desperate refugees won't be housed in her neighbourhood.
(Emma Thompson hypocrisy here and here)

The appalling attitude displayed by Emma Thompson is not unique and seems to be prevalent among those who make the most noise about compassion toward immigrants and refugees. More often than not they live in exclusive areas that have not suffered the negative consequences of the mass immigration policies they advocate.

They preach incessantly about celebrating diversity, cultural enrichment, shared values and the benefits of living in a so called 'multi-cultural society' but they do it from oases of affluent, exclusively white communities far away from the desert of alien mono-cultural ghettos they have created.

The following is a solution to the problem of refugees and economic migration which I am sure all those that have had their communities and lives blighted by mass immigration will wholeheartedly endorse.

Direct all these Mediterranean immigrants and refugees firstly to other countries in the middle east that share their religion and who are wealthy and without conflict. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi to name but a few.

Secondly to those areas in Great Britain who's residents call for it or who vote for political parties that champion the benefits of mass immigration and multi-culturalism.

We can start with Emma Thompson's home town of West Hampstead in addition to the quiet haven of Dunoon, Scotland where her holiday residence is located.

David Cameron's constituency of Witney, Oxfordshire, which includes the charming, quintessentially English towns of Chipping Norton, Burford and Charlbury. The constituency boasts a population that is made up of 93% White British, 4.3% White Other, 1.4% Asian and only 0.4% Black. Hardly an advertisement for diversity or the boundless benefits of multi-culturalism.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's constituency of Sheffield Hallam. Great Britain hater Clegg is one of the noisiest advocates for open border mass immigration along with the benefits of multi-culturalism and since his constituents repeatedly elect him to office they must concur. Sheffield Hallam is 89% White British, 3.1% White Other, 4% Asian and only 1% Black.

Like Clegg, the former Leader of the Labour Party, Red Ed Miliband is a Great Britain hating Marxist who doesn't believe that the British people should even have a say in membership of the EU.

His Doncaster North constituency does not mirror the diversity he imposes on others and is made up of 96% White British, 1.7% White Other, 0.8% Asian and a minuscule 0.4% Black.

One final example closer to home which re-enforces the point that the nosiest advocates for diversity, mass immigration and multi-culturalism sit idly by while someone else pays the price for their mindless voting behavior.

Aberavon on the South Wales coast holds the dubious honour of being the safest Labour seat in the country and in their collective stupidity recently elected the 'Red Prince' Stephen Kinnock as their Parliamentary representative. The son of notorious wealthy Welsh socialists Neil and Glenys Kinnock, Stephen has spent almost his entire life promoting global socialism on the coat tails of his parents careers in the British Parliament and the EU.

He has spent little time in Great Britain and none at all to speak of in the one party state of Aberavon. Stephen Kinnock and, by their votes, his constituents, support open border mass immigration which is easy to do when they don't suffer the consequences of their actions.

The advocates for diversity and multi-culturalsim live in a constituency made up of 96% White British, 1.3% White Other, 1.3% Asian and 0.3% Black.

In order to avoid the richly deserved accusations of hypocrisy the people of these constituencies, and the others who vote similarly, should open their towns and arms in welcome to the immigrants and refugees they have so far studiously avoided.

I am sure there will be no objections or complaints when the mosques and temples start going up in Witney, Chipping Norton, Burford, Charlbury, Sheffield Hallam, Doncaster North and Aberavon along with the Big Issue sellers and beggars that will appear on every street corner to enrich their lives.


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