Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Islamic State - Cameron Loses The Plot Along With His Marbles

The British people are beginning to wonder what it is with their Prime Minister that compels him to cave in to every Muslim demand no matter how trivial or ridiculous. In the face of the ever growing hostility between the real British citizen and the imported anti-British Muslim community, David Cameron always comes down on the side of his most favoured client group.

To make matters worse he often chastises the real British people for their non acceptance of the alien way of life which all and sundry treat as incompatible with their own Judeo-Christian heritage. By insinuating that those who disagree with his own stance are bigots and Islamophobes, Cameron is using the same dirty tactics as the 'progressive' left such as demonisation and smear.

Cameron - along with his cronies and the like minded 'progressive' activists that are committed to imposing 'multi-culturalism' - must be the only one left in the country who is still pushing the "religion of peace" nonsense with reference to Islam.

Bearing in mind that Muslims comprise only four percent of the total population, one has to wonder whether Cameron has lost the plot, along with his sanity, with his latest order that the BBC "stop calling IS an Islamic State".

Regardless of the support among British Muslims for the Islamic State, he is concerned that they will 'recoil' at the phrase being used to justify the 'perversion of a great religion'.

In other words, on planet Cameron, Muslims will be offended by using the word 'Islamic' to describe the Islamic State which is called for by Mohammad and written in the Koran.

Incidentally, one would think that with all the taxpayer funded spin doctors that Cameron employs to stop him sounding like an idiot in public they would have explained to him that the abbreviation ISIL that he uses to describe the Islamic State means 'the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant'.

Cameron completely loses the plot when he explains that "saying ISIL is better than using Islamic State because it is in my view neither Islamic nor a state".

Roughly translated for those of us on planet earth who may be confused: Cameron is saying that the Muslim community will not 'recoil' or be offended if he uses an abbreviation for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in place of Islamic State because the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is different to the Islamic State which is neither Islamic nor a state. Got that? If not that's too bad because it only gets worse.

Without consulting the wider British public - they can now be ignored as the general election was over on May 7th -  the political class from all parties have jumped on the 'progressive' bandwagon by joining the Prime Minister in his call for the BBC to stop using the term 'Islamic State' to describe the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

To spare the relatively small Muslim community from offence and to prevent any further radicalisation of an already radicalised community, Honourable Members of Parliament are pushing the BBC, along with the government-media complex and the public at large, into using the term 'Daesh' in place of Islamic State, IS, ISIS or ISIL.

Daesh is a term based on an Arab acronym: al-Dawra al-Islamiya fil Iraq wa'al Sham which translates into...........Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (Syria).

Only in the remote, dysfunctional world of the political class is such insane behaviour treated as normal; not only has David Cameron lost the plot along with his marbles, so has the entire government, the establishment, the BBC and anyone else that lends them credence.

Due to this appalling behavior by the out-of-touch political class I will refer from now on to the blood drenched, barbaric state being set up by Muslims, many of them documented citizens of Great Britain, as the Islamic State regardless of any offence that may be taken.

Meanwhile in the real world - the one inhabited by real people who suffer the real consequences of imposed multi-culturalism  and enrichment- young white girls are still being groomed, gang raped and pimped out by David Cameron's most indulged client group who can do no wrong.

Mosques and madrassas are still being built despite local opposition, hate preachers remain on the streets extolling the virtues of the Islamic State and openly recruiting for ISIS. Volunteers, young and old, male and female, continue to make their way to Syria to fulfill the calling of Allah and Mohammad as written in the Koran.

It doesn't bother the politicians that Great Britain's capital city, once the epicenter of a proud nation, is now increasingly referred to as Londonistan; as a matter of fact they seem rather proud of it.

It would be interesting to hear what excuses the politicians have for the eighty percent of London's Muslims who support ISIS or the one tenth of all Londoners that view the Islamic State favourably.

Worryingly, support for ISIS is greatest among the under-25's. These are not as the political class would have us believe, young, impressionable youths who were radicalised by social media and the Internet, they are born and bred adherents to a cult that worships death like civilised people worship life.

All one has to do is read their holy book; far from being the religion of peace that the politicians claim it is, Muslims are taught from birth that every non-Muslim is inferior, an infidel that must be dominated or killed.

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In conclusion it is worth reiterating that Cameron along with the political class and the establishment are putting their cultural replacement agenda before the safety and well being of the British people with the result that there will be even more blood on their hands than there is now after the 7/7 bombings and the brutal killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

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  1. I cant decide if David Cameron is very stupid and truly buys into the whole "religion of peace" BS or he knows the truth and is just too frightened to do anything about it in case he gets called a `waaycist`
    Either way he`s a bloody useless PM who probably still wont do anything even when there`s open sectarian war on our streets.

    1. By his own admission Cameron is committed to the EU and that includes imposing their multi-culti agenda. By ignoring the realities of Islam he is allowing jihadism to fester and grow. Being called a waaycist will be the least of his worries when violence comes to the street of Great Britain.

      Yes he is a bloody useless PM who will side with the 'religion of peace' aggressors when it does kick off.