Thursday, July 16, 2015

Parasitic Greeks Are Picking The Pockets Of British Taxpayers

As the Greeks riot on the streets of Athens to protest against the onset of economic reality, they are also throwing Molotov Cocktails at their police officers in order to preserve the right to pick the pockets of British taxpayers.

The issue of successive Greek governments spending the country into bankruptcy has inadvertently exposed to a wider audience what only informed people knew before.

National politicians, British included, routinely lie and deceive their citizens in order to pursue their own political agenda.

These same politicians will break their oaths of office, ignore their national constitutional obligations and sell out their own citizens to a foreign dominated EU oligarchy.

The Greek people must either be as thick as two short planks or so morally bereft that they are happy to live, without conscience, off the sweat and toil of others. When those 'others' include British taxpayers it becomes a little more personal.

As one of only two net contributors to the profligate European Union it goes without saying that the British taxpayers have had quite enough of being treated as a milch cow by corrupt EU bureaucrats who's only concern is keeping their dying superstate project alive.

For years the British people, especially the middle class, have been taxed up to the eyeballs in order to prevent a Greek style catastrophe. Socialist governments from the Wilson/Callaghan governments of the sixties and seventies to the recent Blair/Brown governments have taken the nation close to Greek-style insolvency but incoming conservative governments have always managed to clear up the mess in time.

This usually entails some belt tightening in form of increased taxes, government spending cuts and a change to entitlements, mainly for the middle class.

In spite of this, successive governments have still had to borrow money because they steadfastly refuse to make meaningful spending cuts in the areas that may have a detrimental effect on their re-election chances.

Apart from VAT at twenty percent on almost all goods and services, there are property taxes, corporation taxes, death taxes, inheritance taxes, car taxes, television taxes, fishing rod taxes ad infinitum.

The biggest burden for income taxes falls upon the middle class who are relieved of forty percent of their income at source plus twelve percent National Insurance plus another twelve percent NI payed on their behalf by their employer. As the Americans say 'do the math'.

Out of these taxes, twelve billion Great British Pounds (GBP) per year goes to prop up third world dictators via the foreign aid budget and a staggering fifty five million per day goes to the EU to help subsidise the unaffordable lifestyles of other EU spendaholics including the Greeks.

British taxpayers also contribute to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in addition to other various EU money laundering schemes that have prevented its accounts from passing an audit for twelve straight years.

The last thing that the long suffering British taxpayers want to hear is that the Greek people consider it their patriotic duty not to pay their taxes. Some reports suggest that Greeks failed to pay over eighty-nine percent of all taxes in 2010.

Also, while the retirement age in Great Britain has been sixty-five for men and sixty for women for time immemorial, the British people also don't appreciate learning that the Greek retirement age varies from forty-five to sixty-five with seventy-five percent retiring before age sixty-one.

It's not surprising to learn that two percent of the Greek population abuse the pension system by receiving payments they are not entitled to, or because they
(See here and here)

This brings us to the issue of an unscrupulous political class in both Great Britain and Greece who exacerbate this sorry state of affairs by continuously lying to and deceiving the very people they are elected to serve.

The Greeks have continually elected socialist ideologues who have promised them benefits and entitlements they know they cannot afford, financed by borrowed money they know they cannot pay back.

The latest in a long line of shysters goes by the name of Alexis Tsipras, a socialist who was elected on a 'No Austerity', platform.

He led his people to believe he would stand up to the bullying Eurocrats on their behalf. He put the creditors terms and conditions to a referendum which were roundly rejected by the people. He knew then he was going to sell them out and accept the creditors terms. In fact the terms he accepted were worse than those offered prior to the referendum.

This whole farce is to keep Greece in the Eurozone at any cost and by extension keep the European superstate project on track.

Against the wishes of many of the political class, the British opted out of the disastrous Eurozone and kept the Pound Sterling thus retaining the freedom to set its own interest rates, and to a certain extent, manage its own economy.

It was all over the morning media in Great Britain that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, had stood tall and made it plain to the Eurocrats in Brussels that the British taxpayer would not be contributing to any more bail-outs for the Greeks.

By lunch time, most likely after a phone call from Frau Merkel of Germany, he had caved in completely, leaving his taxpayers on the hook to pay for unearned Greek welfare benefits and early retirements.

This is not the first time that British Ministers have caved in to pressure from the all powerful Eurocrats and stitched up their own taxpayers.

When these corruptocrats altered the rules on GDP and contributions they slapped a surcharge on the British taxpayers.

An 'outraged' David Cameron vowed that Great Britain would refuse to pay a "completely unacceptable" bill of 1.7 billion GBP . It looked for a while that for once in his life the Prime Minister was going stand firm against the Eurocrats in the interests of the British people.

Only in their dreams; after a severe reprimand from EU President Jose Manuel Barrosso, Cameron's 'refusing to pay' had morphed into 'refusing to pay immediately' which in turn has morphed into 'we will pay up Mr Barrosso sir'.

If anyone in the EU empire has a reason to riot then it's the hard pressed British taxpayer who is being fleeced by his own government in order to finance profligacy abroad and to keep the failed Eurozone alive; a currency of which the British are not members.

Unfortunately, unlike their early retired and welfare supported Greek counterparts they are too busy working and paying taxes to spend time chucking Molotov Cocktails at police officers. Besides, with VAT on fuel charged on top of fuel Duty, it makes a Molotov Cocktail too cost prohibitive.


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