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Cameron's Plan To Defeat Muslim Extremism - Tickle Them To Death

Apropos a previous article with reference to the shock and surprise displayed by people when a supposedly average neighbourhood kid, Mohammad Youssef Adbulazeez, turns out to be a cold blooded killer on behalf of Islam - it's worth expanding on the subject further in light of British Prime Minister David Cameron's five year plan to defeat Muslim extremism in Great Britain.

The speech whereby he laid out the plan is itself proof positive that Cameron is not only a remote elitist with no idea whatsoever of the real world outside his choreographed political existence, it also proves his mendacity and willingness to deceive. At the behest of his UN/EU spin doctors he delivered a speech so full of multi-cultural platitudes and fabrications he painted a totally false picture of Islam in today's Great Britain.

Apart from the truth, another thing his speech does not contain is any concrete measure that will effectively stop Muslim extremism and its accompanying violence from turning huge swathes of Great Britain into outposts of the Islamic State.

One cannot formulate a plan to defeat Muslim extremism without first understanding its nature, its core tenets and the conditions under which it flourishes and grows.

In his analysis, Cameron has replaced the reality of welfare dependent Muslim ghettos, run by tyrannical medieval Imams who use the Koran and sharia law to subjugate their congregations, with fictitious multi-cultural communities where historical enemies who slaughter each other in the real world live side by side in peaceful harmony.

For any informed person the use of the usual spin doctor authored soundbites and slogans to promote the UN/EU multi-cultural agenda is nauseating as well as an insult to the intelligence.

Cameron's plan has them in spades, "British values" as well as the infamous "shared values" then there's "shared community", and "one nation government".

"..a successful multi-racial, multi-faith, diverse and welcoming".

And what about this piece of unadulterated nonsense:

"It is here in Britain where success is achieved not in spite of our diversity but because of it".

Listening to this one has to wonder how the British people managed to survive before the Blair government opened the borders to third world mass immigration in 1997.

David Cameron mentions, but doesn't elucidate on, the "profound contribution Muslims from all backgrounds and denominations are making in every sphere of our society".

There are successful Muslims in Great Britain who do make a contribution after a fashion, it would be folly to suggest otherwise but "profound contributions" and "in every sphere of our society"?

A little exaggeration goes a long way when one is trying to deceive his own people and the world at large by painting an entirely false picture of one's most valued client group.

(Read the transcript here)

This five year plan to combat Muslim extremism comes days after Cameron praised Great Britain's Muslim community in his Eid Mubarak message where he mentioned the gathering of some sixty to seventy thousand adherents who attended an open air prayer meeting in Birmingham. How many of that sixty or seventy thousand adherents, or the rest of the four million British documented Muslims for that matter, are Jihadi Johns or typical British kids in the same way that Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez was an all American boy.

Ten percent? twenty percent? ninety percent? David Cameron doesn't have the faintest idea, not the remotest clue. Despite ample evidence to the contrary, he is making the claim that all British documented Muslims are moderate, peace loving, loyal British citizens until they are radicalised by external  malign forces either over the Internet or via social media.

The truth is somewhat different to this deliberately false picture and not too difficult to understand; combating extremism is not too difficult either and certainly with tough, effective action it wouldn't take five years.

Cameron's plan is so weak and bereft of tough action, I can only imagine that the Jihadi Johns and Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez's of this world will be laughing all the way to the battlefields of Syria or the disarmed military bases in the USA.

These people are savages lacking any form of compassion or emotion, they are highly motivated to kill in the name of Allah as demanded by their Prophet and as written in the Koran. Cameron's plan is the verbal equivalent of tickling them to death.

His tough action over five years includes:

Allowing parents to remove the passports of their spawn if they want to join ISIS. Cameron obviously believes that by keeping motivated young Muslims with a blood lust and hatred for western civilisation inside the country they despise, they will suddenly become de-radicalised.

Giving taxpayers money to groups that are prepared to spread an 'alternative narrative'. If there are any such groups in existence who value keeping their heads attached to their shoulders, they will take the money and surreptitiously hand it over to the nearest ISIS recruiting centre.

New powers to tackle cult leaders and those who spread extremist messages. Judging by the way that Cameron's government arrests and prosecutes anyone who publicly opposes Islamification these powers already exist.

Encourage Universities to denounce speeches by Islamic extremists. Words fail me at this point, 'encourage' indeed; what a pathetic response to the free rein given to Islamic extremists at Great Britain's once world renown educational establishments.

It wouldn't be David Cameron unless there was some social engineering worthy of some of the worlds most notorious dictators.

Avoid social housing where people are from one ethnic group. Government enforced integration in other words. The freedom to choose where you live or who your neighbours are will be removed.

Reducing segregation in schools. Past experience has proved that government forced integration lowers standards of literacy, numeracy and the understanding of basic science.

And for a grand finale, the biggest social engineering wet dream of all budding dictators, build a more cohesive society. Social engineering on a national scale, what gives Cameron or the political class the right to do this remains a mystery.

That's basically it and it's going to take five years, after which we assume Islamic extremism will be gone from the land and we will all live in a safe, multi-cultural Utopia where everyone lives in peace with mutual respect for each other regardless of whether one is Arab or Jew, Sunni or Shi'ite, Turk or Greek, Indian or Pakistani, Hutsi or Tutsi, black or white.

Meanwhile in the real world where innocent people will die at the hands of extremists because of politicians like Cameron and their agenda:

The Muslims that are still being imported by the tens of thousands from backward countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and the Middle East are already radicalised and no five year plan is going to civilise them to the point where they will accept western culture or the western way of life.

An easy way to reduce the number of Muslim extremists immediately, not over five year period, is to stop importing them from the backward, undeveloped world; they are incompatible with British culture or our way of life. Ditto, the importation of child brides.

Those that are born in Great Britain, particularly in the thousands of Muslim ghettos that blight the land, are radicalised at home from birth by their own families. This radicalisation is compounded by their attendance at mosques and madrassas where the incendiary language contained in the Koran is repeated endlessly and learned by rote from an early age.

David Cameron and the political class, along with the UN/EU apologists of Islam, need to explain how this kind of explicit incitement to hatred and violence can be drummed into young children without them becoming radicalised?

The children in the above photograph are British, they are celebrating the Arba'een pilgrimage at the iconic London landmark, Marble Arch. These impressionable kids will also have witnessed Cameron's moderate Muslims publicly self flagellating themselves as part of their barbaric celebration.

(Watch the disgusting spectacle here)

These kids are the beheaders and Jihadi Johns of the future and it's no use Cameron claiming it was the Internet or social media. They are the product of his multi-cultural agenda, they are his creation and he will have the blood of innocents on his hands when they fulfill the commands of their prophet and kill innocent people because they are not Muslims.

Nowhere in Cameron's five year plan does he even mention the Koran or the Hadith and the exhortations within:

"I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers" - Quran 8:12

"Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous" - Quran 9:123

"Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians as your friends" - Quran 5:51

And so it goes on, page after page of hate, violence, conquest, mutilation and death. Doubters and apologists should read it for themselves. My copy is here which includes a parallel Arabic text.

The following are some of the tough actions David Cameron should be taking today if he was serious about fighting Muslim extremism:

Return free speech to political discourse; allow unfettered debate by removing political correctness from all areas of British life.

Stop all immigration from backward or so called 'conservative' Muslim countries, this includes brides of marriages whether they are arranged or otherwise.

No more mosque building and close those which preach anti-western propaganda.

Close all madrassas, these are schools for Muslim extremism and a breeding ground for jihadis, they are not compatible with western culture.

Arrest, imprison or deport all hate preachers and those that recruit for, or promote, jihad or ISIS.

No shariah law anywhere, the law of the land should be the only law - no exceptions.

Ban the Burqa, this garment is an insult to the struggles of the Suffragettes and the sacrifices women made to gain liberation and equality in Great Britain.

No more concessions to the sensitivities of this already pampered group. No imposing halal meat on the British people, whether that be in schools, restaurants or work canteens. Muslim employees must serve customers in stores with whatever is on the shelves, that includes bacon, other pork products and alcohol.

Those wishing to leave the country to join ISIS in the Middle East, or jihad anywhere else in the world, should be free to do so, never to return. Their passports should be cancelled and their citizenship revoked immediately on departure.

There is a choice for the political class when it comes to eliminating Muslim extremists from our midst and, by extension, making our lives safer; the sensible actions offered above or the long drawn out ineffective politically correct tinkering of David Cameron. The people also should choose and make their voices heard.

(More photographs from the London Arba'een spectacle here)


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  1. The Conservative government have vastly reduced immigration from Muslim and other third world countries.
    New Labour planned such mass immigration from the beginning.