Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Donald Trump - Beating Up The Establishment With The Truth

Modern day election campaigns are being micro-managed to such an extent they are nothing more than exercises in mass manipulation using pre-scripted political positions gleaned from focus groups combined with choreographed visual images.

With language and many of the issues being framed by political correctness these campaigns are reduced to sterile slanging matches where opposing career politicians hold slight variations of the same establishment policies and express them in a similar language and tone.

The five Democrat Party candidates are are beyond the pale and should be every American's worse nightmare. The big beast and establishment favourite, Hillary Clinton, is a life long Alinskyite socialist who goes around the place calling herself a 'progressive'. She is a machine politician with a bloated sense of entitlement and who's relationship with the truth is non-existent.

The policies championed by this crony-financed political charlatan are defined by political expediency; she will adopt whatever policy will get her elected then consign it to the bin soon after.

However she dresses up her policies for the election campaign her one and only policy will forever remain unaltered - the imposition of socialism on the many while bestowing favours and riches on her privileged few.

At least Democrat Party candidate Bernie Sanders is partially honest; he is a declared socialist and like all those afflicted with the same disease - Clinton included -  he obviously doesn't watch the news or pay any attention to history. With Greece reduced to penury and misery due to socialism - along with Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, the former Russian empire etc. - they are obviously brainwashed and blind to reality.

Like all socialists from time immemorial Sanders will never reveal in any detail, outside of taxing the so called 'rich', how he intends to pay for all the 'free stuff' he intends to dole out to all and sundry. He also won't acknowledge the failure of his perverted ideology in the aforementioned countries such as Greece, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

The fourteen Republican candidates include some sound anti-establishment figures who will, in due course, get savaged by the bought-and-paid-for government-media complex, especially if they threaten their preferred Republican candidate should Clinton falter.

There will be no prizes for guessing who the preferred establishment Republican candidate is. It is reported that Jeb Bush had one hundred million dollars in his election war chest before he even declared himself a candidate. This compares with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who had a mere three million after his declaration.

The election campaign was settling into the usual micro-managed, sleep inducing torpor, whereby the establishment candidates were constrained from telling the truth about the issues by political correctness and the requirement not to upset their client groups or their donors.

Shamefully, each campaign also dedicates valuable resources to digging dirt on their opponents with the intention of 'going negative' at some point by employing smear and denigration in place of proper grown-up political discourse.

This comfortable consensus went out the window when Donald Trump exploded onto the scene and took the campaign by storm. He left the establishment candidates, along with the government-media complex, like a startled deer caught in the headlights of a Juggernaut.

When these establishment machine politicians, along with their various supporters and donors, get caught with their pants down like this they resort to doing what they do best i.e circling the waggons then pooling their resources to denigrate and question the competency of their common enemy.

Refreshingly, when Donald Trump tells the truth about the issues he disregards political correctness; this resonates with the public and puts the fear of God into the establishment because they have no answer to his candour. This puts their hegemony over American life into jeopardy and spurs them into action.

His detractors are so desperate to nullify the effect of Trump they are not only making themselves look ridiculous with their statements, they are keeping him in prime position at the very top of the twenty four hour news cycle.

One establishment pundit gave the world a laugh when she pushed the line that this highly successful, multi-billionaire business magnate who has directly created tens of thousands of jobs is not a serious candidate. According to this political genius, an anonymous community organiser with no visible achievements, who has not directly created a single job and who's fortune can be counted in bottle tops instead of dollars was a serious candidate.

This same pundit gave the world even more reason to laugh when she opined that Trump makes such silly statements. Whatever statements he does make they will never compare to silliest statement ever made by a Presidential candidate. With fake Greek columns in the background, Barack Obama claimed that his election was the moment that "the oceans stopped rising and the planet began to heal".

Here are a few more imbecilities and lies that Donald Trump would be hard pressed to beat:

"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor - period"

"The border has never been more secure than it is now".

"My administration is the most transparent ever"

"America has never been more respected abroad"................and so on and so forth.

The establishment are terrified of Donald Trump because he is not in their pocket and cannot be bought. He is not dependent on donors therefore he is not beholden to special interests or client groups. There will be no quid pro quo, and should he lose he will still be a multi-billionaire.

Who would bet against him succeeding where establishment politicians have spectacularly failed in the past on the following issues:

Securing the border, a promise made by successive administrations since Ronald Reagan back in 1986.

Bringing manufacturing jobs back to America from Mexico and China using economic muscle power as a negotiating tool.

Putting China and Russia back in their boxes using the threat of military superiority as a negotiating tool.

Defeating ISIS by bombing them to kingdom come. (Bombing them back to the stone age is not applicable in this case because they never left it)

Stopping Iran acquiring nuclear weapons using economic muscle power and the oil weapon.

Donald Trump would make a better President than either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush and he couldn't possibly do any worse than Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter or Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend.

Donald Trump may not win the election but he is going to liven up the campaign and he will expose the paucity of solutions and lack of political will among the establishment candidates, who will only ensure business-as-usual in Washington DC and the continuing decline of America and its people.


  1. Yes, the fraudulence of political correctness, like the emperor's clothes, is apparent to all as soon as anyone questions it. The normal course in dealing with the un-PC is to bring on the charges of moral degeneracy, criminal racism, hate speech, etc. But if the target of such abuse responds with a full vice-presidential "go eff yourselves," the PC case is lost, the spell is broken, and the only option remaining to the establishment is a bullet, as in the case of JFK, RFK and George Wallace. Hope Trump has a competent bodyguard.

    1. Very well put, political correctness can be beaten but beware, the establishment are not going to yield power without a fight.

      Bumping off Trump, God forbid, could be their downfall.

  2. It is so apparent how inherently Evil the mainstream media are. Look at how the so called news channels are attacking and calling Trump names. They are being exposed by common sense. Yes they believe the vile and corrupt world they are creating for themselves will be there utopia but in reality the beast they are supporting and riding will in the end turn on and devour them. It's like becoming too friendly with a poison viper. A hiker was asked by a deadly viper to carry him to the top of the mountain where there was rats for him to feast on. The hiker said but your a viper and you would bite me and I would surely die. The viper promised he wouldn't, so the hiker put the poisonus viper in his backpack and up they went. well as soon as the hiker reached the top of the mountain the hiker reached into his backpack to assist the viper to his new home, the Viper bit him! Shocked, the hiker said in Horror, Why did you bite me, you promised! The viper smiled and said, I'm a Viper, a snake, of course I bit you, that's what I do? The same will happen to all who join the bandwagon of living against biblical principle. Foolish people, don't you think the Romans believed they were living in the age of enlightenment? Thinking that believing in God and Morals were outdated? Look around and see for yourselfs. You are serving the original Serpant, the Devil. He is misleading you just as he mislead Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yes, it really happened and everything biblical prophecy has foretold is coming true before our eyes.

    1. Thanks for sharing your comment. I don't think the government-media complex has a decent bone in its body, they are immoral and totally corrupt.