Monday, July 29, 2013

NHS Kills MP's Husband - She Must Accept Responsibility For His Demise

The death of a loved one is always a traumatic experience but when that death is avoidable and happens under the most appalling of circumstances then it makes bereavement even harder to bear.

Such was the passing of Owen Roberts, husband of veteran Labour MP Ann Clwyd, who suffered from MS and died of hospital acquired pneumonia. He lay ignored and treated without compassion in an overspill area of a NHS hospital in Cardiff. An overspill area is normally a trolley or gurney placed in a corridor out of public view where patients can be ignored for hours, in this case twenty seven hours, without attracting any negative publicity to which the NHS is highly sensitive.

Those without any knowledge of the British National Health Service, universally known as the NHS, will be shocked to learn that this lethal disaster is far from being the British people's "most cherished institution and the envy of the world" as it is portrayed by the continuous outpouring of propaganda in the agenda driven media and led by the state controlled BBC.

The majority of people have no choice but to put their trust in the NHS despite the fact that thousands of people die needlessly each year because of its incompetence, lack of care and outright criminal neglect. There is a labyrinthine complaints procedure which could only have been devised by a bureaucrat to justify employment for other bureaucrats, but rarely does it engender any change of culture.

The reason why the NHS is considered unchangeable and above reproach is the fact that it forms the centerpiece of Great Britain's post war socialist state. If the NHS is seen as a failure then the justification for the state to run or to interfere any other institution is lost.

The Labour Party, including Ann Clwyd, will not countenance any criticism or reform of the NHS, despite the fact that its inefficiency, lack of care and criminal negligence results in the avoidable deaths of thousands, including up to one hundred and thirty thousand elderly people, every year including that of her husband.

Ann Clwyd has fought and voted against every attempt at NHS reform no matter how minor that reform may be.

The appalling state of the NHS today lies at the door of the Labour Party and Ann Clwyd. They have stood by as the NHS and its hospitals have degenerated into nothing more than filth infested death houses. The thousands of avoidable deaths by hospital acquired superbugs, such as MRSA and C. Deficile, were the result of a decline in standards of basic cleanliness. Cleaning and monitoring of standards is apparently below the dignity of the highly trained hospital staff.

The Mid Staffs hospitals death scandal, where up to twelve hundred patients died through neglect, has merely highlighted the fact that death in NHS hospitals is not confined to that one area alone. Fourteen hospital trusts and eleven other hospitals are being run under special measures due to an unacceptably high avoidable death rate.

Reasonable people would have thought that one avoidable death is unacceptably high but we are discussing the detached political class here. It must also be noted that up until now not single person has been dismissed let alone been prosecuted for this appalling loss of life. This surely must be considered as manslaughter at the very least. Heads would have rolled and the courts kept busy if a loss of life on this scale had taken place in the private sector.

Ann Clwyd reveals that her husband "was treated like a battery hen, he was treated with coldness, indifference and contempt by NHS staff who didn't care". She went to share her experience by adding that: " I did feel that it was very difficult to speak to nursing staff. In fact the night before he died I stopped a nurse in the corridor and asked why he wasn't in Intensive Care and she brushed me aside and said that 'there are lot worse than he is', and walked on".

A GP friend of Ann Clwyd told her that Owen was not properly treated or investigated. Why has this particular nurse not been identified, dismissed and prosecuted?

The local health board has apologized unreservedly and said that the failings were unacceptable. That's alright then, that should make Ann feel a lot better. Describing these abuses as failings is an admission guilt therefore someone must be prosecuted.

If nursing staff can treat a high profile long term Member of Parliament with such disdain, what chance has an ordinary member of the public got of being listened to?

Ann Clwyd's experience at the hands of the NHS is heart rending but not unique, it happens every day to hundreds of others who do not have the access to the media that she has. In fact Ann Clwyd and her Labour Party colleagues deliberately suppressed any evidence of wrong doing specifically to protect the image of the NHS.

They set up the Care Quality Commission (CQC) supposedly to monitor and raise standards in NHS hospitals then proceeded to pack it with like minded agenda driven cronies who suppressed reports into hospital performance and even into its own performance as a regulator. The CQC was set up as a sop to the public and to give the appearance that the Labour government 'cares' about the people's well being. In reality it was nothing more than a front to protect the image of the NHS.

Criticism of the NHS is not tolerated and whistleblowers are either paid off with an associated gagging order or are abused and bullied to point of submission. Whistleblower Julie Bailey received death threats, had her business ruined and was eventually run out of town for having the temerity to expose the NHS failings which resulted in the death of her mother. In an act of unsurpassed vileness, which serves to demonstrate the depths to which some ideologues will sink, they desecrated the grave of Julie's mother for good measure.

Ann Clwyd is the poster girl for the ideologically driven socialist operative that we have become all too familiar with and had the people of her constituency in Cynon Valley possessed and ounce of common sense, she would have been replaced years ago. A career politician with no experience in the real world, she got herself elected and did what most MP's do, she shunted her constituents to one side and set about her personal agenda which consisted of international issues including dispersing foreign aid.

The people of her constituency are just as deprived now as they were before her election in 1984. That's twenty nine years as their representative which does not include two years on the taxpayer funded European Union gravy train as an Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

She painted herself into a corner with her unflinching support for the current NHS and opposing any attempt at reform. She could have put her husband into a private hospital and taken the inevitable screams of hypocrisy on the chin. After all, this kind of hypocrisy is not without precedent in the Labour Party as demonstrated by Phony Tony Blair and Dianne Abbot, to name but a few, who educated their own children under an elitist system that they claim to despite and which they deny to others.

If it was proven without any shadow of a doubt that reforming the NHS would deliver better health outcomes and save lives, Ann Clwyd and the Labour Party will oppose it. They believe that only state must provide healthcare no matter what the disastrous consequences are for the lives of the sick.

To Ann Clwyd, as with all modern 'progressives', ideological purity comes before human life even if it's that of her husband.


  1. Not unlike the scene in Jaws when some local politician takes his kids into shark infested waters to prove it's safe.

    1. Exactly right, or John Selwyn Gumboil giving his daughter a burger to prove it didn't have mad cow disease.
      She should have known that an elderly gentleman with MS and other problems was going straight on the death list.