Friday, July 26, 2019

A Picture Gallery To Help The Squad Recognise a Concentration Camp

The America hating Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhad Omar and Ayanna Pressley, collectively known as ‘the squad’, are communist fanatics dedicated to the destruction of traditional America.

Since Karl Marx first codified their evil creed, communists have used propaganda and manufactured images to denigrate the object of their hatred and damage them in the eyes of the people.

The squad are no different; they are deliberately raising emotions and stirring up hatred by comparing the detention facilities for illegal immigrants on the US southern border to concentration camps and border agents to Nazis who heartlessly rip children from their parents.

None of these lunatics are the sharpest tools in the shed especially if they think people are fooled by their behavior. The following is a picture gallery and an explanation to counter their propaganda and who knows, they might even learn something.

This is Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration camp in Poland.

This was one of fifteen thousand camps used by the Third Reich to imprison their enemies and use them as slave labour. Some doubled as death camps to murder their enemies along with six million Jews. Inmates were robbed of their possessions, beaten, and if they weren't worked to death they died of starvation or disease.


This is a detention center.

People who have crossed the border illegally are temporarily housed in one of these until they are processed. After processing they are released with a court date into the United States, only to disappear, or they are deported to their home country. They are treated humanely as well as being fed, watered and given access to quality healthcare that many legal American citizens can't afford.


These are the sleeping arrangements in Auschwitz.

 Overcrowded and rife with disease many inmates did not live to see another day.


These are the sleeping arrangements in a detention facility.  

Despite being overwhelmed with record numbers of migrants illegally crossing the border, conditions are better than the homeless street dwellers of San Francisco and LA or a standard prison.


These are the cattle trucks in which concentration camp inmates were forcibly relocated from their homelands never to return.

Rounded up from all over Europe for a journey lasting days with no amenities or food, many died on route.


This is a migrant caravan leisurely making its way to a detention facility.

These migrants voluntarily leave their homelands in their tens of thousands to cross deserts and mountains knowing full well they will be housed temporarily in a detention facility for processing. Unlike the inmates of Auschwitz they are free to leave at any time and return home.


These are children who were ripped from their parents in Auschwitz.

They were either subjected to cruel medical experiments and subsequently killed, or if they were lucky they were sent straight to the gas chambers where death came mercifully quickly.

These are children who were not ripped from their parents.

Despite the risk of sexual abuse and death en route, these children were voluntarily handed over to people smugglers by their parents in the hope they will be reunited after the child has secured American documentation.


                                                                       The Squad
This is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A woman of low intelligence and emotionally retarded. She is a communist who shamelessly compares decent law enforcement officers with Nazi concentration camp guards. They don't come much lower or stupid than this.

This is Rashida Tlaib.

A so-called Palestinian-American, she is a foul-mouthed anti-Semite who also hates America along with its people and its way of life. This thoroughly unpleasant and evil human being simply bristles with hate.


This woman currently goes under the name of Ilhan Omar.

Another visceral anti-Semite, this notorious ingrate from Somalia does nothing but slander the country and the people that gave her sanctuary and saved her from a fate worse than death. It is this vile individual that President Trump suggested should leave to fix her home country then return and explain how she did it.


This is Ayanna Pressley, she appears to be the junior member of the squad who is not as high profile or vocal as the other three. She is however equally hateful and as a member of Congress, equally dangerous.

These people and their supporters are in the ascendancy in the Democratic Party and gaining in popularity among the younger demographic. They are a clear and present danger to the American people and their way of life. If they are not fought, America will be lost and the beacon of freedom will be extinguished for ever. 




  1. Auschwitz was an extermination camp, not a concentration camp.

    Dachau was a concentration camp. Still pretty gruesome, but not in by 9, dead by 10, as at Auschwitz.

    Put some pics of Dachau up there.

    1. I got my information from a Netflix series on Auschwitz. It stated that Auschwitz-Berkenau was a large complex comprising several concentration camps and an dedicated extermination camp.

      The main camp at Auschwitz served as the administration center for the complex and a concentration camp supplying slave labour. Located a mile or so away was Berkenau which was the actual extermination camp.

    2. Dachau was the original concentration camp and stayed that way. Political prisoners who had been arrested by the Gestapo wore a red badge, "professional" criminals sent by the Criminal Courts wore a green badge, Cri-Po prisoners arrested by the criminal police wore a brown badge, "work-shy and asocial" people sent by the welfare authorities or the Gestapo wore a black badge, Jehovah's Witnesses arrested by the Gestapo wore a violet badge, homosexuals sent by the criminal courts wore a pink badge, emigrants arrested by the Gestapo wore a blue badge, "race polluters" arrested by the criminal court or Gestapo wore badges with a black outline, second-termers arrested by the Gestapo wore a bar matching the color of their badge, "idiots" wore a white armband with the label Blöd (Stupid), and Jews, whose incarceration in the Dachau concentration camp dramatically increased after Kristallnacht, wore a yellow badge, combined with another color. It housed such people as Martin Niemöller, Kurt von Schuschnigg, Édouard Daladier, Léon Blum, Franz Halder, Hjalmar Schacht, Georg Elser and Albrecht Haushofer.

      Medical experiments were conducted and it provided labor.
      The Auschwitz complex provided labor for IG Farben and all engaged in various extermination activities

    3. You description explains in detail the full horror of the German concentration camp system. It also serves to amplify just how despicable the comparison made by the squad to US border detention facilities is.

      The fact that these vile people have been elected to the US Congress is a measure of how far America is sinking into abyss.

  2. Thank you for these statements and photos that accurately point our the huge differences between American detention facilities on our Southern Border vs Nazi Concentration and Extermination camps. The "Squad" life forms apparently embrace and project ignorance/stupidity/ and leftist propaganda as if it were virtuous and true. Of course we know it is neither.

    1. There is no depth to which the so-called Squad will sink to disparage the United States and bring about its downfall.

      They are vile and dangerous individuals who need to be exposed as the communist frauds they are.