Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Downton Abbey - Successful TV Drama Causes 'Progressive' Heads To Explode

I have never subscribed to the view that socialism or 'progressivism' as it is now called, is a mental illness as opposed to an addictive political philosophy.

As a former member of the hard left myself, I don't consider that I have been cured of an illness. It was more a case of growing up and seeing the real world for what it is instead of the mythical world created by the biased 'progressive' media establishment.

Judging by the reaction of a whole host of 'progressives' to the highly successful TV drama series Downton Abbey I am beginning to change my mind, maybe there is something wrong with these people.

This award winning series concerning the fictional aristocratic Crowley family, the Earl and Countess of Grantham, and their domestic servants has become a phenomenal success on both sides of the Atlantic and indeed across the whole world.

With the conclusion of the third series and the shocking final scenes, the accolades keep pouring in, just as they did for the first two series.

Series 1 made the Guinness Book of Records for the highest critical review ratings for a TV show. It was also named as the most well received TV show in the world.

Series 2 surpassed series 1 in viewing figures and series 3 blew all the records out of the water. The series has so far accumulated the highest number of award nominations ever for a TV series, including Golden Globes, Emmy's etc.

In the United States, Downton Abbey has quadrupled PBS's prime time coverage.

As someone old enough to remember, the current drama is similar to the hugely popular TV series from the 1970's Upstairs Downstairs, which had an identical theme highlighting the different but intertwining lives of an aristocratic family and their domestic servants.

In a world where the people are bombarded with class warfare propaganda which demonises the wealthy and continually demands that the 'rich' pay their fair share, one would think that a TV series such as this would be a giant turn off for the viewing public.

It would appear that the viewers tent to identify themselves more with the sophisticated Crowley family members and their endless trials and tribulations, while at the same time they are irritated by the petty vindictiveness of the servants below stairs.

This has turned the classic narrative of the left on its head. With their continual emphasis on oppression by the 'rich' and victimhood of the downtrodden, this is not supposed to happen which is the reason why the 'progressives' are not happy with the success of this series.

For example, in one episode it is pointed out to the Earl that due to his failure to modernise and move with the times his estate is going to go bankrupt. The Earl refuses to take any of the actions suggested to him because it would adversely affect the well being of his tenants.

In other words the supposed bad guy, the 'rich' Earl of Grantham, was portrayed as a kind, thoughtful employer who's priority was not his personal financial well being, or that of his family, but the welfare of his employees and their families.

At the same time below stairs one servant, in an act of pure vindictiveness, was conspiring to get her colleague sacked without a reference, which in effect would have made her unemployable.

To the 'progressive' media controllers this is nothing other than heresy and looking at it like this, one can see why they have gone into apoplexy.

Controlling the media, including the entertainment industry, is an essential part of the 'progressive' agenda. They believe that they must control the message and that message must always be about the oppressor and the oppressed, inequality, class warfare, hate the 'rich'.

Stirring up hatred is a potent weapon in the armoury of the left, hatred is their element, they swim in it, they love a good hate.

The reaction of the people to Downton Abbey and the turning on its head of the 'progressive' narrative of envy, has given us all a reason for optimism in that their propaganda doesn't always work.

Perhaps the people are getting tired of the same tired stereotyping and they are beginning to form their own opinions, perhaps they are nostalgic for the days of good manners and formal behavior.

If this is the case then the 'progressives' really do have cause for concern because their social revolution or fundamental transformation from liberty and prosperity into the droll, grey world of state mandated equality and fairness i.e socialism, is running out of steam.

Roll on Downton Abbey series 4 and long live good manners, stiff collars, liberty and freedom.


  1. I hope you like the cool socialist on the show too, who's shown in a very positive light!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Whether the socialist was cool or not is a matter of opinion.

      He reminded me of myself when I was myself self opinionated, handwringing twerp.

      Fortunately I grew up and saw the light, maybe our socialist character will do the same in the next series.

    2. Thanks dickiebo. I have heard socialists called many things but never 'cool'

    3. Branson, the "cool socialist" was shown in a fairly negative light until he fell into line with the upstair Crowleys. And was gently scolded by the downstairs Mrs. Hughes for allowing a maid to make him ashamed of his station.

    4. Thanks for commenting. As with the rest of the characters, the part of Branson was brilliantly scripted and brilliantly acted.

      In my opinion, all the characters except Branson would be out of place in today's world.

      His sanctimonious, intolerance would fit in well with todays 'progressive' crowd.