Monday, February 18, 2013

Socialist/Progressive Candidate Was Disappointed That Mrs Thatcher Survived Murder Attempt

Since the writ was moved for the Eastleigh byelection, which as we know was triggered by the criminal and deceitful behavior of the sitting Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne, the political parties have unleashed their spin machines on the town to do their worst.

It is at times like this that the general public gets to witness the natural behavior of the political class in all its ugly glory.

The spin, the lies, the promises they know they won't keep, the happy family photographs which convey the impression of domestic tranquility, the faux concern about local issues, it is there for all to see.

The most depressing part of this degrading spectacle, or the most laughable depending on how one sees it, is the number of dumbed down voters who fall for it. Far too many will actually believe every word of what they are told and vote accordingly.

It is refreshing therefore to see a some honesty in a candidate and it is hoped that the electorate will listen to Labour's John O'Farrell and form an opinion based on what he has said rather than on what the party spinners manufacture on his behalf.

O'Farrell is a typical member of the 'progressive' comedy writers rabble that infests the entertainment industry/BBC axis and who are much loved by the Labour Party and the Guardian for their celebrity status.

This fixation with celebrity is supposed to make the Labour Party, with its 19th century ideology, look modern and trendy in order to appeal to the younger voter. In reality there's nothing modern and trendy about socialism, it always has and always will, result in economic destruction, misery and an equal sharing of poverty.

This despicable John O'Farrell was disappointed that the democratically elected Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was not killed in the Brighton bomb blast that killed 5 and injured 31 innocent people, some of whom were permanently disabled, both physically and mentally.

It is worth quoting this retard in full, in order to experience the full callousness of his imbecility.

" October 1984, when the bomb went off , I felt a surge of excitement at the nearness of her demise and yet disappointed that such a chance had been missed. This is me, the pacifist, the anti capital punishment, the anti IRA liberal, wishing that they had got her, why did she have to leave the bathroom two minutes earlier, I ask myself over and over again".

The millionaire leader of the Labour Party and communist hypocrite, Red Ed Miliband, has endorsed this awful man and campaigned on his behalf, therefore we can deduce that he has no problem with his revolting views.

The voters of Eastleigh should be made aware of the mindset of their Labour Party candidate and if they decide to elect him as their representative, they shouldn't be disappointed or outraged if someone who disagrees with his socialist/progressive ideology blows up Ed Miliband together with a few innocent bystanders in the process.

To further demonstrate his treasonous views, O'Farrell expressed his disappointment that the British military, at the cost of 255 British lives, won the Falklands War against a brutal dictatorship that was guilty of murdering thousands of its own citizens.

These victims consisted mainly of socialists, communists and trade unionists i.e people of similar views to himself.

The whiskey loving General Galtieri invaded a sovereign territory and threatened to do the same to the British inhabitants as he did to his own people.

Not only did the British victory liberate the Falkland Islanders from tyranny, it also resulted in the downfall off the military dictatorship that had brutalised the Argentinian people for years.

Being a socialist or 'progressive' as they now label themselves, O'Farrell obviously follows his instincts by preferring a dictatorship to a country of free people. Dictatorship is in the 'progressive' DNA, they can't help themselves.

It would appear that O'Farrell has never been to Eastleigh and yet this is the candidate that the remote London elite are dumping on the people.

This is a clear demonstration, if any were required, that Red Ed Miliband and the Labour Party hierarchy hold the people of Eastleigh in utter contempt by inferring that they are incapable of choosing a candidate from their own community to be their representative in Parliament.

Regardless of the appalling mindset of O'Farrell, if the voters of Eastleigh fall the spin and lies of the Labour Party machine and elect this cretin, they will be voting for the continued fundamental transformation of Great Britain into the socialist dystopia that Labour's ideology demands.

This will include:

More tax, spend, borrow and debt with Quantitative Easing thrown in to devalue the currency and peoples savings.

More welfare dependency in exchange for votes.

Continued surrender of British sovereignty to the totalitarians of the European Union.

Continued cultural replacement, or ethnic cleansing of Anglo-Saxon culture, via open border mass immigration.

The Labour Party intends to put out the welcome mat for the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria next January.

Under orders from their bosses in Brussels, they will allow these immigrants' unfettered access to all public services including cash welfare benefits, housing, healthcare and education.

The Labour hierarchy together with their trade union backers will do nothing to stop these economic migrants from driving down wages.

They will not amend their own Human Rights law and allow for deportation of foreign criminals who are released onto the streets to terrorise law abiding people.

The future of the British people and their long history of individual liberty and democracy is under threat like never before by an arrogant political class that is out of control.

The people of Eastleigh have an ideal opportunity to send a clear message to these charlatans by rejecting the candidates of the three main political parties or by choosing an independent from within their own community.

Fight back against the party machines and maybe, just maybe, it will set an example for the rest of country to follow and the people can start to reclaim the country that their ancestors died for.


  1. Ed Miliband's views don't seem that dissimilar from John O'Farrell's - see the photo at this link -

    1. Thanks for the link. I also followed it to Norman Tebbit's article. It just goes to show what an utter pair of scumbags these guys are.
      I guess they are just typical lefties.
      Great blog by the way, I will be a regular visitor.