Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Politicians Vote For Same Sex Marriage. The British People Sue For Divorce

The vote in the British Parliament yesterday to end traditional marriage in favour of homosexual marriage demonstrates beyond doubt that the political class have nothing but contempt for the people they claim to represent.

There were a noble group of principled dissenters who backed their constituents by voting against the measure but not enough to counter the arrogant, remote elite who think that their vision for Great Britain is the right one to exclusion of all others.

It can be taken for granted that Red Ed Miliband and his ragged band of self loathing communist sympathisers will vote for any measure that helps to destroy British values and culture, so there is nothing to be learned from their vote.

The same goes for the traitorous Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats. Such is their loathing for Great Britain and its culture that they would happily dissolve it tomorrow and hand the country over to those odious totalitarians Herman von Rumpoy and Jose Manuel Barrosso of the European Union.

Bearing in mind that the majority of Cameron's party voted against homosexual marriage or abstained, it is obvious that he now leads a coalition not of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats but a coalition of 'progressives' who's agenda is the fundamental transformation of Great Britain whether the people want it or not.

In order to pursue this personal 'progressive' agenda, Cameron embarked on the much publicised detoxification of the Conservative party.

This effectively purged it of traditional conservative values and moved it to the left in an attempt to occupy the so called centre ground. In other words he moved his party closer to the Labour and Liberal Dumbocrat parties.

The result of this detoxification is there for all to see. When it comes to the trendy 'progressive' issues which are only important to the remote, metropolitan elite you can't get a cigarette paper between the party leaders.

This state of affairs is no longer acceptable to the British people who are tired of being ignored by this self serving group of liars, expense cheats and crooks and they are suing them for divorce.

While this sexuality obsessed government devotes precious parliamentary time to same sex marriage, which incidentally affects around 1.5% of the population, the issues that matter to the majority of the people are given a low priority or ignored completely and the indications are that the people have lost patience.

On the economy, informed people realise that government spending is out of balance with revenues, resulting in an unsustainable national debt which puts our children's future in doubt. The political class refuse even to cut out what is obvious waste.

On the European Union, or the EUSSR as it is now affectionately called, the government refuses to act in the interests of the people by stemming the inflow of job killing regulations and the outflow of taxpayers money. Instead they deliberately obfuscate and make promises of future action which they have no intention of keeping.

Bearing in mind the political class's penchant for habitual lying, a referendum on renegotiated terms sometime after the next election just doesn't cut it for me.

On immigration, Great Britain is already unrecognisable from the country it was pre-1997 due to the 'progressive' agenda of cultural and demographic replacement.

As the country is about to be deluged by tens of thousands of economic migrants from Romania and Bulgaria, the British people have made it abundantly clear to the politicians that they want an end to open border mass immigration.

The politician's response to these justified concerns of the people is to smear them as racists and bigots then repeat the patronising soundbite that will change nothing - "we are taking measures to reduce net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands".  Very reassuring.

On Development Aid, the majority of the people have made it clear that they want a moratorium on all but emergency aid while the economy is in bad shape at home.

They do not want to be financing India's space programme or China's expansion of its atmosphere polluting industries. They have made it clear that they don't want to be financing Rwanda's war in the Congo or the Ugandan President's private jet.

In a direct snub to the people, the political class plan to double development aid and lock the new figure (0.7% of GDP) into British law.

On the welfare state, the people want an end to generous entitlements coupled with a clamp down on scroungers and fraud. In addition they don't want the welfare system available to economic migrants who have paid nothing in.

The politicians know full well that system is so flawed that some 40,000 foreign children who have never set foot in the country are paid child benefit by the taxpayer. The people want this ended but the politicians refuse to act.

On crime and anti-social behavior, the politicised police 'service' have abandoned the people and left them at the mercy of the bad guys. The good cops do a great job but the majority hide away back at the station doing paperwork, eating doughnuts and calculating their overtime.

The people can't get their rubbish bins emptied but homosexuals can partake of  their nuptials.

The list of snubs by the political class to the British people is a disgrace to representative government and to democracy itself and the only way this is going to change is by the British people waking up and taking action.

The polls are showing that the public now view David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Red Ed Miliband as out of touch, arrogant elitists who they are loath to support at the next election.

This has also galvanised Cameron's own party members and MP's who are increasingly viewing him as a liability and are rumoured to be plotting his overthrow.

Unfortunately the only alternative to the current shower is UKIP who are still in the process of becoming a mainstream political movement.

Hopefully this process will speed up as the Cameron disaster unfolds and the people will have a practical alternative to the current coalition government of LibLabCon.