Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UKIP And The Independents - An Alternative To Consider

Since the last three posts have featured the main political parties (LibLabCon) in the up and coming Eastleigh byelection, so in the interests of balance there should be some space dedicated to the other parties who, in a democratic election deserve be heard.

It is now universally accepted that the three main parties have identical policies on the issues that concern the people most and that these policies ignore the wishes of the people in order to further the supranational transformation agenda.

To remind ourselves of the issues that are of most concern to the people of Eastleigh, and to the British people as a whole, together with the LibLabCon response:

On the economy, all three parties are following the tax, spend, borrow and debt lunacy backed up with money printing. This of course was the signal policy of the demented Gordon Brown and his socialist bag carriers.

LibLabCon refuse to address welfare dependency effectively and in the case of LibLab they actively encourage it in exchange for votes.

All three parties are identical when it comes to the transfer of sovereignty to the European Union and the refusal of a timely In/Out referendum for the people.

Despite their faux concern, LibLabCon are all actively participating the cultural replacement agenda via open border mass immigration.

None of the three parties will address the issue of the impending disastrous arrival of tens of thousands of economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria.

Again, despite the propaganda, all three parties will obey their masters in Brussels and allow unfettered access of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants, and all other immigrants for that matter, to the already strained public services. This will include welfare cash benefits, housing, healthcare and education.

Diversity and cultural enrichment will take priority over the needs of the indigenous population, so if you are on the council house waiting list or waiting in line for an operation or even trying trying to get a school place of your choice, tough luck, your concerns are not the concerns of the main political leaders.

All three main parties refuse to deal with the hated Human Rights Act putting the rights of immigrants and criminals, including paedophiles, rapists and murderers, before the interests and safety of the British people.

The voters of Eastleigh have this information so there are no excuses, if they vote for any of these charlatans then they get what they deserve.

So what are the alternatives for them to consider?

First and foremost must be the United Kingdom Independence Party, universally known as UKIP. Their candidate Diane James is not local but a nearish neighbour. She is a Borough Councillor and a healthcare worker.

UKIP is the preferred choice of political party for the tradition Conservatives who have been purged from their own party by David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron's modernisation programme.

Or to put it another way, they were exiled by Cameron's hijacking of the party and its realignment to the left in order for it to appear modern, trendy and 'progressive'.

The rise of UKIP has unnerved the main party elites to the point where they are now engaging in their usual tricks of smear and disinformation.

LibLabCon try to paint UKIP as a single policy one man band i.e Out of the European Union and Nigel Farage. Even a cursory glance at their policies exposes this for the nonsense that it is.

It is true that its main policy is withdrawal from the disastrous European Union but its also has viable policies on the economy (free enterprise coupled with tax and regulation reform), comprehensive welfare reform (welfare to work initiatives),

They plan a moratorium on all immigration until the whole sorry mess left by LibLabCon is sorted out.

There will be no mass immigration of economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria.

The Human Rights Act will be repealed and the hated European Court of Human Rights will not have precedence over British Courts of Justice.

In a nutshell the UKIP plan is for Great Britain to regain its sovereignty from the totalitarian Eurocrats and remain the free global trading nation that is its destiny.

It must be noted that the three main party leaders, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband don't have the guts to debate the issues in public with Nigel Farage and the BBC refuses to give UKIP parity of airtime even though they are displacing the Lib Dems as the third party in British politics.

Next in the betting order at 200/1 comes the National Health Action Party represented by Dr Iain Maclennan. They oppose the coalition reforms and want the NHS to be driven by patient outcomes rather than financial targets.

This is a noble goal but a non starter for many who view the NHS as a socialist monolith left over from a bygone age. The NHS doesn't need reform but dismantling and replacement with a health service fit for the 21st century.

It is obvious, even to the layman, that the NHS is an expensive failure which is now used as a political tool by unscrupulous politicians.

Next in the pecking order at 250/1 is the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition represented by Darren Proctor. This guy is from the Rail, Marine and Transport Workers Union and oppose cuts in public sector jobs and the privatisation of public services.

Proctor's boss is the caviar communist hypocrite Bob Crowe, the trade union thug who brings misery to millions of working class people every time his useful idiots go on strike.

If you want Eastleigh to resemble North Korea then Darren's your man.

On the same odds is the Peace Party represented by Jim Duggon. Jim wants to create a society that is compassionate and respectful, among other things.

This is a worthy cause but I would suggest that Jim concentrates his efforts in the Muslim ghettos of London, Luton and the Midlands as opposed to Eastleigh.

He could start with opening a dialogue with Muslim nutcase Anjem 'Andy' Chaudary and his jihadist friends as they are in desperate need of some lessons in tolerance and peace.

The English Democrats also on 250/1 are represented by Michael Walters.

As far as I know this party has attracted the opprobrium of the 'progressive' left, including 'Call Me Dave's' detoxified Conservative Party, for having the temerity to champion England and the rights of the English people. They are also against what they see as the Islamification of England.

Because Michael Walters' Party is the antithesis of the multi-culturalism that is embraced by LibLabCon he will be demonised and smeared every step of the way.

Michael and his party deserve as much consideration as the mainstream charlatans who employ lies, disinformation and dirty tricks to garner votes.

The Independent Party at 500/1 is represented by Danny Stupple who is opposed to homosexual marriage and claims it was pushed through without a popular mandate.

They also want to take a stand against the powerful party machines which ride roughshod over the views of individuals and communities.

It sounds good to me so good on you Danny Stupple and best of luck.

The Wessex Regionalists also on 500/1 are represented by Colin Bex, they want self government for the ancient region of Wessex. Colin doesn't say whether they would stay in the EU if they gained their independence or whether they would have open border mass immigration from the rest of England. Speak up Colin.

I could find no information on the Christian Party as represented by Kevin Milburn, other than "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship". I would be interested in his views on the demonisation of Christian festivals by the current political establishment and the Islamification of England as mentioned by the English Democrats. They are also on 500/1

No election would be complete without the Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party, good luck to Howling Lord Hope. He'll need it with odds of 1000/1

The 1000/1  Elvis Loves Pets Party led by David Bishop has bought into the Man Made Global Warming scam, (which has been renamed 'Combating Climate Change') lock, stock and polar bear.

To further ruin his chances of winning this election David boasts of receiving a letter of commendation from none other than Lord Mandelson. That's my support gone David.

Finally we have Roy Hall at 1000/1 representing the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party. If its a choice between LibLabCon and you Roy, you've got my support.

** To my horror and dismay the latest betting reveals that the voters of Eastleigh are not paying attention or they are all as dumb as a box of rocks.

Liberal Democrat 4/9 on favourites

Conservative 9/4

UKIP 16/1

Labour 20/1

The only consolation is UKIP pushing Labour into fourth place.


  1. "……..and a healthcare worker."

    Just a little bit of cultural Marxism. Is she a doctor, a nurse or a practitioner of the dark arts? They cannot be equated with each other.

  2. You are correct. 'Borough councillor and a healthcare worker' is a bit vague for a CV.

    My guess is that UKIP is not very well endowed with potential candidates therefore anyone in the localish area with any experience in public 'service' will have to do.

    UKIP will claim victory if their candidate polls enough to force one of the main party candidates into fourth place.

    Second place would be earth shattering and a kick up the backside for the political establishment.