Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To Chris Huhne And The Political Class, Lying Is As Natural As Breathing

It was a long time coming so now the long predicted downfall of serial liar Chris Huhne can at last be celebrated without fear of compromising his trial. Make no mistake, this creature is one of the most odious politicians ever to foul the air of Westminster.

For readers who are not familiar with this awful specimen, Chris Huhne was a senior member of the British coalition government, holding the position of Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. (Yes the British government are still wasting billions of taxpayers money trying to cool the planet.)

Throughout his tenure in government he demonstrated his utter contempt for anyone, including his Ministerial colleagues, who expressed a contrary view on anything he believed in. This included his plan to replace the oil and gas that fuels the British economy with inefficient, expensive bird shredding windmills and solar panels.

Huhne's answer to the indisputable facts that his plan would leave an energy shortfall resulting in blackouts and fuel poverty to millions of the lower paid and pensioners, was to smear his opponents and tell them to insulate their homes better and seek out the cheapest tariff.

Huhne's arrogance and aloofness made him plenty of enemies who I am sure will be rubbing their hands with glee at his discomfort and humiliating downfall.

Huhne is a typical, cynical politician who would do or say anything to get elected. At the last general election Huhne shamelessly paraded his family in front of the media, creating the impression of a stable, traditional family man with his well adjusted children who were secure within the institution of marriage.

The truth is that Huhne, as a Liberal Democrat, scoffs at traditional marriage and backs the policy of ending it as an institution claiming it to be outdated.

"family matters to me so much" he claims in his election campaign material.

While Huhne was parading his wife and children in front of cameras and declaring that his family is his bedrock, he was having an affair with his press person Carina Trimmingham who herself was in a civil partnership with her lesbian lover.

In shades of the Robin Cook scandal he informed his wife and children in the most perfunctory manner only because he was going to be outed by the press. It is generally accepted that had he not been found out by the press he would still be lying about it to this day.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, as the old saying goes and his spurned wife was not going to take this humiliation lying down.

It turns out that some years previously Huhne was caught by a speed camera breaking the limit but he bullied his wife into breaking the law by claiming she was the guilty driver.

This is a serious crime, details of which mysteriously found its way to the press. Huhne continued to deny this for years right up until last week when he finally admitted his guilt and resigned as a Member of Parliament.

If this was an isolated incident of a politician lying and perverting the course of justice then maybe they wouldn't be held in the contempt that they are, but it isn't, far from it.

Another case that springs to mind is Tory high flyer Jonathan Aitkin who like Huhne lied and then tried to cover up his lying.

Aitkin lied over his connections with a group of Saudi Arabian arms dealers and was eventually found out by lying over a dodgy hotel bill in Paris.

Shamelessly, he bullied his own daughter to lie under oath on the witness stand on his behalf.

As it turned out Aitkin was also playing away behind his wife's back and actually fathered a love child by Soraya Kashoggi, ex wife of billionaire arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi. He lied about this also until a DNA test confirmed he was the father.

There was a happy ending for the people as Aitkin was banged up in prison for perjury and served 7 months of an 18 month sentence..

Another politician who served time for perjury was best selling author Jeffrey Archer; a natural born liar of the highest order. This crook lied about using a prostitute, he lied about paying her off to keep her quiet when newshounds were on the scent. He lied about insider trading, plagiarism, charity fundraising etc.

This was another happy ending for the people as this lying toad served 2 years of a 4 year sentence.

There are too many instances of politicians lying to the people to mention here but the sad fact is that their dissembling ways now appears to be an acceptable part of political discourse.

They shamelessly do it as a matter of routine and we the people can now assume that every time we see politicians talking they are being economical with the truth.

Like the spurned Mrs Huhne, the politicians are fighting back by using the Leeveson enquiry into press ethics as means of muzzling the press. They want to carry on with their lying, and in many cases, criminal behavior outside of the public gaze.

This must not be allowed to happen, the press must remain free and these charlatans must be held accountable at all times over every issue.

While writing this article some famous political howlers sprang to mind which are worth reminding ourselves of.

"read my lips, no new taxes" - US President George H W Bush before he increased taxes.

"I'm a pretty straight sort of guy" - British PM Phony Tony Blair after being caught taking donations from FI boss Bernie Ecclestone in exchange for an exemption from the tobacco advertising ban.

"our object is disarmament not regime change" - Phony Tony Blair before going to war to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

"we have abolished boom and bust" - British Chancellor and PM Gordon Brown before the British economy went bust.

"I did not have sex with that woman" - US President Bill Clinton after having a Bravo Juliet from Monica Lewinsky.

"There'll be no carbon tax under any administration that I lead" - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard before legislating for a carbon tax.

"we have no intention of invading Poland" - Adolf Hitler prior to invading Poland.


  1. And despite all this, the Lib Dems refuse to sack him! No doubt several months down the road, perhaps after some time at Her Majestys Pleasure, which I do hope he gets, he will be reinstated with full honours - perhaps just in time for the next election. After all he is still more palatable than that spineless half-wit Nick Clegg.
    Looking forward to your forthcoming article on gay marriage which proves without doubt how divided both the British public and the Conservative party are.

    1. As a lawmaker Huhne's punishment should be heavier than for the little people for whom he has nothing but contempt.

      The sad fact is that the political class looks after its own and there is a chance he'll walk away a free man/woman.

      That other criminal Lib Dem David Laws got away with his thieving and is now back in government at the Department of Education.

      If the coalition is anything to go by he'll get a job in the Justice Ministry.

  2. Every time I see the words "department of climate change" I instantly think of the Ministry of Silly Walks, and the Two Ronnies sketch featuring the Minister of Steak&Kidney puddings.
    On a serious note I hope Huhne gets jailed, and he should be made to pay all the costs of the by-election. And his useless windmills.
    Paris Claims

    1. That was hilarious, the Ministry of Silly walks is a classic and sums up the political class.

      It won't be long before the BBC bans it as they did with the Fawlty Towers 'Don't mention the war' edition.

      You are right, he should get some jail time and pay back the public for the money he has wasted.

  3. Great post. I hope you don't mind but I've posted this on my blog as a Guest Post - cross-referenced here, of course. If you're not happy, please let me know and I shall immediately delete. Thanks.