Friday, February 15, 2013

Lying For Votes - PR Man Cameron Demontrates How It's Done

For those people around the world who are immune to the spin, lies and deceit that their politicians use to get elected, the Eastleigh byelection campaign will be worth following in the coming days and weeks.

As they battle for votes the politicians' dissembling ways will be on display for all to see but only if one knows what to look for.

For those tribal voters who vote for a particular party because their fathers and grandfathers did, please read on and be enlightened.

Yesterday, Great Britain's Prime Minister and PR expert, David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron, found Eastleigh on the map, got himself chauffeured down there and entered the fray.

This man is an expert at conning the public and his dissembling, his deceit and his outright fibbing was a wonder to behold.

In preparation for his stage managed visit, his pollsters, focus groups and psephologists will have done their homework, firstly by identifying the demographic makeup of the electorate and secondly by identifying the issues that appeal across the electorate but especially to the undecided swing voters.

Identifying these issues is vital as these will form the basis of the promises that he and his spinners will have to make in order to secure the votes he needs.

Remember that Cameron is working to a fixed transformational agenda, therefore any promises he makes or any assurances he gives will be broken if they don't fit in.

The issues of most concern to the vital groups in this byelection are:

Without a doubt the top of the list is open border mass immigration and the strain that this puts on the public services, most notably the National Health Service.

Next is the imminent arrival of approximately half a million economic migrants and criminals from Romania and Bulgaria when the temporary restrictions are lifted next January on orders from our masters in Brussels.

Then there is the access immigrants have to welfare benefits when they have paid nothing into the system.

It is no secret that 'Call Me Dave' is a committed Europhile who believes in the United States of Europe. This position is unpopular throughout the country and hence his party is hemorrhaging votes to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Therefore the first act in the electorate conning process was to select a candidate who professes to be Eurosceptic and who is also concerned about immigration. This is a cynical attempt to appeal to the people who have defected to UKIP and entice them back into the fold.

Cameron and his party apparatchiks know that even if his candidate's views were genuine, they would have no effect on the government's European or immigration policies and that they would be roundly ignored after the election.

In the short speech that Cameron made to a working class audience in Eastleigh, he shamelessly played on their fears and announced action plans and promises that would supposedly deal with their fears, promises which he knows will not be carried out and will be dumped once the election is over.

He promised a crackdown on foreigners using the public services by saying Britain would not be a soft touch for welfare tourists.

Absolute baloney. This is a standard promise given by all candidates and has been used for years. The politicians wheel this nonsense out at every election and unfortunately the dumbed down electorate fall for it every time.

Cameron went on to say he wants tougher rules to ensure that visitors do not take advantage of British generosity. What tougher rules? What Cameron wants and what he does are two different things.

Apparently he has asked 'officials' to draw up plans to withhold welfare payments, housing benefit and and legal aid from the Romanians and Bulgarians that are expected to flood Great Britain when travel restrictions are lifted.

What officials, who are they and what are their plans?  Cameron knows full well that he will not be allowed to do this by his masters in Brussels.

With total insincerity Cameron feigns an understanding of his audience and shamelessly tells them what he wants them to hear.

"We are not tough enough about people coming here from the other side of the world who decide to use our health service. They have not contributed through their taxes".

This is just a meaningless statement which he uses to identify himself with the peoples fears and it contains no definitive actions to deal with the issue.

He then lays bare the truth about his powerlessness to deal with the issue of foreigners using the NHS.

"When people come here from outside the outside the EU, they should pay for the NHS".

Cameron is redefining 'real' foreigners as those coming from outside the EU.

Within the EU he goes on to say that NHS users should fill out forms before they get access to health care which are then subsequently used to reclaim the cost of treatment. This is never done so the taxpayer has to pick up the tab.

The truth is that all foreigners from inside or outside the EUSSR use the NHS but never pay up. The outstanding bills could fund better schools, more cops on the beat or even space flights in a nuclear powered India.

Cameron's solution to this issue is that "we need to do that better". If any members of the Eastleigh audience were satisfied with that answer then I have a used car I would like to sell them.

To coincide with 'Call Me Dave's" electioneering he used his Immigration Minister Mark Harper to help him con the voters into believing they are being proactive on the Romanian/Bulgarian immigrant front.

This collaborating bag carrier stated that the government is considering forcing Romanians, Bulgarians and other EU nationals to register for residency permits if they intend to stay over three months.

Please note this is only a consideration so therefore it can be quietly dumped once the votes are in the bag and the election is over.

As part of the electioneering process Cameron is able to claim to the voters of Eastleigh that he is dealing with their fears. He has set up a high level sub-committee who have been asked to find ways of reducing the pull factors for immigrants. 

The voters of Eastleigh should check after the election on the existence of this sub-committee and what its findings were, if any.

To further show his toughness and determination to deal with the voters fears, Cameron also announced that he has set up this unit to look at "all the benefits people can get from coming here and asking whether it's fair". Whether it's fair for goodness sake!! He is taking the voters of Eastleigh for fools.

Apparently, this unit or sub-committee is going to examine whether the UK can restrict benefits for migrants from Romania and Bulgaria when travel restrictions are lifted next January.

While Cameron was making these false promises his bosses in Brussels were letting the British people know who is in charge. 

EUSSR Commissioner Viviane Reding, who hails from Luxemburg, has ordered that migrants from Romania and Bulgaria must be treated in the same way as citizens from other member states who have the right to work and settle in the UK. That's cleared that one up.

The nonsense being spouted by Cameron and his spin machine is embarrassing and it really does insult the intelligence of even the most ignorant and dumbed down voters.

The voters of Eastleigh and the British public at large need to know, before the election, the truth about the disaster which is about to befall them next January, with the connivance of the political bigwigs from all the major parties.

Their country's borders are going to be thrown open to a combined 23 million+ desperately poor people from Romania and Bulgaria.

The government already has provisional estimates for the numbers that are expected to arrive but refuse to release them, firstly, because they are liars and cheats and secondly, because they are cowards of the highest order who are scared to release the figures prior to the election.

Private estimates range from tens of thousands in the short term to hundreds of thousands and possibly a million+ over a decade or so.

The effect on the public services, not to mention wages, unemployment and crime will be devastating........for the people that is, not the bigwigs.

Many of these migrants will be hardened career criminals and they will all have unfettered access to all welfare entitlements including health care, housing and education.

The truth is that these announcements from Cameron and his election team are spin, lies and false promises which are being employed to harvest votes from the gullible voters of Eastleigh who, they assume, do not have the ability to see this nonsense for what it is.


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