Thursday, February 28, 2013

Government Spending Restraint - Draconian Cuts And Armaggedon Or Fiscal Responsibility

As the economies of the developed nations crash and burn under the weight of incompetent 'progressive' management, it has to be said that politicians around the world have completely run out of ideas. That is assuming they had any in the first place.

These governments are invariably made up of career politicians with no experience whatsoever in the real world of business or wealth creation and whose only policy appears to be ideologically driven Keynesian stimulus financed by taxing the people into poverty and borrowing from the next generations of our children.

These incompetents don't seem to be concerned that the debts they are accumulating are impoverishing the country for generations to come. I am beginning to wonder if this is a deliberate policy agenda to engineer equality and fairness by creating poverty for all instead of wealth because its easier to achieve.

It is almost as if this remote, global political elite are clones of each other, who speak the same language and use the same slogans and soundbites.

Any restraints at all on government spending is always described by the spin merchants and professional deceivers as draconian or savage, no matter how insignificant, and that they will always result in cuts to the government services upon which, in the spinners words, we all depend.

They are trying to imply that there is no waste whatsoever in the government machine and that every penny spent by the politicians is absolutely essential to the continuance of a worthwhile life.

The unfortunate thing about this nonsense is that millions of people who have the right to vote actually believe it.

As any student of the dark political arts will be aware the big issue in the USA at moment is sequestration. This is the system of across the board spending cuts put in place by President Obama as part of the manufactured 'fiscal cliff' and debt ceiling crisis.

This is an interesting story that demonstrates that the political classes both sides of the Atlantic are following the same agenda and are employing the same media management and propaganda techniques, so please bear with me as I give a brief history.

Just like Greece and the Eurozone, the American economy is bankrupt with unsustainable debts. These debts are fuelled by insane deficit spending by an ignorant and corrupt socialist Democrat political machine. This machine is opposed by a weak free enterprise inspired Republican opposition that barely clings to power in the House of Representatives.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, under the Constitution the House holds the purse strings and they are refusing to finance any more out of control deficit spending without a plan for bringing the federal budget back into balance.

The automatic spending cuts caused by sequestration are due to start March 1st but as we know, the Presidency and the Senate are held by the socialist Democrats who are opposed to any spending cuts at all, on ideological grounds. This is an identical stand as the socialist British Labour Party.

The 'Progressive in Chief' President Obama and his bag carriers went on the rhetorical rampage these past few days painting a terrifying picture of the apocalyptic doom that awaits the American people should these minor cuts take place.

Teachers will be sacked as schools will close, 1000 places will be lost on the Head Start/Sure Start programmes.

First responders such as firemen and paramedics will be rationed.

Children will not be vaccinated against disease.

The government must choose whether to support the disabled child or the poor child.

Meat inspectors will be sacked so expect poisoned burgers.

Border security will fall victim so more illegals will sneak through.

Airport security will be cut so there will be longer queues at the airports.

Air Traffic Controllers will be victims so even more delays at airports.

30,000 prisoners will be released from the jails including illegal immigrant criminals.

The military will be cut to the point where the nation may be unprotected.

An aircraft carrier will be recalled from the gulf.

Every American will be affected by the economic Armageddon that is about to befall the nation.

And so it goes on and on. The budget realists in the House of Representatives have opened the seven seals of the Apocalypse and unleashed the Anti-Christ on an unsuspecting and innocent nation.

Listening to this baloney I am reminded of the rhetoric employed by Britain's own 'progressives' including Red Ed Miliband's Labour Party. Its almost identical. One would think that the 'Progressive in Chief' of the USA  and his political machine had hired the BBC to carry forth their propaganda.

In Great Britain any mention of spending cuts sends the 'progressive' left into apoplexy led by the so called 'impartial', publicly funded BBC.

Cuts are always described savage and draconian and the first to go are always nurses, doctors and teachers.

Next up are policemen, leaving communities at the mercy of criminals. (As if they weren't already).

Following close behind are local authority services for the disabled, Head Start places, rubbish collections, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Its as if every angel and saint on earth is being starved of life itself by the cruel, heartless Tories who only care about their 'rich' friends.

I am no supporter of the current detoxified Tories but if anyone is taken in by this embarrassing propaganda then all is lost. There is no hope for the nation.

To give this issue some perspective.

In the USA the politicians have racked up over $16.6 trillion of debt, approximately 106% of GDP. With budgets over $3 trillion of which around 40 cents of every dollar is borrowed.

The debt is on an ever upward trajectory.

The sequestration is $84 billion out $3.4 trillion annual budget or around 2.4%. Government spending is not being cut at all, the increase in spending is being slowed down ever so slightly.

To put the scale of the propaganda into proportion, both Houses of Congress have acknowledged that there is approximately $500 billion of waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare/Medicaid programmes alone. They also acknowledge that it is likely that there is a similar level of corruption in all other government departments.

There is no need for anyone but the criminal element in the American political system to be hurt by the cuts put in effect by sequestration.

In Great Britain its a similar story, there are no spending cuts at all. The rate of increase is being slowed down ever so slightly. Despite the rhetoric and propaganda by the political class and the BBC, at the end of this current Parliament, the government will have borrowed more than previous governments and the national debt will be higher not lower.

So why the apoplexy when government spending restraint is mentioned?

There are several reasons.

Firstly, 'progressive' governments the world over believe that they, and only they, have all the answers. They believe that if they control the wealth of the nation they can engineer 'fairness' for all.

Secondly, if the people are allowed to keep what they earn then the prudent would become more better off than others and that won't be 'fair'.

If everyone can't be prosperous then nobody can, this is the 'progressive' mentality.

Government dependency means more votes. Dependency means power, hence dependency is actively encouraged and expanded by the cynical political class.

Thirdly, if government spending and taxes were cut and the people allowed to keep what they earn, they would eventually become prosperous and economically independent of government.

In effect this would be a redistribution of power from the politicians to the people and nothing scares the political class more than the prospect of losing power.

Fourthly, if this prosperity could be handed down to the following generation, then financial independence from government would be for ever, it would be a natural progression. Politicians would be reduced to a minor role with limited functions such as defence of the Realm.

The reason why British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has broken his promise on Inheritance Tax now becomes a bit more apparent.

In conclusion it can be summed up as follows:

High government spending financed by high taxation means a power transfer from the people to the government. It means mediocrity and equality of misery for the majority with wealth and perpetual power for the privileged political class.


Eastleigh Byelction Final Update:

With only hours to go, the voters should have made up their minds by now. They cannot, in all seriousness, even consider voting for the corrupt, lying and criminal Lib Dems.

This weeks revelations of their lying, crooked ways should have put the final nail in their coffin.

The voters should bear in mind that a vote for any of the major parties is a wasted vote as they all stand for the same thing. This includes selling them out to the EU and the imminent invasion of tens of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants and criminals.

It will mean deficits and debts which will impoverish your children and future generations.

Your fellow Brits are urging you on to vote for one of the alternative parties and send the political class a message they will never forget.

Eastleigh would go down in history as the place where the people finally started to take their country back.

Latest betting odds

Lib Dum - 1/4 on

Conservative - 5/1

UKIP - 6/1

Labour - 100/1

Another bright spot is that the Independent Party led by Danny Stupple has closed from 500/1 to 200/1. Good for you Danny.


    They've spent $2 billion on this "essential" project.
    Paris Claims

    1. Thats the Obamaphone lady. Says it all doesn't it.

  2. Another thing that gets on my nerves is when it comes to cuts libraries normally get a mention. I'm sure most of those who mention this never visit a library from one yeat to the next. I know whenever I visit one the only people in there ( apart from the staff) are a few dossers keeping warm, and foreign students using the "free" internet.Thye book that I wanted usually isn't there so I buy it from the bookshop down the road. The bookshop is one quarter of the size, has far less staff and 10x the books.
    Paris Claims

    1. Internet access and modern technology have made public libraries redundant.
      In todays economic circumstances they are an expensive luxury the taxpayer cannot afford.
      As we all know libraries will be used as a political football along with nurses, doctors, teachers and the disabled.
      The political class have no shame.