Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Immigration And Multi-Culturalism - The Long Planned Decivilisation Of The West

If there is one issue that unites all normal sections of society across the Western world and which demonstrates more than anything the yawning chasm between the people and their so called representatives, then its mass immigration.

All the major cities of the Western world are now infested with crime ridden mono-cultural ghettos which renders them unrecognisable from a generation ago.

In Great Britain alone there isn't a town or a village that hasn't been impacted by mass immigration. Most areas of the public services, including housing, education and health, are stretched to breaking point and the quality of life that was previously enjoyed by the indigenous population has sunk to new lows.

Council house waiting lists are infinitely longer, getting a school place of your choice is getting ever more difficult and educational standards are dropping as places are filled with children where English is not their first language if they can speak it at all.

The lives of the indigenous people are now more dangerous than ever, where serious crimes, including murder, rape, violent robbery, burglary etc. committed by immigrants are at the highest levels ever.

Its a matter of fact that the people of Great Britain and the West didn't ask for this disastrous transformation and they still don't want it to this day, but anyone who has the temerity to question it is demonised, insulted and smeared by the very people who claim to be acting in their best interests. i.e the political class.

The post war baby boomers in Great Britain lived their lives in a poor but civilised country. Living standards were rising as the country recovered from the devastation of World War Two and industrial decline.

Within a generation Great Britain had joined the 'common market' and the people needed a Human Rights Act to protect them from God knows who, together with a mass immigration policy supposedly to prevent the economy from collapsing.

Knowing what we know now it was all lies as this was all part of preparing the country for the long planned fundamental transformation.

It is obvious, even to the most casual student of statistics, that if mass immigration continues at these levels, the unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture of the British Isles will be overshadowed and then it will disappear completely within a few generations.

The architects of this mass immigration policy knew this would be the result and therefore it can be assumed that they actively planned the end of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture at some kind of Wannasee Conference of their own.

This can be confirmed by the sheer determination with which the demographic and cultural replacement agenda was implemented by its fanatical proponents. These include the politicians of all parties and their apparatchiks, from local and national politicians to their supranational counterparts.

The political class together with business leaders and their media whores, led by the BBC, embarked upon a pre-planned propaganda campaign to extol the virtues of multi-culturalism.

In addition to the supposed economic benefits, the people were going to be shaken out of their lethargic cultural comfort zone and be enriched by the diversity that mass immigration would bring.

Who hasn't enjoyed a Chinese or Indian meal after a night at the pub. Italian pizza is now an everyday part of British cuisine and chicken tikka masala has apparently overtaken fish and chips as the most popular British dish. (Not for me it hasn't).

So there you have it, the benefits of multi-culturalism are there for all to see. Cuisine is one of the reasons that the people should celebrate diversity instead of bleating on about the preferential treatment given to immigrants who have crossed continents to enrich their lives.

Absolute nonsense of course and typical of rubbish that is rammed down the throats of the people by the political class and their lapdogs at the BBC and the media in general.

For every one reason they give for celebrating diversity there are a hundred reasons for not doing so.

Among all sections of Western civilisations, including the less well off, there has always been a basic moral code which was derived from a Judeo-Christian heritage. Even though church attendance has declined the Christian heritage still formed the basis of the Western moral code.

This code was based around the ten commandments and emphasised respect for other people and their property. This was coupled with basic manners and etiquette.

After centuries, these were going to swept away and replaced by such diverse cultural niceties as:

Female Genital Mutilation from Africa. This is too gory and barbaric to be described here.

Sanctimonious British MP's like 'wimmins' rights activists Harriet Harman and Ann Clwyd campaign against this barbaric practice.

They should accept that this comes with the territory of multi-culturalism, they are not in a position to pick and choose which bits of a culture are acceptable. Its all or nothing.

From Nigeria we have disfiguring of babies with facial tribal scaring together with an inbred culture of corruption.

From other parts of West Africa we have cannibalism, human sacrifice and bush meat.

From Somalia we have the militia trained thugs and jihadis who have brought nothing but crime and misery to whole areas of some Western cities including Bristol, Malmo and Minneapolis.

They have been turned into ghettos by a people who have little or no concept of Western culture.

From Jamaica the British have been enriched by Yardie gangs and Rastafarianism. This fake religion is a associated with the illegal drug trade with its associated violent crime.

Joining the Russian mafia, and arriving all the way from China, they have imported the Triads with their slave owning gang masters which, in one notorious incident, resulted in the deaths of an enslaved group of cockle pickers near Blackpool.

From Eastern Europe there are beggars using babies as props, blood feuds and sex slaves.

From India they are enriched by the caste system, forced marriages, spousal abuse, gender selective abortion and outright murder of female babies. For some illogical reason they only want sons.

The 'progressives' have a special tolerance of barbarism when it comes to Islam and the Muslim communities.

In towns and cities such as Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford, the political establishments, in collusion with the local authorities including the police, turn a blind eye to culturally enriching practices such as Muslim paedophilia and child prostitution gangs.

These debased human savages only target under age white girls, entrap them using drink and drugs, then pass them around to other Muslim paedophiles for horrific sexual abuse.

The 'progressives' also tolerate child brides being forced to marry older close relatives.

They tolerate spousal abuse and the general maltreatment of women, including torture, facial disfiguration and murder. The authorities call the premeditated murder of a disobedient spouse an 'honour' killing as an attempt at mitigation.

They tolerate and excuse Muslim homophobia.

They ignore Muslim law breaking with respect to animal cruelty and halal meat.

They indulge the Muslim contempt for democracy by ignoring endemic electoral fraud committed by family elders and imams.

As preachers of tolerance the 'progressives' ignore Muslim intolerance of other religions or societies. According to these medieval barbarians anyone who doesn't submit to Islam is an infidel who should be killed or enslaved.

These savages proudly proclaim that they worship death like the civilised world worships life. There's nothing stopping them, so what are they waiting for? There's 72 virgins waiting for them in Paradise.

At present Muslims are raping their way across Sweden where it is projected that 50% of all women are likely to be raped at some point.

This fundamental transformation is global, so what the world is witnessing is a deliberate downgrading of Western civilisation to meet the perverted 'progressive' ideal of equality among nations and cultures.

All nations and cultures are not equal nor are they morally equivalent and if saying that makes me a racist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, little Englander or any other smear that can be applied, then so be it, smear away to your hearts content.

No good will come of it because the people will pushed too far and they will resist at some point. I only hope I am around to see the 'progressive' totalitarian transformers get their just desserts.


Eastleigh Byelection Update:

Today is last chance for the electors of Eastleigh to weight up the evidence before making their final choice at the ballot box.

After the latest revelations about the serial lying by Nick Clegg and his entire nasty party, it would be an act of sheer blind tribal loyalty for anyone to cast a vote for these clowns.

The entire informed people of Great Britain are willing the people of Eastleigh to do the country a favour and reject the main party candidates.

If they do then it will signal that the people have woken up and are prepared to take back their country from the crooks and liars who have fundamentally transformed their country into the multi-cultural cesspit it is today..

Latest Betting:

Lib Dums - 1/3 on from 1/2

Conservative - 4/1 from 5/2

UKIP - 6/1 unchanged

Labour - 100/1 from 66/1 Looks like the 'Progressives' have been given a kick where it hurts.


    Jews are over represented in those who thrust multiculturism down our throats. Did you check out what Alan Shatter is doing to Ireland?
    They must have taken leave of their senses.
    Paris Claims

    1. What a shambles. Ireland is no longer a viable sovereign nation. Their political class have sold the people out to the European Union.
      They have been reduced to a shower of handwringing, touchy feely hippies epitomised by Siants Geldof and Bono.
      They are going to save the worlds poor but can't even save themselves.

  2. You Lads hit the nail on the head alright.

    Ireland doesn't need more non-National freeloaders. It already has too many indigenous ones. Ireland's culture of "instant gratification", pandering to travellers and government dependancy goes back decades. That, along with the Catholic church's pounding out: "Ye must be martyrs to get to heaven" has created a culture of breathing, intoxicated Zombies lorded over by a cabal of Cute Hoors.

    1. I must admit I had a problem working out what 'Cute Hoors' meant.

      Now that I know I must admit that it sums them up to perfection.

  3. Until such time as it is made to be very uncomfortable for the multiculti's living amongst you and parasitising the services provided by the taxpayer, they will keep on arriving. You are too hand-wringingly nice, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, to the foreigners living amongst you.

    Maybe it is time to revisit Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech.

    1. You are correct the British, on the whole, are way too nice.

      British politicians have used this niceness against their own people by dumping on them knowing the stiff upper lip will prevail.

      I believe they also have a darker side when moved to anger so there is a sleeping giant that could awaken at any time.

      Refering back to Enoch Powell may be the catalyst that does wake up the sleeping giant. I hope so.

  4. Best article that I have read in a long time. Well done!

  5. And while you're moaning about multiu-culturalism, in Wales there is an attempt at forcing all people to conform to a culture from donkey's years ago.

    You must speak Welsh or be denied a job in public service. They want you to speak Welsh in the NHS just in case you come across an Alzheimers patient who has forgotten English.

    In Gwynedd your kids are denied education in English and the only schools for them are Welsh medium. This is in the UK, mind you.

    The monoglot English speakers are being marginalised by a bunch of noisy nationalists who seem to run the assembly. Perhap the English speakers need their Enoch Powell to speak for them.

    There is just no escaping the crude Welsh language, despite fewer than 10% using it on a regular basis.

    You talk of awakening a sleeping giant. There is one slumbering right under your nose in Wales.

    Once the public realise that all of the finacial woes of Wales have been affected in some way by massive wasted spending of their money on the Welsh language, they will not be too happy. I'm looking forwards to it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. With respect I think you need to slow down a bit.

      I don't mind you venting your spleen on here but please think before you accuse me of moaning about forced multi-culturalism.

      Like the majority of my countrymen, I am an English speaking Welshman. I am against the majority being held hostage by a noisy few.

      I object to my tax money going toward indulging a minority of nationalists with their language or anything else that they demand I pay for.

      The Welsh Assembly government as it stands is waste of taxpayer money itself.

      Like you I long for the Welsh sleeping giant to awaken.

      You and I have more in common than you think.